If you are like the numerous others who share their fascination with airlines logo, you have come to the right place. We are as enthusiastic and interested as you in knowing about the different airlines functioning in the world and their logos. And in the process, we would be sharing with you what we found to be the most exciting things about all airlines logo.

Creativity or Concept behind Airlines Logo

More than anything else, it is the logo that gives a brand its recognition. The same appliesto airlines. The logos of airlines and aircraft liveries are used to offer distinctive branding for commercial and corporate reasons. Many a time, airlines choose to use symbols of national identity as their logo, keeping in mind its acceptability in the international market.

What are All the Airlines in the World?

There are more than 5,000 airlines with ICAO codes and the largest airline by passenger carried and fleet size is American Airlines. Here is a list of the top 10 airlinesin the world presently:

Which Airline has Bird Logo?

There are around 50 airlines that use some or the other kind of bird image in their logo. The bird is very common in airline logos since it goes with the theme of the service. The bird represents the long flight that it takes smoothly from one place to another. Thus, many airlines choose to use birds in their logo.

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What is the logo of IndiGo?

IndiGo has 20 dots in the shape of an airplane as its logo.

Most Famous All Airline Logos in the World  

Here are some of the most famous airline logos in the world:

I. Qatar Airways

II. Lufthansa

III. EgyptAir

IV. Japan Airlines

V. SriLankan Airlines

VI. Emirates

VII. Air Canada

VIII. Hawaiian Airlines

IX. Thai Airways

X. American Airlines

XI. Swiss

XII. British Airways

XIII. Garuda Indonesia

XIV. Malaysia Airlines

XV. Singapore Airlines

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All Airline Logo India

About 39 airlines are operating in India including regional, cargo, chartered, and scheduled airlines. The bulk of the domestic market share is commanded by the scheduled airlines as they are the primary carriers. Below are the logos of the most popular airlines operating in India.

Air Asia (India)


Air Carnival

Air Costa

Air India

Air India Express


Go Air


Jet Airways

Jet Konnect


Spice Jet

Star Air



Zav Airways

Zoom Air

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