Get Windows 8 Upgrade for Just Rs. 699 or $15!

Microsoft has finally started the registration of its Windows 8 upgrade program, which is available on the company’s official site for Rs.699 or $15. Announcing the upgrade on its Twitter account, Microsoft has included 90-days of no-charge support for those who purchase Windows 8. This trial period of 90 days begin when users install and activate Windows 8 on their PC. For ₹699, users who bought a Windows-based PC after June 2 are entitled to get an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro. This offer comes for customers in about 140 countries, who have time until January 31 to redeem the offer that can be done with the company’s official webpage. This promotional offer by Microsoft is limited to one upgrade per qualified PC purchased, and is good for up to five different PC’s upgrade per customer. Those who miss this offer will have to pay full amount of $40 to [+more]

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3M Microsoft Surface Tabs Will Hit the Shelves This Year

Aiming for a huge success, Microsoft is reported to manufacture more than 3 million Surface tablets in 2012, as per market researcher IDC. According to analysts, this number also marks the number of units; Microsoft plans to create by Christmas. It looks like Microsoft is all set to offer serious rivalry to its competitors as the company plans to plunge into the tablet market. Microsoft Surface Tablet is expected to hit the market October 26. Microsoft isn’t really known for selling its own devices. It’s typically known for software in devices that are manufactured and sold by other companies. Now it is simply a matter of time to see whether Microsoft will eventually sell off 3 million models of its first version of Surface tablets as the competition is tough. Apple shipped around 1 million iPads in the first month of its launch in 2010, which was an exceptional success. [+more]

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No New Name for Windows 8 Design Branding

The much talked about metro name for Microsoft’s new design aesthetic will most likely not be used anymore by the company. Microsoft has decided to back off considering a legal battle that may come along. It is believed that the company will settle with a monotonous name, Windows 8. Sources have revealed that Microsoft has instructed its workers to replace all references that have ‘Metro’ in it with ‘Windows 8’. For instance, ‘Metro-style application’ is to be replaced with ‘Windows 8 application’ and so on. No formal confirmation regarding the name change has come from Microsoft’s side. And it is not likely to come as the company is barely admitting that it was even using this name.  As a matter of fact, the company’s representatives are arguing that Metro was just a code name and had no use in the commercial space. If that was the case, then we wonder [+more]

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227% Growth Reported in Microsoft-powered Phone Shipments

As per reports by a research firm, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 operating system is due to be out before the end of this year, 2012. The operating system may build upon drive of the former version. Microsoft-powered phone shipments for 2Q were reported to go up by 227 percent as compared to the previous year. This seems to be the clear platform of choice as Windows 8 uses the same interface as phones running Microsoft software. As Windows 8 has the same interface as Windows Phone, the sales of the device may increase as the similarity greatly reduces the learning curve. Let’s take the instance of Apple’s iOS, for those who know how to use an iPhone, would surely know how to use an iPad or an iPod touch. However, there is one warning to the data as these estimates are of shipments of phones to carriers, not sales of [+more]

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With Windows 8 Metro Apps – Its Time for Awesomeness!

With evolving technology and the flamboyant expenditure in terms of innovation in the technical framework of applications, gadgets and usage, everything seems to be maneuvering towards perfection. We have seen the M and the T technology take over the traditional usage patterns. Desktops are vintage and mobile, tablets is fashion now. Metro-style apps recently brought in a new wave in the Windows 8 spectrum. Windows interface is the most user-friendly platform and even continues to be so. But with changing trends, it becomes imperative to evolve. Windows 8 is the answer to all the rising queries about tablet and mobile interaction with Windows. Applications compatible with Windows 8 will make the entire interface environment dynamic with the help of live application tiles. With the search across apps where one can type and get results from across applications, is the new buzz in this genre. Everything from games, news, books to [+more]

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It’s Official, Windows 8 will Release on October 26

windows 8 october release

So, it’s not going to be a long wait as Microsoft has announced the launch of Windows 8, its next-gen operating system. In just months, we’ll be able to try the new Microsoft OS, which will have a desktop interface as well as a touch-friendly UI. The announcement was made by Windows president Steven Sinofsky at Microsoft’s annual sales meeting. For all those who have been waiting for this new age OS, it will be available all major territories. You will be able to download an upgrade or buy it at the store on the launch date. So it’s just a wait of 14 weeks. Microsoft has earlier said that it will offer only three versions of the OS. Two of these will be for Intel-based PCs (Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro) and Windows 8 RT for ARM-based tablets like the Microsoft Surface.

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