Standout Phone Of This Year, Sony Xperia Z Shows Up On Indian Market For The Price Of Rs 38,990


The year of 2013 is bringing out a whole new dossier of trendy smart phones to India and the most awaited was Sony Xperia Z, Sony’s new flagship. The phone has finally hit the Indian shores for Rs 38,990.

The superphone of this era … Read the rest

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HTC M7 Vs Sony Xperia Z Vs Samsung Galaxy S4: Is HTC Imbued With Elan To Rule In 2013?

2013’s promising to become an even more exciting year than 2012, and it’s barely even begun! The battle for the best smartphone of 2013 is already seeing a lot of contenders, many of which are still rumored to be launching. But boy, when they do, believe us when we say … Read the rest

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Sony Xperia Z Vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs iPhone 5S Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3:The Phone To Hit The Bulls Eye In 2013

Sony finally unveiled its much awaited Xperia Z 5-inch phablet during the CES 2013 event, and managed to turn quite a few heads with it. But 2013 has just begun and despite its fabulous specs and offerings, we wonder if it stands a chance against Samsung’s and Apple’s flagship bestsellers … Read the rest

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