What People Think Of Free Wi-Fi Access At Indian Railway Stations: Find Out

Free Wi-Fi at railway stations will soon become a reality. Indian Railways has collaborated with Google to create free Wi-Fi zone across 400 railway stations. The users will be able to browse on the go and chat/skype with the friends as they commute.

However, the flip side  to this free Wi-Fi access is that speed will be reduced after 34 minutes. The passengers will be able to connect to Wi-Fi after verifying their no. The project is at the moment in its initial stage.

Once implemented it will drastically change the way the Indians travel. We asked some daily commuters about the how they feell about free Wi-Fi facility. Here is what they have to say:

 Rikhil Singh who commutes daily from Ghaziabad to Delhi says, “ t will allow me to catch up on the latest news. I ama huge cricket buffand with free Wi-Fi. I will be able to stream the matches, without missing a single shot.”

 “Sometimes when I get late from work, I have to miss my favorite serial, with Wi-Fi I will be able to stream it and watch as I travel, “ says banker, Mrs Kusum who is a daily passenger.

For Businessman Karunesh Verma, maintaining work life balance will be easy. As with the ease of  free Wi-Fi, he will be able to finish the pending office work in the train.

The free Wi-Fi will also provide travellers the real time travelling information. The travellers will also be able to relax and chat with their family and friends as they wait to catch their respective trains.

Free Wi-Fi on railway station is just a step closer to modernisation… we are indeed evolving. … Read the rest

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What is Google’s OnHub Router?

Earlier in the week, Google unveiled its latest Wi-Fi OnHub Router designed to solve connectivity issues that we face on an everyday basis. Despite the technological advancements over all these years, problems associated with routers continue.

What is Google's OnHub Router?OnHub features a unique antenna design, a smart software and an associated app that helps to adjust the router’s settings. All of this is meant to enable better networking facilities.

This is a sleek device with a cylindrical design. You can easily keep it on your table or shelf. The device is already available on Google Store. When you have Google’s OnHub router, W-Fi connectivity is enhanced.

Google OnHub has 13 Wi-Fi antennas placed in a circular manner. It uses a 1.4 GHz dual core processor to attain an expected speed of 1900 megabits per second. 

The router has been developed with China-based computer networking company TP-LINK. 

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Windows 10 Raises Privacy Concerns Within A Week Of Its Release

Windows 10 is making many people unhappy within just one week of its global release. Both users and privacy advocates are condemning the new desktop OS by Microsoft. The latest OS that comes with a lot of exciting features is making people worried about the way these tools work.

Windows 10 Raises Privacy Concerns with a Week of Its ReleaseIt was Wi-Fi Sense first that was shammed by users. This feature lets your friends get connected to your Wi-Fi network automatically. It is enabled by default and could share Wi-Fi credentials to anybody and everybody in your Facebook, Skype and Outlook contacts. Though the company says that everything happens over an encrypted network yet the users are concerned about the potential abuse that this feature can bring onto them.

Windows 10 has not left even the Solitaire alone. This game is now a freemium but ad-riddled version where video advertisements cannot be skipped. If you want to stay away from ads, you would have to pay $ 10 to Microsoft every month.

The digital voice assistant, Cortana, that Windows 10 features in quite a good application but the catch is that it gets its data from your text messages and emails as well as from the list of people you call, your phonebook and how often you get in touch with them through your computer.

 The feature Windows Update Delivery Optimisation, which is also enabled by default, uses your Internet data to update OS of other’s computers. This feature uploads parts of updates that you have downloaded earlier with users on your LAN and strangers on the Internet.

It seems if Microsoft does not take care of all these issues, it will be hard for the company to create a loyal customer base for its new OS.… Read the rest

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Microsoft Lumia 540 Offers Bang For Bucks With Style Quotient And Decent Shutter

Microsoft is set to launch Windows 10 this July but before that our attention shifts to those mid-segment Nokia Lumia phones that are now property of Microsoft. One among these is the Lumia 540 that has always been the pick for those who want great style with superb functionality. Thanks to the price tag under Rs. 10,000, the phone is a pop pick for 5-incher screen size lovers. The display is sharp thanks to 720x1280px resolution.

Microsoft Lumia 540 Offer Bang For Bucks With Style Quotient And Decent ShutterViewing angles offer good value for money and the processor keeps the Lumia reputation of decent functional value intact.

Qualcomm Snapdrgaon 200 with tetra core is not a wow deal but is not dismissible as unworthy either. 1 GB of RAM again is value for money but the processor clock speed of 1.2 GHz is much more than we expected on a budget ware.

The looks are appealing on the Lumia 540 but the Microsoft logo somewhat appears a botched on its pretty face. The phone also offers support for GPs, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Lumia 540’s battery offers much beef with 2200 mAH. Overall, the Lumia 540 is a decent buy if you are looking for something that is not too expensive.… Read the rest

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iOS 9 Update: Apple Working On iPad Air Split Screen Spec, Building Friendlier Tablet

Apple seems is working on the specs of iOS 9 and if all goes well the iPad can turn into ‘Our Pad.’ Apple is set on revealing features that make iOS 9 based iPad Air more work-ready and flexible to use. This is in line with the ambitious Apple project for splitting the screen on the iPad. The company is set to announce this officially at the WWDC 2015 in June this year, according to a feature on 9to5Mac. The source is usually concerned genuine and reports buzz that often comes true.

 Apple Working Around iPad Air Split Screen Spec, Building Friendlier iOS 9 This will mean that the 9.7-incher device will now support multi-window functionality. So multitasking will be more than a breeze.

All we know now is that the multi-window modes will come in 1/2, 1/3 and 2/3 view sizes. Perhaps Apple is wary of Microsoft that has already spruced up the multi window mode game on its Surface Pro 3.

Amid all this, we have sniffed chances that the iPad Pro might just release a 12 incher version. A stylus might also be sneaked in and there will be two models with SIM and WiFi support while another would be WiFi Only.

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Here Is How You Can Save Your Smartphone Battery Life

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. We use them for e-mails, social networking, texting and reading apart from calling. One common problem that all smartphone users face is battery draining. Even if you charge your smartphone in the morning, the battery will deplete by noon or evening depending on your usage pattern. Users who are always online face battery draining issues more often. But there are some really simple and easy ways with which you can extend the battery life of your device.     

  • How get the most out of your smartphone battery Dimming the display- One of the biggest battery drainers is the colorful display your smartphone.  If you want your battery to last longer, it is advisable that you must change the brightness settings to lowest level. However, there are many smartphones which come with automatic brightness adjustment feature which prevents the battery from draining quickly.
  • Reducing the screen timeout interval- Change the setting of screen timeout (30 seconds to 1minute is advisable) to strengthen battery life.  The more time your smartphone’s screen takes to turn off, the more quickly it will drain out the battery.
  • Close unwanted application- It is advisable that one must use a good task manager to handle unneeded application. When you open an application, it keeps running in the background even after you close it. Task managers close these applications and hence extend battery life.
  • Turn off 3G and Wi-Fi- When not using these services, it is better to turn them as it is extend your battery life.
  • Battery application- Smartphone users can also download a good battery manager application such as battery doctor and DU battery saver. These applications come with several features which can be used to extend battery life of your device.

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Apple Watch: Here’s All That You Need To Know

Apple Watch is all set to arrive in China, Canada, Australia, the UK and  USA on April 24. 

Apple WatchHowever, before you set a sight on the beauty, we have dug out the features for you to ponder on:

  • Contrary to popular expectations, the Apple Smartwatch is not waterproof. However, that does not mean a splash or two will cause any harm. So do not bother about heavy perspiring while on the treadmill.
  • The watch can track sleep patterns but cannot monitor blood sugar or blood pressure levels, opposed to recent rumors. For those keen on such a feature, you can always hook up an external blood pressure monitor via Bluetooth. The watch also connects via Wi-Fi but there is no GPS as of now!
  • Pair your watch with the iPhone for seamless connectivity and platform sharing. You can play music via Bluetooth headphone set or display synced events or images via iCloud.
  • The ‘Taptic Engine’ on the Apple Watch taps the wrist every time there is an alert or a notification. Apple also says that the Watch gives subtle cues! 

Indeed, a whole lot of goodies are packed into the wonder watch from Apple. As for the pricing the range begins from as low as $349  to $10,000.

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How To Transfer All Your iPhone Contacts To Another iPhone?

Apple has always pleased fans with its hardware but most users have always been muddled over the task of transferring their old phone contacts to the latest iPhone model. In case you are switching to the iPhone 6S from the iPhone 6 or if you want to transfer the contacts to the upcoming iPhone 7, here is the easiest way out with iCloud.

  • Use iCloud since it has an easy interface and offers great speed. Begin by iPhone Contacts To Another iPhone connecting the older iPhone to the power source and ensure that it is in Wi-Fi range. The power source needs to be connected since transfer over Wi-Fi eats up loads of battery.
  • Once done, open Settings on the older iPhone and turn on Contacts Toggle option.
  • Once this is done, move down to the bottom end of the page and click on Storage and Backup option.
  • Further, click on iCloud Backup toggle so that it is in ON mode.  Finally, choose Back Up Now button.
  • Keep an eye on the backup status onscreen. Once it is complete, flick the new iPhone where you want to transfer contacts.

Post-configuration, choose the option Restore From iCloud Backup after being asked. Fill in the Apple ID and your password that was also used on your older iPhone. This will transfer all your contacts to the new iPhone and you may download the same.

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