Eesha KhareWinner of Young Scientist Award, 18-year-old Eesha Khare is an Indian-American who has invented a device that can recharge your mobile phone in all of 20 seconds.

According to this young scientist, the device she has invented can last for 10,000 charging cycles of the cell phone as compared to regular chargers that last only for about 1,000 charging cycles. The efficiency of this device lies in its ability to store a high amount of energy within a minute. That’s how it can provide swift cell phone charging service.

She stood winner among the 16,000 participants from over 70 nations. The California-based teenager earned $50k in awards for her amazing work. Her rectangular-shaped super capacitor device can be installed inside the smartphone for complete recharge of battery within 20 seconds. Her frequently dying cell phone battery inspired her to carry out this discovery. She is going to utilize the award money to promote her studies at Harvard University.