Windows 8 Crashes 55 Percent Less than Windows 7, Less Frustrating Too

If you’re still looking for a reason to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8, here’s one that is definitely going to convince you. According to a recent report, Microsoft’s latest OS crashes 55 percent less than Windows 7 and is also 84 percent less frustrating to use. This specifically goes for certain apps’ performance, in particular apps like Google Drive that crashes for only 1 percent of Windows 8 users, in comparison with crashing for nearly 33% of Windows 7 users. Even TuneUp Utilities crashes for only five percent of Windows 8 users, against 20 percent of Windows 7 users.
Notwithstanding the above statistics, Windows 8 adoption rates are rapidly rising. In Hungary and Portugal, 9 percent and 5.29 percent of users respectively have taken to the OS, while 8 percent of users in China have also made the transition. The adoption rate in the U.S. is surprisingly slower at just 3.4 percent, with most users approaching the OS with considerable caution.But there’s some bad news too. Some apps like Facebook Video Calling crash at least once a month for 13 percent of Windows 8 users, while the same app crashes for just one percent of Windows 7 users. Also in the list is Apple’s iTunes, which crashes almost twice as often on Windows 8 than on Windows 7 systems. However, it’s not just third-party developers’ apps that end up crashing on Windows 8. Even Microsoft’s own Internet Explorer browser crashes, just about the same number of times as it crashes on Windows 7 PCs.


What makes Windows 8 even better is the touch-friendly design. Almost five percent of Windows 8 devices are tablets, when compared to less than two percent of Windows 7’s tablet devices. And these are the numbers before Surface has made a mark! Even in terms of desktops, 51 percent of Windows 8 installs are on desktop PCs, when compared to 48.5 percent of Windows 7 installs on laptops.… Read the rest

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Microsoft latest operating system Windows 8 has a new Realtime news app. The app has been developed by India Limited which is a popular online news provider. The new touch devices of Windows 8 have incorporated the touch app and have a user interface which matches the modern UI style.


As per an official statement by Rediff, with the latest headlines and top stories visible at a glance, users get news from across 30,000 Indian and international publications. Users can simply swipe and touch their surface tablets or use the desktop version of the app.

When you open the app you have top stories in a tiled view and they can be organised into six categories: Top News, World News, Entertainment, Business, Cricket, and Sports. Choosing a category tile takes the user to the top stories in that category. The top stories are consolidated by clustering all the available news articles in that category. Selecting a story takes the user to the full article on the original news source.… Read the rest

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Asus Announces A Bunch Of Windows 8 Touch Tablets


Asus Touch family has announced a series of Tablet which are going to run on Windows 8 OS. The bunch of tablets include a dockable tablet (Asus VivoTab RT TF600TG), lightweight notebooks (Asus VivoBooks F202E and S400), and the Asus Taichi dual-screen convertible Ultrabook/ tablet that has the ability to display two screens simultaneously.

“We intend to surpass the ‘touch future’ of IT industry by launching Asus Taichi and Asus VivoBook. We are assertive that our Windows 8 line-up will touch customers’ heart in terms of incredible product, incredible design, incredible quality and incredible service,” said Alex Huang, managing director, System Business Group, Asus India.

When asked about technology used in these devices,  Unaez Quraishi, sales and distribution director, System Business Group, Asus India, said, “Today’s launch of Asus Taichi, Asus VivoBook F202E, Asus VivoBook S400 and Asus VivoTab RT TF600 TG is an alluring proof to substantiate our prime focus on the mastery of technological innovation and design perfection. In view of the launch of these models in India, we intend to establish how important India is for Asus. Our consumers have given affirmative responses to our notebooks, tablets and other products. We anticipate capturing the market as to when they think of touch notebooks and tablets, they think of Asus.”

The company, in its official statement maintained that Asus Taichi is an unbelievable fusion of notebook and tablet which gives it amazing mobile flexibility. Lid open, Taichi is a powerful notebook with a crystal-clear full HD screen, an Intel core processor, and a backlit keyboard. Lid closed, Taichi is a lightweight tablet with a slim, tapered profile, and a multi-touch full HD screen for intuitive fingertip control with Windows 8.… Read the rest

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Buy Your Windows 8 Phones From AT&T Holiday Season



AT&T has finally brought out its Windows Phone 8 lineup. The most talked about phones of the year Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 would be available from the beginning of Nov.9. Lumia 920 will cost you $99.99 in a two year contract and would come equipped with free wireless charging plate. Buyers can grab one in red, white, black, yellow, and cyan. Meanwhile you can get your hands on Lumia 820 for $49.99 for a two year contract.

Whoever is interested in picking up these phones can pre-order the phones from there website

The Lumia 920 has a 4.5-inch curved glass WXGA IPS LCD display that boasts what Nokia called PureMotion HD+, which the company said is “better than HD resolution.” The Lumia 820, meanwhile, sports a  4.3-inch display, 800-by-400 display, built-in NFC, a 1650 mAh battery, Nokia location services like City Lens, and Nokia Music. Both phones run Microsoft’s brand-new Windows Phone 8 OS.… Read the rest

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Windows Phone 8: Packed With Host Of Exciting Features

The Windows Phone 8 has now officially been launched, and it is packed with a host of exciting features. It has been designed as a separate OS, although it does have its similarities with Windows 8, making it easier to sync and share information between multiple devices. Although Microsoft takes up just about 3.7% of the smartphone market, the firm is betting on Windows Phone to turn things around.

Even though it doesn’t have as many apps on offer as the more established Android and iOS counterparts, the company is banking on its numerous developers to fill up the app store at a rapid pace. According to Microsoft, 46 of the top 50 smartphone apps are already available on Windows Phone 8, including Pandora, Facebook, Twitter, Angry Birds, etc.

What’s even more encouraging is that Microsoft has a number of phone makers, including Samsung, HTC, and Nokia manufacturing Windows Phone 8 based devices. One of the key advantages Microsoft has is the ability to integrate its smartphones with PCs and tablets running on Windows 8. Analysts have predicted that this feature could lend a huge push to Microsoft’s growth in the smartphone market, as none of the other smartphones can offer such high levels of integration.

With a strong and unique design, the only thing Microsoft needs to focus on it building up its repertoire of apps for the Windows Phone 8 to become successful in the market. Let’s hope we see more Windows phones in people’s hands soon!… Read the rest

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Which One Is Better Windows 8 or Windows 7?

According to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, Windows 8 has seen much higher demand ever since its release last Friday when compared to Windows 7. If this trend continues, then Windows 8 officially overthrows Windows 7 as being the best-selling version of Windows yet. Ballmer admits that there was quite the overwhelming response from customers worldwide for Windows 8 as well as the Microsoft Surface tablet.

This announcement from Ballmer came during a promotional even showcasing Windows 8 based smartphones, which are set to go on sale starting this weekend. Microsoft’s previous version of Windows Phone has experienced a lukewarm response from its customers, given that it takes up just 3.5% of the smartphone share, as opposed to 68% for Android-based phones and 17% of Apple iPhone.

Microsoft hopes that it can turn things around with the latest Windows Phone 8, especially with its features like the cloud-based SkyDrive that lets users sync and transfer files across multiple devices, as well as over 120,000 apps for the smartphone users. The USP of Windows Phone 8 devices has got to be the ultra slim dimensions and the quirky colors, in addition to the unique tile-based design of the OS. You can expect them out in the US markets with multiple carriers by November.… Read the rest

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Panasonic Toughbook C2: Get Ready for the Onslaught of Windows 8 Devices

Only last week, Microsoft officially launched Windows 8 for the masses, and we’re already getting reports about new devices being launched by the company’s hardware partners. One of the first announcements has come from Panasonic, about a semi-rugged convertible tablet PC called the Toughbook C2. What’s so cool about this device?

Powered by a third-generation Intel Core i5 processor, Panasonic has designed this device especially for healthcare, education, sales, and IT professionals. Featuring a magnesium alloy exterior, the Toughbook C2 weighs just about 1.8 kg and can last for up to 11 hours on the battery. A bridge battery lets you replace the main battery without switching off the device for continuous usage as well.

The Toughbook C2 has a 5-point capacitive multi-touch screen with an HD display and anti-reflective/anti-glare coating. The device comes with an electric pen that lets you take down notes and signatures easily. A unique triple hinge design provides additional support when the device is being used in the tablet mode. The Toughbook C2 comes with 2 cameras – a 3MP camera in the rear and an HD 720p webcam with a built-in mic.

The device has 2 USB 3.0 ports, a VGA port, an HDMI port, and NFC or SmartCard reader for authenticating users. And the OS? Well, it comes pre-loaded with the 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows 8 Pro, which users can choose to downgrade to Windows 7 professional, if required.… Read the rest

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5 Things You Should Know Before You Upgrade To Windows 8

So yes, Windows 8 is finally here and Microsoft has already sent out mails letting users know that they can download a copy for themselves from their website. For existing Windows users, an upgrade costs just $40 ($15 if you have recently bought a new PC). But, before you click on the download button, here are a few important things to keep in mind before you decide to upgrade:

It looks a whole lot different, with a tile-based interface, which could take some time getting used to. The OS can be used in two modes – Desktop and Touch mode. The Desktop mode is more familiar for people used to previous versions of Windows, but with a few slight changes. For instance, the Task Manager on Windows 8 provides more detailed information on the processing power and memory being used by running programs. For those using the latest version of Microsoft Office, the “ribbon” style menus of Windows 8 would also look familiar.

Even the Lock screen on Windows 8 has been redesigned, and now features notifications from the applications running. You can even log-in to your systems using your Microsoft ID – the same that you use to log into SkyDrive or Hotmail. If the new design gets too much to take, you can always revert to the good old Windows design by pressing the Windows key and D together.

The Touch mode on Windows 8 is truly remarkable and this is where you start noticing considerable changes in your favorite OS. The good old Start button, a standard feature on Windows is gone and in its place is a Start page – from where you can access your favorite apps, and updates from news, weather, social networks, etc. Search is also a lot easier on Windows 8 – just start typing on the Start page and your PC will find what you are looking for. The “fluid” tiles on the Start page will constantly get updated with headlines, but works well only with Microsft apps and products. This feature doesn’t work quite as well when using third-party apps on your system.

The new interface can take some time getting used to, so we recommend that you give it a try at a store before you upgrade your system and get overwhelmed by the drastic change. Given that you have to constantly switch between the Desktop and Touch interface as you work, it might get a little frustrating initially. The good news is that if you never get used to it, you can always downgrade back to Windows 7, even with a new PC that has Windows 8 pre-installed in it.… Read the rest

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Get Your Hands On Microsoft Windows 8, Surface Tablet

After months spent in anticipation, users all around the world can finally get their hands on the latest Windows 8 OS and the Surface tablets. Starting today, these new products are available to order online and at Microsoft stores. While the Surface tablet starts from $499, existing Windows users can upgrade their OS to Windows 8 for just $40 or buy the disc for $70.

With these new launches, Microsoft is looking to revamp its image as a devices and services company. Although Microsoft has played around with making hardware before, it didn’t end up doing as well in the market and the company remained known for its software, particularly Windows and Office Suite.

The Microsoft Surface is a direct competitor to the Apple iPad, and hopefully given the brand value of Microsoft, it could be successful in cornering a significant share of the market. Analysts, however, are apprehensive about Surface owing to the high price point. It also doesn’t help that the company is relatively a new entrant into a market where Android tablets and iPads have been around for a while, and have already managed to establish a consumer base.

Windows 8 has been given a radically new design unlike the previous versions of the most popular OS in the world. With the tile display and no traditional desktop screen, it looks familiar to mobile OS and works with a touch-screen interface as well. Given the extremely new design, Microsoft can’t help but wait and watch with crossed fingers on whether Windows 8 will find as many takers as Windows 7.… Read the rest

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Why you should upgrade your OS to Windows 8



This Friday, as the world gets ready to welcome Windows 8 with open arms, we bring you some of the top reasons why you also should jump onto the bandwagon and get excited to install Windows 8 on your PC as well. Even if you don’t have a touch-screen based computer, there’s enough in store in the latest offering from Microsoft to thrill the regular PC users.

It’s not that pricey: For the first time ever, a brand new OS is selling this cheap, and that’s one of the biggest reasons for you to consider getting your hands on a copy of it. Downloading the version from Microsoft’s website will set you back by just $39.99 for Windows 8, and if you have recently bought a new PC or laptop, you can get Windows 8 on your system for just $14.99. Of course, you ought to act fast as this offer closes by January 31, 2013.

It’s faster: Yes, this is not surprising at all. Any upgraded technology does work faster than its predecessors, so if you’re all about speed, you may not even need the convincing. It boots up and shuts down way faster than Windows 7. Even if you don’t have a SSD drive, don’t despair, your system will perform faster with Windows 8.

Better reset and refresh: The “Reset your PC” option on Windows 8 essentially lets you restore the OS into its original state – the way it was when you had first installed it. While this resetting process would have taken around 30 minutes on a Windows 7 machine, with Windows 8, the entire process completes in less than 7 minutes! The “Refresh your PC” option will retain all your personal data and settings, as well as the metro-style apps that you download from the Windows Store.

Backup files using File History: The File History tool works better than the previous backup features. For starters, this feature isn’t activated by default – you can switch it on if you need it. It will save copies of your files in your Library, including documents, pictures, music, etc. and even your contacts, favorites, and Desktop items. What’s more, you can even select the folder into which your backup is created, so you total control over the backup process.… Read the rest

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