Gear up for Halo 4; Interactive guide launched along with new DLC trailer!

The preview launch of the first Spartan Ops episode of Halo 4 has really paced the nerves of gamers who are now looking forward to the new edition. Halo Waypoint has released a suitable Interactive guide for the game as well…

The keyword is buzz. And with the hopes pinned with Halo 4, the stakes are even higher. But 343 Industries has managed to always deliver each promise with a bang. In a series of new reveals, they have come out with the launch trailer of the first Spartan Ops episode which features a wide variety of platforms spread across 10 episodes and 5 missions related to each episode. That is a mind boggling 50 missions to be completed in this edition. For now, it is unclear whether Microsoft will foot the bill for all the episodes or charge the gamers in return for the new content addition. The Spartan Ops which provide the cooperative modes for the game play, would be debuting in this edition and would be played out as a series of weekly episodes keeping the buzz alive on this version.

For starters, the first Spartan Op is free to download content which would be related to the game but would be happening at a span of six months from the game’s setting. The cooperative mode will take up to four players. It will be featuring new storylines, content, events and locations and lead to the reveals related to new missions. Gamers can participate in this edition or keep on reviewing it as viewers.

Meanwhile, Halo Waypoint has launched its own unique Interactive guide which can be checked at which provides a wide variety of information about the latest edition offering the kind of weapons, armors and vehicles along with war modes and much more on offer. And yes, the Halo 4 tutorial would be the apt inspiration for you before entering the realm of the game which will begin on November 6, 2012. The easy browsing guide offers you a number of options to click and review, offering in-depth detail about the game and its outcome.

One is eagerly counting down to the date but considering the superb details which have been pouring in, it would be a wise step to pre-order the edition. Now the game’s biggest competition is Activision-backed Call of Duty: Black Ops II which has ruled the charts till October 20, 2012. But considering the new bountiful content dropped across the board by 343 Industries, this would be a close race between the two games. Registering a sale of over 1,20,000 copies, the game has been a leader in its pre-order records. The Spartan Ops would be the key feature which will decide the success of the game! FPS shooting would be reaching a new level with this new input but whether the other games would be able to upgrade themselves to this new level is a big question for all! For now, the best thing would be to just sit back and enjoy the show!



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DMC: Devil May Cry trailer out; Capcom promises more hack and slash!


If you are one of the gamers who love a good sword battle and all the paraphernalia that comes along, then Capcom has got the perfect package for you with its latest offering, ‘DMC: Devil May Cry’….

Dante is back again and in a more vengeful form. The lead character of the ‘Devil May Cry’ series comes back again in the latest outing by Capcom titled ‘DMC: Devil May Cry’. With a gap spanning over five years, the game’s last edition ‘Devil May Cry 4’ was released in 2008.

The trailer shows a lot of different and new features with the lead Dante sporting a new teenage look, which is understandable considering the game’s wide appeal among the younger generation. Dante’s sword Rebellion has been shortened to suit his more youthful look but the game retains its hack and slashes which is its USP. Swords are used alongside guns and with the new weapon which can hook on to the enemy and be drag it to pieces, the game play has got gorier. The game released by Capcom is being developed by Ninja Theory for the fifth installment and involves a collaboration between the two which ensures that one would have more visual effects with a style that has been perfected with the Resident Evil series. One cannot forget that Capcom has just released Resident Evil 6 and is putting upfront one of its lead bankable games which is prepping up for launch on January 15, 2013. The game offers its first glimpse to its fans, coming in after a good two years of its announcement. If you are a fan of the series, you would be well accepting of the fact that the game’s essence has been captured in the trailer through the visual effects which move on effortlessly without referring to the story. The game has evolved over the years and Capcom has ensured the gamer of some new innovations and modifications with each game. The new edition also brings in a round of expectations which are expected to be announced in the coming days. The latest edition would be available in Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC versions as well. One can avail pre-order benefits including weapons pack and character perks.

Mercy was not a quality associated with Dante and the trailer aptly reflects the hero’s killing streak and explosive abilities which truly render the game with its original symphony. The latest edition looks at Dante in a parallel universe, well apart from the series originals which showed a sequence or progression of the single story. The overall intent of the game remains the same with Dante avenging the death of his mother by slaying various demons that are pitted against him.

The hit series has been a record-breaking one recording sales of over 10 million with each of the editions registering a Platinum title. And with the looks of the new trailer, one can surely sum up that the game will achieve its fifth hit as well. The ‘Devil May Cry’ but the gamer may smile! Only time will tell!



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Halo 4 to have a celebrity connect; David Fincher and Conan O’Brien to deck up the launch!



Celebrities associating with their favorite game is not new. But when a game such as Halo 4 decides to unveil its details, the stakes just get bigger…

 Paving its way, there are a number of celebrities who are endorsing this new game and the latest in line is ‘The Social Network’ director David Fincher who has especially flown toPragueto set up a two-minute trailer for this new game.

An avid Halo fan, Fincher’s addition to the team is now surprising considering the fact that Microsoft (which is backing 343 Industries) is renowned for its magnanimous preparations related to each of its products. In the very obvious absence of Rockstar’s GTA 5 which was initially scheduled for a Fall 2012 launch, Halo 4 becomes the most anticipated and biggest release of the year 2012. But having said that, one has no intention of taking it away from the team who has also roped in Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter to voice a couple of characters in the game. They have also connected themselves with the ongoing Presidential elections offering the ‘warrior armor’ for players who would be watching three of the four debates on their Xbox consoles. Now, adding Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to your marketing line-up can’t fail that badly! The company has employed its marketing skills innovatively to promote its new venture.

The Fincher-directed trailer would be launched on October 18 on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ and would also feature the special effects input by visual effects expert, Time Miller, renowned for his work on ‘Scott Pilgrim vs The World’. The trailer is bound to get the pulses racing with details about the new threat which is going to haunt the Master Chief. The combination of Miller and Fincher is bound to bring in a boost to the Halo 4 franchise which is following a storyline on Requiem with John-117 and Cortana leading the pack. The trailer would be available on Halo Waypoint and the Xbox YouTube channel as well. With the number of celebrities climbing on the Halo bandwagon, the game is romping in like a juggernaut.

An online web action series has already begun and has been garnering its own share of brickbats and bouquets. A number of actors such as Tom Green, Anna Popplewell, Daniel Cudmore have also been involved with it as well. The game which has spurned a number of launches including novels, miniseries and artifacts along with Halo-branded consumables, is now becoming a legacy for the modern gamers. It is gaining popularity as a collectible and with a range of celebrities endorsing this multi-million franchise, the ‘Halo’ is going to shine for some times to come.






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Halo 4 to Have ‘Flood’ as the Infection Mode; New Multiplayer Revealed!

With the release date approaching for Halo 4, new details are revealed regarding the return of the Infection mode in this new epic venture…

Everybody is waiting with anxiety regarding the return of the Master Chief and his aide, Cortana as they would trudge through the alienlandofRequiemin the new version of Halo. Now, 343 Industries has not lagged far behind in revealing new details from time to time regarding the game and keeping the fire burning in the mind and hearts of all its fans. The latest reveal from the Microsoft informs the return of the multiplayer mode Infection, which was part of the earlier games.

Titled ‘Flood’ in the latest version, the reveals show infected Spartans progressing to attack the players. The mode supports up to 12 players, which is a considerable number with two players donning the roles of Alpha Zombies (infected ones) and the remaining trying to survive them. Weapons are disabled in this mode and players have to survive on the basis of physical game play with claws and enhanced vision to support their attempts.

The new title does seem apt for this new adventure as Halo Destiny reveals that ‘infected players will play as a flood combat form’ in the course of the game. The exact speed and performance of the players is yet to be revealed by the gaming company. Meanwhile, the game will also have the services of a ‘new vehicle’ called the ‘Mantis’ for John-117 who can utilize it for combating the Prometheans and Covenant forces.

For now, we can estimate it to be another boosting shot for the game, which is coming up with a lot of firsts and coupling it with some of the most favorite modes from the past games. 343 Industries has really revived the game in a larger-than-life format and is not leaving any stone unturned to make it an epic venture. Unlike the ever popular Rockstar-backed GTA series, Halo has recently seen a change of ownership with Bungie making way for Microsoft-backed 343 Industries but that has not led to any disappointments so far. On the other hand, Rockstar has failed to sustain the interests related to GTA 5 revealing very little related to the game and even getting a disappointing review from the investors who are now predicting that the game would be delayed further. Though heartbreaking, we still expect Rockstar to pick up some clues from the Halo 4 makers.

And just in case, you are curious about the live action series, it would soon be making its presence felt on October 5, 2012. The series revealed its new trailer titled ‘Lecture’, which details the academy and its proceedings. Although, the online series is yet to pick up pace, the game still has gathered quite a good set of reviews before its launch. The wait till November 6, 2012, would be an arduous one for many fans of this series. But it would be worth it with the online series prepping the gamers before the final showdown.… Read the rest

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Borderlands 2 is Loaded with Weapons; New Gun Trailer Reveals More!

Gearbox software is garnering more adulations for its new innovations for the second edition of its hit game, Borderlands. More trailers cloud the World Wide Web as open challenges are thrown in by game characters…

Just like bullets, missiles and explosives dominate the battle scene, the arrival of Borderlands 2 is getting packed with more firepower provided with new trailers revealed by Gearbox. The Tediore weapons trailer really shows just one of the many weapons, which are dotting the armory of the new game. Selling it like a Baked Beans commercial shot in the 50s, the trailer shows a couple of characters, one of whom wants to secure his family and requires protection. In comes the Tediore Corporation to his rescue with a fast loading and speedy firing weapon for his safety, which he can utilize even without having thumbs! Now that is tad bit too much to ‘grapple’ but one thing is for sure, the guns’ business is pretty serious in Borderlands 2.

The last trailer revealed by Gearbox showed the character of Handsome Jack challenging all his opponents to ‘come and get’ him on the picturesque Pandora. While he seems irritated by the four opponents in front of him, he introduces each of them giving his opinion about each of them. Each of them is forwarded along with their game play and weapons preference. Throughout the trailer, one gets the preview of Jack’s den and his mercenaries who can defend his territory against the four characters coming to oust him. Axton who deploys the biggest assault of the four is shown with his control over the turrets similar to the character Roland from the first venture. ‘Gunzerker’ or Salvador is shown with the rage, which made Brick famous in the first part. The man just blows off an opponent with his heavy duty firing range. Need we say more! The petite character Maya packs a punch as she can control the elements and wage an attack. Besides, the mysterious Zer0 is the pick of the bunch that can slice and dice across the enemies.

Another character which would be available for game play would be ‘Mechromancer’ who is gaining notoriety with passing time. She is apparently a red-headed cyborg with a noticeable mechanical arm but designed for ‘lighter’ players. Apparently, lead designer John Hemingway referred to it as a design for ‘girlfriend mode’, which the Gearbox software President Randy Pitchford has reiterated as ‘Best Friends Forever’ whereby expert players can be joined by ‘less skilled coop partners’ for enjoying a game together. The new trailers completely miss this new character which would be available with DLC. The company meanwhile denied that Hemingway is a sexist for his ‘girlfriend’ terminology as he never intended that it would snowball into such a rage. Mechromancer is expected to join the crew after 60 days of the game launch on September 18, 2012.

Meanwhile, Jack mentions that the four protagonists are going to require a lot of firepower and slowly unravels an arsenal of weapons towards the end of the trailer showing the entire collection that is part of this new edition. He admits that it is a ‘lot of guns’ but when the firing is on, we won’t even realize it is gone! The game is all about the play of raw firepower and the trailer befittingly tells a true story! So, load up your guns for the battle is coming closer home and if you have not ordered your set, it would be a good time to reconsider!… Read the rest

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New Game on the Anvil: Sleeping Dogs Are in Town!

There is a new game in town. Sleeping Dogs launch trailer is being previewed. Is it something that challenges the cerebral, but to what extent? One finds out…

The Orient seems mysterious to many and it is not surprising. The context with its rich and diverse cultural backdrop proves to be an aura, unmatched by no other. A game which has been in the making for over three years now, finally hits the stands. Sleeping Dogs, as the title refers, to has exchanged many hands and is now being prepped by Square Enix, Namco Bandai Games and United Front Games for release on August 14, 2012.

The trailer for the game was released recently and showed its unique setting, the streets of Hong Kong. Termed as an ‘open world crime drama’, the game’s protagonist is Wei Shen, a cop with Chinese-American descent, who is given the responsibility of working undercover to break into the Triad organization (named Sun On Yee). Now, the trailer looks promising realizing the possibility of a game set in the Orient with the mean streets of Hong Kong, often seen in many Hollywood flicks. But that said the similarity between the game and Rockstar’s GTA is not ignorable. It is also touted as one big reason for the developer to choose for an August date for its release ahead of the GTA 5, which was originally aimed at a Fall 2012 release.

The protagonist can fight, race and shoot in the various missions within the game. Of course, martial arts would be an essential part of this venture. The characters look straight out of a Hollywood flick sporting heavy tattoos and a mean look. The open game format does offer longer hours on each mission but it needs to be seen whether the script is entertaining for withstanding these missions.

The graphics shown in the trailer seem interesting with a good mix of fast car racing, shooting sequences, cock fights, fist-to-fist battles, that make up for a good set of adventure one wishes to embark upon while trying a new game. And add to that the Chinese culture and its unique setting, the game proves to be a window to a new world for many of the gamers. Modern players have appreciated the exploration of a new setting as exhibited in games such as Assassin’s Creed series or the Call of Duty series, which have found an exclusive fan base.

Like the original ‘Internal Affairs’ movie franchise set with the Chinese backdrop, one gets reminded of ‘Loyalty’, ‘Honor’ and ‘Sacrifice’ towards the end of the trailer showing the conflict between a good man in a wrong situation. It is a theme, which is often reverberated in various games across the board where the switching side is often justified as ‘means to an end’. Characters often sport shades of grey while in tricky situations – a fact appreciated by the gamers. Towards the end, the lady in the trailer does say ‘I like exciting rides’ but it waits to be seen whether the modern gamer will say the same thing as well! After the Watch Dogs preview, the Sleeping Dogs are here – one wonders why this fascination with the Dogs now?… Read the rest

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Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn leaves fans in the lurch!

The initial rushes of Halo 4 were one of the most anticipated videos to hit the online territory in recent times. For a game to be released in the fall of 2012, Halo 4 is gathering quite a steam in terms of its preparations. Those who have been following the thread will realize that 343 Industries is warming up the audience to the events of November 13 when the game will actually see the light of the day.

The latest trailer on the live action series details about the background to the edition but has received a wide amount of disparate responses. Many fans have recently posted a wide variety of comments regarding the costume and the lack of a good set of actors for the prime roles in the web series. Many fans feel that the series seems to be a half-hearted approach to the franchise, which has spawned out movie, books and more such entities.

Although, many Halo fanatics have still appreciated such a gesture from Microsoft to promote this game. Their love for the game supersedes any other emotion or gimmicks associated with it. The concept of the online series is expected to draw a young audience which could possibly feel attracted to the series and then opt for the game. The trailer offers glimpse of the UNSC military academy and the life of a young cadet who would also be a part of the game. The first trailer focuses on his life at the academy and his first interaction with John-117 a k a Master Chief. The unceremonious meeting occurs at a juncture where the academy is attacked by the Covenant and although none of the attackers are clearly visible in the trailer, one can see, forms descending from the skies which could possibly indicate the ‘ancient evil’  much discussed in the earlier trailers. While one could easily say, it is not a ‘Dark Knight’ finish to the venture, but the producers have tried to give  a touch of realism to the series, even hiring the 6’8”-tall Vancouver actor, Daniel Cudmore, to fill in the shoes of Master Chief. The sudden drop in fan expectations is not surprising considering the fact that the hardcore fans would be looking forward to a more impressive web series for their favorite game.

It is too early to say that the trailer may not serve its purpose since the Microsoft-backed venture is just a step towards the game. The online web series which was initially planned to go live on Halo Waypoint and Machinima on October 5, 2012 would now also be available in stores and through online retail options. This news was recently revealed on Halo Bulletin by Kevin Grace, writer and Managing Editor of 343 Industries as part of their promotion drive. So,even if you miss the chance with the limited edition, you can always have a copy of the edition separately. The fact that there is so much discussion on the trailer itself makes one realize that the game would be a sure winner!… Read the rest

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