Why We Can’t Get Enough Of Samsung Galaxy S4? May Go Waterproof In Its Bid It Get Ahead of Sony Xperia Z

After much speculation and anticipation, Samsung finally unveiled the Galaxy S4 a while back. The phone’s all set to hit the U.S markets soon, but looks like the rumor mills are still busy coming up with news about this smartphone. The latest we’re hearing is that the Korean manufacturer could … Read the rest

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June Date Set For Samsung Vs Apple Vs Sony Combat- Apple iPad 5 Release To Baffle Samsung Galaxy Grand And Sony Xperia Z Fans,

The Apple has ripened earlier than you thought. We have news from reliable sources that the iPad 5 is set to arrive in all grandeur this June 18. And come June 27—you could get to visualize the iPad 5 releasing for the consumer market.

To … Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 In The Ring With Samsung Galaxy Note 2- The Winner Emerges Shaken Not Stirred

The Sony Xperia Z almost managed to end my from my Samsung Galaxy fixation  but before it got too late, the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 jolted me back into senses. Just when I thought that I must switch camps, Samsung stirred such a cocktail that shook me up. The Samsung … Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Ticks And Tocks To Arrive- Samsung Set To Sweep Sony Xperia Z With Smart Specs

I am counting the minutes and seconds before the clock ticks to the hour Samsung Galaxy S4 would come into my nimbly hands. I have been partial to Samsung ever since it brought out its Chat-laced phones. Now with the world going gaga and drooling over all Samsung babies, the … Read the rest

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