The emoticon, Talk to the hand has become a reality with the invention of techie glove working as a phone. Going beyond the Google’s thinking boundaries; Sean Miles of Designworks in the U.K. discovered a wearable tech in a form of a driving glove that works like a phone.

According to the demonstration given to BBC by Sean Miles, it was evident that he listened to his thumb and talked into his little finger.

The project is not a commercial one making millions of nerds and teenagers who are ready to pay fortunes to get their hands on or into one of these glove-phones, sad. Miles was approached earlier also by phone company 02 Recycling to create experiments with recycled products and his last experiment was the highly hygienic shoe-phone.


Miles pointed out in the demonstration that choosing the fabric of the glove was his real challenge to make the technology work. He used a Blue tooth device and kept all the other principles simple where, the earpiece remains in the thumb and the speaker in the little finger.


With all the everyday object and pieces of clothing being converted into technological use, you can possibly hear something like iEarring, the speaker-jeans or more advanced massage underpants?