New Web Profile Pages for Instagram Users

Instagram’s going more social, and we wonder if new owner Facebook has something to do with that. The popular mobile photo sharing app is getting into the Web space with profile pages for its users, something its fans have been hankering for since quite some time now. As announced on Instagram’s blog post, “You’ve asked for Instagram on the web and we’ve listened”. Expect this new feature to be rolled out in the coming few days.

Now, what’s not surprising is the remarkable similarity that these profile pages has to that of Facebook, although it does make it easy on us users to figure our way around them. They’ve even got the “Timeline” layout, where users can showcase up to seven of their favorite pictures. All pictures clicked via Instagram can be viewed on the profile page, and users can set their privacy level to show these pictures to only other members within their network.

For now, however, you can only view pictures over the web – for uploading images, you’ll still have to use your mobile devices. But the profile page serves as a landing page from where you can manage all of your images centrally. You can access your profile page by typing[your username]. Even though the profile pages remain similar, Mark Zuckerberg has already announced that these two networks will be maintained separately and there will be no integration between them.… Read the rest

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Facebook Adds a New Status: ‘Expecting a Baby’

Facebook recently announced the addition of a new feature to its site, where it will allow couples to tell the world that they are expecting a baby. The new and exciting feature is called “expecting a baby”. Facebook says that with this feature, it will allow users to share the most significant time of their life with friends and family on their timeline.

You can add this status on your timeline by going to life event section and choose the option. Here you will also be given options where you can reveal information such as with whom you are having a baby, location and even add a story related to it.

However, those who don’t want to reveal this information can relax as this part is optional.

This option is going to be really exciting for parents and grandparents as they will be really happy to get the news on the timeline of the social networking site.… Read the rest

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