Microsoft Surface RT vs Apple iPad 4 Trailer : The Loss of $900 Million Can Take Microsoft To Any Extent,

For years, big firms in the tech world are aiming at one another with commercials that compare the devices. From 2006-2009, Apple ran a trailer under ‘Get a Mac’ campaign, highlighting why Mac was superior to Microsoft’s Windows PCs. In reply, Microsoft also ran anti-iPad commercials, focusing on iPad’s shortcomings.

However, following a loss of whooping $900 million, Microsoft has now rolled out a latest Surface RT vs. iPad commercial, with focus on its Surface RT’s features and low price.

Using Siri to point out things it can’t do, the ad kick starts with the Surface RT’s built-in stand, which iPad doesn’t have. It follows showing the USB port in the Surface RT, which lacks in iPad.

The ad also shows Microsoft’s device getting into the Surface Touch Cover, with Siri acting in response saying, “Oh snap, you have a real keyboard too?” However, Microsoft hasn’t pointed at the keyboard’s cost as it’s sold separately.

The commercial ends with the comparison between the devices’ cost. Siri says “This isn’t going to end well for me, is it?”, showing the price of the 32GB iPad that’s $599 compared to the 32GB Surface RT that runs at $349.

However, the ad is launched soon after Microsoft slashed the price of its Surface RT tablets by $150 owing to poor sales.

Microsoft, it seems hopes to pump up the sales of its Surface RT device with this latest ad, which clearly targets Apple’s iPad.… Read the rest

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Microsoft Surface RT Vs Asus Transformer Pad Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8: In Pursuit of Memory Expansion

There are so many innovative tablets in the market, but the dust still has to settle. While top players such as iPad or Nexus offer the best innovation, what they lack is the addition of a memory card slot with expandable storage.

To enjoy the best user experience, we have listed down some of the top tablets on the shelves, designed with memory card slots.

Microsoft Surface RT

Sitting at 10.6-inch, the Surface RT is designed to hold a microSD card up to 64GB.
The USB port of this tab can also be used as an external storage option using a flash drive.

Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700

Running Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean update, the 10-inch TF700 tab rolls out with 1,920 x 1,200-pixel screen resolution, holding a microSD expansion slot that supports up to 64GB.

Barnes & Noble Nook HD+

Costing $149, the Nook HD+ tab houses a microSD expansion slot that supports up to 64GB. Thin and light, this tab holds access to Google Play and all applications and services handy at the store.

Sony Xperia Tablet Z

With a microSD card that supports memory up to 64GB, the Sony Xperia Tablet Z rolls out with a sharp 1,920 x 1,200-pixel resolution 10-inch screen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

With a S Pen and a microSD card slot that stores up to 64GB of data, this tab also holds 50GB of free space on Dropbox.… Read the rest

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Microsoft Matches Apple iPad Mini and Google Nexus Footprints– Is A Surface Tot In Making?

Microsoft almost  caved in with Samsung’s reign on phablet ground. Across geographies, geeks and smartphone enthusiasts await Microsoft to offer novice ranges again but the last time it answered prayers was in October 2012.

Now here is buzz that whets our appetite once again– the giants have supposedly geared up to unleash a 7-incher on the block this year. After the Surface wooed us fairly well, we expect that the 7-inch hunky might make us go on knees!

Now before we move on to imagining the next avatars of Surface, here’s some  more food for thought—Is Microsoft trekking along Apple and Google’s route with this 7-inch road map in mind?

Google Nexus 7 and Apple iPad Mini did wonderfully well in compact tablet kingdom last year and this is well on the path to pick up further this year. Looking back at the earlier era when all I had in my room was a Microsoft PC, the company has prowess enough to arrest disappointment even with this fresh foray.

Initial roadblocks do occur don’t they? However, the company itself smashed chances of stupendous success by tagging high prices onto Surface Pro and Surface RT.  This time, Microsoft might just keep this in mind and drop the price counters for its latest baby in making.

 … Read the rest

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Hurrah! Microsoft,The Surface RT is officially a Sell-Out!




Here’s some bad news for those who were planning to pick up the Surface RT 32GB model – well, you can’t, not for a while at least. So if you don’t mind shelling out a little extra, place your order for either of the other 2 models that are still in stock but finishing soon. The Microsoft online store had to turn away many potential customers for the Surface RT 32GB model that comes without the Touch cover, a day after it started taking pre-orders. For those who have managed to successfully pre-order this device, shipping commences within three weeks.

The 32GB version with the Touch cover for $599 and the 64GB one for $699 are still up for grabs, and delivery is expected by October 26. Pre-orders seem to have become the fad of the day in the tech world, as this is a strategy that was used for the Apple iPhone 5 and the 16GB version of Google Nexus 7 tablet. Well, we know for a fact that these 2 devices were a runaway success, so if the same pattern follows, we think Microsoft’s in for a very pleasant surprise!… Read the rest

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