Essence of The Android to Encompass iOS 7… Would Apple iPhone 6 Pencil It in?

From the time when Apple CEO Tim Cook exposed that the company would give third party developers more access to iOS’ APIs, it has unbolted the potentials for features that was profoundly absent in the operating system.  Apple has kept tight control over this as it wants to confirm its customers have a completely stable operating system and a smooth and seamless user experience.

Back in April, it was stated that the standard Android keyboard replacement Swype had confirmed that it had a meeting with Apple which further dropped a hint that Apple was beginning to loosen the sways on what’s possible in iOS. Two of Android’s most downloaded applications are keyboard replacements – Swype and Swiftkey offer users advanced features.

A per sources, producers of the SwiftKey keyboard app can replace the stock keyboard on Android smartphones and tablets. “It’s great they are thinking in that way. That’s very different from the message we would have gotten a year ago,” said TouchType marketing Chief Joe Braidwood in an interview.

Furthermore, he added the most apparent API for Apple to open up would be the keyboard, since in his opinion it’s iOS’ utmost weakness. When asked how long it would take to port SwiftKey to iOS, he held that developers await to see what Apple announces on Monday at WWDC 2013.

If Apple fixes keyboard replacement apps, it is probable that Swype will be the first to be offered, since the company confirmed it met with Apple months ago.… Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Apple iPhone 6: Samsung is At The Height Of Its Powers, What Features Should Apple Steal?

We’ve all been waiting quite patiently for the iPhone 6’s launch as Apple takes its own sweet time redesigning the iOS 7. But if it really wants to ensure that its new offerings can actually take on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and possibly bring it down, there are quite a lot of things that need to be worked on.

Now that the Galaxy S4 has finally hit the markets and we’ve managed to spend some time playing around with it, exploring its features, we’ve realized that it will take more than a facelift or a bigger screen for Apple to recapture the share it has lost to Samsung. Running on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, Samsung’s added a plethora of features to ensure that it stands out among other premium Android smartphones.

In addition to its futuristic features like eye tracking and Air Gesture, the one thing that Apple really needs to get right if it has any intention of stealing Samsung’s thunder is the Swype-like keyboard, which makes typing on the Galaxy S4 so much more convenient. Through mere gliding, you can fill in your SMSs and even write notes into the device so quickly, and once you’re used to it, you hate using devices in which you have to type out each alphabet to make a word.

Add to that the way it understands your typing style and adapts itself to make the experience even better with time, and you know why we love our Galaxy S4s! And this is one major flaw in iOS and the iPhones. We’ve heard that Apple’s been trying to work out some of these issues with Swype, but we’d love it if the iOS 7 came with a Swype keyboard, or some similar technology.

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CES 2013 Mania:Analyse New Phrase And Real-time Word Prediction for Swype Living Language

We always agreed that crowdsourcing was the way forward and Nuance Communications Inc., the creators of Swype, have proven just that. Taking a cue from Hotwords, Swype Living Language analyses new phrases and words in real-time through crowdsourcing technology and constantly updates its language dictionaries.

The latest installment of Swype also has a voice recognition feature and provides personalized dictionaries that include the most commonly used phrases and words of users. Users can also opt-in to share and receive trending words and phrases in real-time on Swype Living Language. It’s now more predictive than ever, making typing a lot faster and more intuitive for the users.

Smart Editor, another interesting feature on Swype Living Language, looks at whole sentences to identify any potential errors that require fixing. It also suggests likely alternatives by analyzing the context of what’s written.

Dictation support has also expanded and new languages like Croatian, Turkish, Thai, Vietnamese, Ukranian, etc. have also been added to the list. With a dynamic dictionary, Swype leverages cloud and crowdsourcing techniques to give users a more humanized way to interact using their mobile devices. But its real competition now is Android Jelly Bean’s own Gesture Typing feature, which may be in its nascent stages currently, but will continue to evolve with each updated version of the OS.… Read the rest

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