Xbox One Vs PS4: The Ultimate Battle of Gaming Consoles?

PS4 coming this holidaysConsoles offer easy and reliable experience for avid gamers and console programmers. All you need is one hardware spec and device. Just connect it to the TV and get inclusive functionality for TV, such as Hulu Plus, Netflix and Plex. Till the time consoles exist, the battle between them continues. SteamOS offers best computer connection. But there are too many hardware available to the developers to aim for.

Technology moves on.

While consoles are constant, technology moves ahead. Thus, they require constant upgradation to keep up with the pace

The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 have waited too long. Tech experts claim that it was simply superb on their part to stay for so long, but it was quite forceful. PC overtook consoles quite some time back before the new generation was declared.

The Xbox 360 comes compacted with a RAM of 512MB, graphic memory of 10MB which is not remotely comparative to the PCs of today. When Microsoft declared the release of Xbox One, PC were at a higher notch in comparison to Xbox 360. The PlayStation 3 claimed for more cores, but with the advancements gained by the computers, they potentially couldn’t outperform CPU of PC

There are actually no real reasons to wait for the next gen release. The console manufacturers acted like oligopolists rather than performing like competitors. Thins remained stagnant till the release of Wii U by Nintendo.

Why do you need gaming consoles? Why do you need televisions or any other form of entertainment? The question is quite snarky. You probably don’t require any kind of entertainment.

It just fills a marketplace role and that’s what is really needed than when the first Nintendo became famous

There is a lot more uses penned down for consoles than just gaming.

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Xbox One Vs PS4: The New Lease Of Indie Games To Lure Gamers To Microsoft?

Microsoft is indeed giving a tough competition to Sony in terms of the gaming scene.  With the release of Xbox one new gaming console, Microsoft has up its ante against PS4.

With the help of ID@Xbox programme, Xbox has brought a whole of indie games. According the reports of The Verge, “This programme seems to be working to Microsoft’s advantage, and the results of the efforts have been seen in the latest announcements of indie developers for Xbox One.”

There are many independent developers including Vlambeer, Slightly Mad Studios, Comcept, Born Ready, Double Fine, Drinkbox, Team Colorblind who have pitched in their games to Xbox one.

“We’re working to make the program as accessible as possible. There’re no fees to apply to the program, or to submit a game for certification, or to submit game updates,” said Chris Charla of the ID@Xbox program to The Verge.

To lure the game developers and take the bait from PS4, Microsoft  has also provided developers kits to get an access of Xbox One add-on for Unity and Unity Pro licenses. These licenses for Xbox One are free of charge.





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Xbox One VS PS4 : Battlefield 4 Release Will Be Better Played On?

Battlefield 4 have been released in US today for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. The game has garnered positive reviews but the fans have to wait till Nov. to play the game on PS 4 and Xbox One.

There are various versions of the game and for the first time the differences in them are noticeable. The  explains those differences, comparing the Xbox One and PS4 incarnations of the game side by side on video, outlining why Battlefield 4 runs at a higher resolution on PS4, and justifying the PC version as the very best Battlefield in terms of features and fidelity.  You can see the differences here:

Xbox One vs PS4: who wins on ‘Battlefield 4’?

 There are also many improvements which have been released in the first day release patch of Battlefield 4. The update for the multiplayer game is now available in the Xbox Market place and DICE had strongly recommended buying it, “ This Battlefield 4 update contains improvements to the multiplayer portions of the game,” it reads. “We strongly advise you download it.”

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