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Take your Pick from the Best 10 Mobiles

Take your Pick from the Best 10 Mobiles

In this age of smartphone, nothing but the best will do. The advent in technology has Take your Pick from the Best 10 Mobilesbrought a revolution in the mobile market and stores across the world are vying with each other to showcase the best of the lot.

Below are listed some of the best mobile phone available. Take your pick and make your life a bit more exciting.

10.) Samsung Galaxy Alpha       

The 4.7 inch screen of Samsung Galaxy Alpha does justify the Super AMOLED technology which the phone boasts about. The contrast ratio is appreciable and colours seem to pop out making it a worthy buy.

9.) Nokia Lumia 930

The improved Office functionality and simple interface of Nokia Lumia 930 is one of its biggest USP for the buyer. For a dedicated Nokia fan, the Lumia 930 could have been the best thing to happen in a long time.

8.) Google Nexus 5

With its improved battery life and a better placed camera, Google Nexus 5 deserved to be on this list. The decent price tag of $399 also does justice to the quality and appearance of the smartphone.

7.) Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 has a better battery life and operates on Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 CPU. The phone is waterproof and can be considered as one of the best products from Samsung in the category.

6.) One Plus One

A relatively unknown brand, One Plus One has made to the list owing to its superb features and customizable software which it offers at a price which is relatively half of other smartphone in this category.


5.) iPhone 6 Plus

All the benefits of iPhone 6, be it the impeccable designing, better camera performance or a full HD screen seems to have passed over to iPhone 6 Plus. However, the phone is priced on the higher side in comparison to others in the range.

4.) LG G3

The QHD screen is one of the biggest additives of LGG3. This feature increases the pixel count of the phone by four times in comparison to others in its range. LG has worked upon improving the functionality of the camera in this model and the move seemed to have worked in favour of the brand.

3.) iPhone 6

You might have thought that iPhone 6 ought to be on the top of the list. Owing to the high price and low resolution of the screen, the phone has been pushed to the third slot. However, if you are a dedicated iPhone user, the phone is a real joy to operate.

2.) Sony Xperia Z2

Sony has bounced back in the market with its impressive Xperia Z2. Better battery life and a great camera are only some of the reasons why you should be buying the new Sony Xperia Z2.

1.)    HTC 1 M8

With its Snapdragon 801 processor in place, the battery life has improved drastically as compared to its previous versions in the market. You will cherish its enhanced gaming capabilities as also the improved browsing features.