5 Things You Should Know Before You Upgrade To Windows 8

So yes, Windows 8 is finally here and Microsoft has already sent out mails letting users know that they can download a copy for themselves from their website. For existing Windows users, an upgrade costs just $40 ($15 if you have recently bought a new PC). But, before you click on the download button, here are a few important things to keep in mind before you decide to upgrade:

It looks a whole lot different, with a tile-based interface, which could take some time getting used to. The OS can be used in two modes – Desktop and Touch mode. The Desktop mode is more familiar for people used to previous versions of Windows, but with a few slight changes. For instance, the Task Manager on Windows 8 provides more detailed information on the processing power and memory being used by running programs. For those using the latest version of Microsoft Office, the “ribbon” style menus of Windows 8 would also look familiar.

Even the Lock screen on Windows 8 has been redesigned, and now features notifications from the applications running. You can even log-in to your systems using your Microsoft ID – the same that you use to log into SkyDrive or Hotmail. If the new design gets too much to take, you can always revert to the good old Windows design by pressing the Windows key and D together.

The Touch mode on Windows 8 is truly remarkable and this is where you start noticing considerable changes in your favorite OS. The good old Start button, a standard feature on Windows is gone and in its place is a Start page – from where you can access your favorite apps, and updates from news, weather, social networks, etc. Search is also a lot easier on Windows 8 – just start typing on the Start page and your PC will find what you are looking for. The “fluid” tiles on the Start page will constantly get updated with headlines, but works well only with Microsft apps and products. This feature doesn’t work quite as well when using third-party apps on your system.

The new interface can take some time getting used to, so we recommend that you give it a try at a store before you upgrade your system and get overwhelmed by the drastic change. Given that you have to constantly switch between the Desktop and Touch interface as you work, it might get a little frustrating initially. The good news is that if you never get used to it, you can always downgrade back to Windows 7, even with a new PC that has Windows 8 pre-installed in it.… Read the rest

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Wi-Fi Bug in Apple iOS 6 Displeases Users

Apple is again in news, but this time it’s not hullabaloo about its latest iPhone 5, but about some reportedly Wi-Fi bug in the latest software by the firm iOS 6. As Apple customers all over the world upgraded their devices to iOS 6, they got a mixed taste of pleasure with displeasure.

There have been lots of complaints going around on the web, saying that once users launched and installed the latest iOS 6 on their devices, it refused to connect to the Wi-Fi.

There is a long thread of complaints on the discussion board at the Apple site, where users have grumbled about the failed system. Here is the link- https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4310121?start=0&tstart=0

The basic pattern of complaints seems to be simple. Once users install the software on their devices, the Wi-Fi works all right at first, but then eventually it gets disabled. Users tried to get it connected again, but then remained unsuccessful and got redirected to a login/404 page on the Apple website.

Following the complaints, Apple seems to have fixed the bug now. But were you among those who upgraded their software to iOS 6? How was your experience? Share it with us…… Read the rest

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Get Windows 8 Upgrade for Just Rs. 699 or $15!

Microsoft has finally started the registration of its Windows 8 upgrade program, which is available on the company’s official site for Rs.699 or $15. Announcing the upgrade on its Twitter account, Microsoft has included 90-days of no-charge support for those who purchase Windows 8. This trial period of 90 days begin when users install and activate Windows 8 on their PC.

For ₹699, users who bought a Windows-based PC after June 2 are entitled to get an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro. This offer comes for customers in about 140 countries, who have time until January 31 to redeem the offer that can be done with the company’s official webpage.

This promotional offer by Microsoft is limited to one upgrade per qualified PC purchased, and is good for up to five different PC’s upgrade per customer.

Those who miss this offer will have to pay full amount of $40 to get Windows 8 on their PCs.

This nominal price offer can be a move by Microsoft to attract Windows users to a completely different OS.

The process, however, is simple. Users just need to login to the site, choose country, fill out a basic form, with some personal information on contact number, email, Windows 7 PC, along with the place where it is bought from.

Registration of Windows 8 upgrade for users in India can be done at http://windowsupgradeoffer.com/en-IN

Similarly, users can choose their own country from the listed 140.… Read the rest

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