Microsoft Surface Pro Killer Features Dissected—A Work Tab or a Leisure Laptop?

While Microsoft is trying to make a dramatic comeback of sorts, the Surface Pro has finally given it a trump card to play.

While Microsoft is trying to make a dramatic comeback of sorts, the Surface Pro has finally given it a trump card to play. Touted as a tablet that comes vested with all that you need, the stunning gadget breathes life from an Intel i5 processor. If you are looking for a tab that lasts very long, you got to look no further than the Surface Pro.

 Also, for those who carry their world on the tech toys, Surface Pro is an ideal pick. Given that it offers variants from 64 to 128 GB, the delectable news comes with expandability up to 2TB.

 Powered by Windows 8, the lightweight tab is a gem that lets you run a huge number of apps at once. More so, it is cross compatible with all browsers and comes with a responsive and seductive touch screen (10.6-incher, at that). Add to this, an external pen or keyboard and you could zoom up your work or leisure at unexpected pace!… Read the rest

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Microsoft Surface 2 vs Microsoft Surface Pro 2: The Killer Features or Thinner Size?

Microsoft Surface is up with second generation release. However, it is important for the buyers to know the difference between Surface 2 and Surface Pro2.

For those who enjoy a lighter and thinner tablet, the Microsoft Surface 2 was a great choice. Now, we’ve been spoiled for choice with the release of Microsoft Surface Pro 2.

So, should you choose the Microsoft Surface 2 over the Microsoft Surface Pro 2, or vice versa? While Surface 2 relies majorly on Windows Store for its app, desktop apps are complete no-no. Both the tablets are product oriented, but Surface Pro brings legacy Window apps to the users. Speaking about the size, Surface 2 is 34% sleeker in comparison to Surface Pro 2 weighing just 676gm in comparison to 907gm of its countermate.

The display size, pixel count and density ratio of both the devices remains the same. With 10.6 inch display with resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, the device offers similar brightness. Speaking about the processor, the Surface Pro comes decked with Intel Core i5 dual core processor clocked at 1.6GHz with a RAM of 4GB or 8GB and Surface 2 runs on ARM NvidiaTegra 4 quad core processor clocked at 1.7GHz along with RAM of 2GB.

Surface Pro 2 comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, the Surface 2 comes with Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi LTE capable models. Talking about the battery life, Surface Pro 2 offers 7 hours of usage in comparison to the 10 hours usage of Surface 2.

New surface RT comes with enhanced cameras of 5MP in the rear and 3.5MP in the front while Pro 2 still features 720p front and back camera. Both the devices run on Windows 8.1 Operating System… Read the rest

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The Real Deal With Microsoft Surface 2: Launching As Surface Plus It Going To Put A Strong Fight

Following the success of the Surface Pro, Microsoft, we hear is working on to offer a Surface 2 anytime soon now.

Touted as the Surface Plus, Microsoft is rumored to launch a huge collection of devices under this range. Expected to fight with other tabs in line, the range of Surface tabs might include 7-inch and 8-inch editions along with a rumored 13.6-inch touchscreen Ultrabook.

With latest and innovative technologies, the upcoming Surface might include NFC, LTE and even wireless charging. Previous rumors also indicate towards the 4G LTE version of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 chip running Windows RT in Surface 2 tabs. The tabs might also use the new high-speed, low-power 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard.

Thin and light, the Surface Pro might hold 42Wh battery along with a powered keyboard dock.

Expected to include Office 2013, we hope Microsoft offers the device with a full power adapter for quick charging rather than just a USB cable to charge.

Previous rumors also hit the web indicating towards an Xbox-branded gaming Surface to go with the new Xbox that Microsoft might unroll in 2013, possibly with upgraded graphics to let users play all the more powerful and great games.

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Apple iPad Mini 2 Vs Surface Pro: Would Windows Blue Drive Apple iOS into the Blues?

Even though Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS met with considerable success, the same doesn’t quite hold true when it comes to its foray into the tablet space with the Surface and Surface RT tablets. Both these tablets boast terrific specs and are quite powerful for their form factor, the high price had been quite a deterrent, keeping many people from ditching their iPads in favor of Microsoft’s offering.

But the upcoming update to Windows 8, Windows Blue could turn things around and make life a lot harder for Apple. To start with, Microsoft can make a huge killing in the enterprise space – given that most companies depend on Microsoft Windows OS as their official OS. Plus, no matter how terrific the iOS experience on the iPad maybe, only Microsoft Surface tablets running on Windows can offer the full fledged Microsoft Office experience – a major advantage for Microsoft.

The compatibility with workstations have already made many companies look into adopting the Microsoft Surface tablets in the workplace, and with Microsoft working pretty hard to sort out all the issues with Windows 8 in the tablet space, looks like there’s no stopping Microsoft from storming into the workplace with its Surface tablets.… Read the rest

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