Summer is really draining out and I hardly got the time to plan a good break for myself. One thing that used to bother me was the fact that I could not multi-task with the help of any single gadget. Also, how could I even imagine leaving behind my laptop for breaks of a longer duration? All my issues were practically solved with the arrival of a real multi-tasking smartphone device. Even as my techie friends suggested a range of new devices, I only stuck to my original ‘archaic’ BB (Blackberry) looking at the smartphones with an eye of distrust. When I saw the first previews of Samsung Galaxy Nexus, I felt a bit relaxed on seeing its various features. I even picked it for a trial day from one of my friends, who- by the way- was very reluctant to depart with it. His ‘clutch’ was inseparable.

Well, the experience was mind blowing to say the least. First of all, the product is developed by Google which takes care of half my worries and has a larger storage option – 16GB which automatically helped me load up my favorite music and me chat up easily. Its 5MP camera proffered me the chance to enjoy my amateur photography. What’s more, I could even have a videoconferencing session with my clients without much glitch. The Android OS (Ice Cream Sandwich) is one of the easiest operating technologies to work with and the phone understands the orientation of the user and shifts according to the needs. The most impressive element of the Galaxy is its display which can make videos and trailers appear out of the world. The phone offers a superior 720p resolution (1280 x 720 pixels) with its Super AMOLED Plus technology. It has a Dual-core 1.2 Ghz Cortex-49 processor and the 1GB RAM which offers a wonderful performance and makes browsing a delectable pleasure. It is an arduous multi-tasker, offering all the recent apps for easy access reducing the number of links on any given interface. It can open up a number of browsers at the same time without getting clogged.

Besides, it is extremely lightweight and offers a varied range of features including a cool image and video editor along with its Google-enabled features which are a must in any situation. It has a beautiful new People App which helps one in recording another person’s contact with a large profile photo along with connects to one’s social networking profile. It comes across as  a one-touch option to link with the Twitter and Google+ accounts.

Since I am not good at keeping things safe and using a phone as a grip for my guitar is usual for me, the Galaxy Nexus can even withstand this comfortably. I am yet to try whether it bounces yet but it has been reliable in many situations. Oh yes, I finally purchased one for myself –– for just how long could my buddy part with it!