Leading browser vendors and many tech giants have come together to launch the Web Platform Docs project at WebPlatform.org. Companies, none less than Microsoft, Google, Apple, Adobe, Facebook, HP, Nokia, Mozilla, Opera and the W3C have come together to provide developers with this platform. Opera Software has said that the project aims to create “a new, authoritative open web standards documentation site.” This website works like wiki and it’s meant to help developers find “accurate, quality information on all the latest HTML5, CSS4 and other standards features across the multitude of available web-based resources.”

These companies say that developers currently struggle to find authoritative answers to their questions about modern web technologies. Therefore, they tend to look for the right solutions through a hit and trial affair. Google describes this as a “scavenger hunt”. Adobe also says this site will give developers a “single, definitive resource to go to”.

While this site currently has content from the organizations that are part of it, it will be accessible to anyone who wants to contribute content. The convener and curator of the site will be W3C.