Innovative and fun, the One Tap Hero game works on a single touch concept and still offers interactive entertainment for the gamer. If you haven’t tried it yet, we suggest that you have a go at this unique addition…

Saving a damsel in distress is a tedious business, more so, if the girl in question, your girlfriend, has been turned into a teddy bear. So what do you do to fight the evil wizard and save the day? Well, for beginners, you just need to collect three stars across various levels planned in the One Tap Hero game. The game released by Chillingo Ltd. is a unique puzzle game where the key character, a white figure with inquisitive eyes keeps running across the board to achieve its target. With simple tapping, your character will walk, run, jump or more like hop and operate a number of buttons or levers in his quest to save his lady love. The game, which is an IGF China finalist, a single touch can do multiple tasks making its game play simplistic in operation. But wait, the matters wouldn’t be that easy as well. The game will really test your observation and reflex time as the character will move across the surface with agility and without immediate ‘taps’, you would find yourself out of the equation.

For the fans of Angry Birds game, the settings would seem appealing, reflecting a graphical mélange of colors. With a cute character doing the dirty work, you can see him combating villainous red bots, which look like alien beings from funny video games. The various settings in the game turn within moments to redirect you and keep you engaged at all times. You can’t afford to turn yourself away from the screen for a moment and that I feel should be the characteristic of a good game.

On the other hand, the game relies heavily on the concept of timing and a mismatch can easily land you out of it. That on its part can be quite frustrating as well. The minor issues can be ignored considering the game and its unique storyline. Every time you get to see your girlfriend for a brief period of time when you achieve all three stars in the level but the wizard turns her again when you begin the next level. The hero’s direction is determined by the arrows in the game and the player can’t move on his own. That can be disappointing in some cases. But the game with its own set of ladders, arrows, and bonuses distributed across the scene catches up on you soon enough. There are coins to be collected at every level and many keys, which can open new bonus levels. And with its 100+ levels and unique customizations, it can be a good way to spend your time. Just go Tappity, Tappity, Tap all the way! Designed for the iPhone and the iPad, the game is available for a paltry sum of 0.99 $ and much better than the many platforming games available offering a well enhanced puzzle add-on.