Buy Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him: Apple MacBook Pro, Dell XPS 12 and Samsung ATIV Q

With Valentine’s Day lurking around it is a tough toss between choosing a worthwhile gift and a fancy item for your boyfriend.When you have a boyfriend you really adore or a hubby you want to pamper, what better time to buy gifts for hom than Valentine’s Day? This time round, gift him a laptop and watch him smile with glee.

Here are the top 5 picks for a 14 February gift:

Apple MacBook Pro: When it comes with fun with functionality, look no further than Apple MacBook Pro. Apple is set to offer “more power behind each pixel” with this 13-incher wonder. Armed with Retina Display and o         Dual Core and quad core processors from Intel, MacBook Pro is an apt pick for him.

Dell XPS 12: With Corning Gorilla Glass Display laced with a flip-hinge spec, the Dell baby is a wonderful pick for him. An ultimate name when it comes to convertibles, the laptop features 4th Generation Intel Core and boasts 9 hours-long battery life.

Samsung ATIV Q: Another top pick among laptops for this V-day is the Samsung ATIV Q. Spunked with multi-touch screen ad powered by Intel Core i5, the laptop boasts battery life close to 9 hours.

Get set to shower a superb surprise on your guy!… Read the rest

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Buy Laptops, Tablets: The Right Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Boyfriend

Chocolates, cards and perfumes seem to be a thing of the past. Today, gadgets and the latest smart phones will do the trick when it comes to V day gifts.

Chocolates, cards and perfumes seem to be a thing of the past. Today, gadgets and the latest smart phones will do the trick when it comes to V day gifts.

Xbox 1: The first gadget that could be big this year is the Xbox One and doubles as the perfect gift for your video game loving boyfriend. The latest console from Microsoft comes laced with offers already available to buyers.

Pebble Steel: With this popular smart watch, you would have to look no further for his Valentine’s day gift. The makers have added a leather strap to the smartwatch, which makes it more like a real watch. Apart from displaying the time, it can also be synced to any smartphone . Thus, you could be notified on receiving messages, calls and emails.

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact: A beefed up and sexy smartphone, Z1 Compact could be the right gift for him. The screen size is similar to your average iPhone or Android phone but the specifications on this phone pack a punch with cutting edge hardware and a camera of 20.7 mega pixel.

If you are looking for simpler gifting ideas, we suggest the Acer Liquid Z5. A 5 incher budget Android priced at 169 Euros, the Z5 has the ability to display additional application windows that make for better multi tasking.… Read the rest

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Buy Valentine’s Day Tech Gifts For Your Girlfriend: Knitted Headphones, Swarovski Pen Drive And More

tech valentines day giftsTurn things round by gifting each other cool gadgets this Valentine’s Day. It’s a great new way to celebrate love in 2014.





neff-knitted-headphonesNeff Knit Headphones: With an unconventional design and style, these headphones have a knit outer coating. This makes an ideal gift for girls as it has a cute and retro design.

Sound Asleep Speaker Pillow: Made with hollow fiber, this is a pillow and speaker rolled into one. It has an undetectable speaker that can be connected to any electronic device so you can fall asleep while listening to your favorite tunes without those pesky headphones. This one also comes with volume control so you don’t disturb anyone else.

Swarovski Pen Drive: Swarovski Active Crystals 1 GB USB 2.0 pen drive would be your girl’s best friend. It can contain 250 music files and 1000 photos and can also double as a piece of jewelry worn on the wrist.

Silicone Bluetooth Keyboard: Designed in bright colors, this keyboard is compatible with tablets, smart phones and laptops. It is washable, waterproof and flexible, which makes the keyboard ideal for those on the go.

Casa Buggati Vera Electronic Kettle: If you have lover who’s also a homemaker, get this for her modern kitchen. It has a sharp design with electrical controls that include a clock and temperature readout. The kettle consumes less energy while heating things up 25% faster. … Read the rest

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