Nokia’s Gamble With Windows 8 Phone Pays Off: Lumia Models Catapults The Leader Back Into Game

Looks like Nokia’s gamble with Windows Phone is finally beginning to pay off. After consecutive quarters of disappointing results, the former world leader in mobile phones managed to jump up out of red during Q4 2012. Nokia managed to sell 4.4 million Lumia smartphones during this period, a much needed … Read the rest

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Nokia Lumia 920 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3: Will Windows Phone 8 Be Able to Win as Many Hearts as Android?

Lumia vs. Galaxy S 3Google and Samsung have managed to bring up each other’s brand value considerably thanks to their collaboration, with Android and the Galaxy range of smartphones. We’ve already seen the previews of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 for PCs, phones and tablets. The real question on everyone’s minds is whether Microsoft and … Read the rest

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Windows Phone 8 SDK Preview Now Open to All

While the launch of latest iPhone 5 is creating abuzz all over the web, Microsoft has just opened signups for its Windows Phone 8.0 Developer Preview Program.

In a blog post by the company, Microsoft said it aims to let developers of the firm’s most-downloaded apps start checking them for … Read the rest

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No Instagram for Your Windows Phone, At least for Now!

Quite opposite to all speculations we have heard so far, Instagram- the famous photo sharing app won’t be seen in the Windows Phone, at least for a while.

As reported in the VentureBeat, sources have revealed that developers at the photo sharing firm, now owned by Facebook, are not working … Read the rest

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