Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Rumours in January 2014: The Android 4.4 KitKat Phone Battery Life Better Than Apple iPhone 5S

With some of the declared features of Samsung Galaxy S5 organized, the release date of the next Samsung smartphone giant may be sooner than later.With some of the declared features of Samsung Galaxy S5 organized, the release date of the next Samsung smartphone giant may be sooner than later.

The exynos 6 chip that was the rumoured processor for the Galaxy S6 will be coupled with a massive 4GB of RAM. The exynos 6 might well be the first octa processor for the tech giant and if some media outlets are to be believed, the processor chip is almost done. The brand new Android 4.4 KitKat OS will run the phone. It is expected that the battery life will be longer.

Reports also confirmed that the device will have a plastic casing, countering previous suggestions that metal or faux leather case would be used. With almost all the features done, it may seem S5 is good to go, however with the Galaxy S4 selling so well, the release date might as well be delayed by a bit.

The 2014 flagship Samsung device may hit the markets in Jan 2014. Some reports suggest that the device may debut in the Consumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas. The Mobile World Congress event that is held in Barcelona has hosted many Samsung device launches. The S5 is speculated to release in the same event.

Some more features: the Galaxy S5 will include a 64-bit processor. The fingerprint sensor, just like that in iPhone 5S will be one of the features. As per some reports, the phone may have an eye scanner too. Let us wait for the plan details of Samsung for 2014.… Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Release in Android & Tizen Fro; Will Apple iPhone 6 Release Be Affected?

Keeping in view the rising popularity of Galaxy smartphones, rumors are now heating up regarding the Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy S5 release.

Speculated to come packed with 64-bit processor chip, the Samsung Galaxy S5, we hear will release running both Android 4.4 KitKat as well as Tizen operating systems, which is co-developed by Samsung.

With aluminum and magnesium chassis, the device will roll out with optical image stabilization camera with large sensor and high megapixel shooting mode.

Samsung is also expected to offer exclusive applications in its upcoming Galaxy S5, giving Apple iPhone 6 a tough battle for survival against S5’s upgraded specifications.

To stay in the competition loop, Apple will have to bring in dynamic shift to its iPhone 6 and unveil the device with all the more power, upgraded specifications and exciting features for a successful plunge into the big league.  

Encased in a metal body, the iPhone 6 specs are speculated to be a bigger 4.5-inch screen with a higher megapixel camera, 4G LTE speeds, NFC support, improved battery life and maybe even 128GB storage option. … Read the rest

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