Sony Xperia Z Won’t Let BlackBerry Z10 Come Up: It’s The Camera Doing All The Talking

So yes, we’ve already fallen in love with the Xperia Z ever since it was unveiled during CES 2013. Even though we needed any more reason to lose our hearts to this beauty, here’s the latest astounding feature this phone has.

The Xperia Z’s 13.1 MP rear camera with its Exmos RS sensor can apparently click unlimited images at the rate of 10 images per second with a 9 MP resolution. A new video has surfaced on the internet, demonstrating how the phone managed to click 999 images within a duration of just 68 seconds. As mind-blowing as it sounds, you may wonder why on earth anyone would want to click so many pictures of one particular subject, especially if the subject is still.

However, its potential is immense for those extreme shutterbugs – think of how this mode can be used to click multiple images in motion, almost depicting the series like a slow moving video. It’s a brilliant device, which just got even more drool-worthy thanks to this feature. Now, Sony, could you please just put an end to our helpless waiting and release the phone into the markets already?… Read the rest

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Sony Xperia Z Vs Blackberry 10 : Overpriced BlackBerry10 May Get Hit Hard By The Waterproof Wonder Sony Xperia Z



If you want to have your hands on Sony Xperia Z in UK then in no time you can pre-order the phone for ($837 USD). The phone would be available in black, white or purple. You may get the delivery of the phone by 28th February .

The mobile operator is asking for £449 ($710 USD) to pre-order the Sony Xperia Z for a PAYG plan. The plan will add an extra £10 ($16 USD) or £15 ($24 USD) per month.

If you’re looking to get tied up with a two-year deal, Three will take a down payment of £69 ($109 USD) and monthly payments starting at £34 ($54 USD) for unlimited data, 500 minutes of calls and 5,000 texts.  What amazes is that Blackberry 10 would be available for $200 for a 2 year plan.

Raise the monthly charge to £36 ($57 USD) and get bumped to 5,000 Three-to-Three minutes and 2,000 minutes of calls.

Source: Three… Read the rest

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Sony Xperia Z Tablet Vs Google Nexus 10 Vs Apple iPad 4: Sony’s Waterproof Quotient Rules All The Way


Sony Xperia Z Tablet has just surfaced and what is making this Tablet so popular is its waterproof slate which will surely take it places. The impressive thing about this Tablet is not only its 1920×1200 pixels display but the fact that it is packed in a super thin 6.9 mm waterproof chasis.  It’s super chic design and waterproof light body puts this Sony beauty on a higher pedestal than Google Nexus 10 and iPad 4. Keeping the design trend in mind Sony Xperia Z Tablet has the same sports the same circular metal power key we first saw on the Xperia Z.

Find the detailed comparison of this tablet  click here:… Read the rest

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South East Asia Soon To Get Bitten By The Sony Xperia Z and Xperia ZL Bug

Here’s some great news for those based out of South East Asia. Sony recently held an event to launch its flagship Xperia Z and the Xperia ZL. So customers in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam could hope to see these two new smartphones in the market within the first quarter of 2013. Unveiled during the CES 2013, these phones were among the most popular devices showcased at the event.

The Sony Xperia Z has a 5-inch display and is supposed to be dust and water resistant. It will be available in black, white and purple colored variants. The Xperia ZL also has a 5-inch display, but will a smaller resolution, and will be cheaper than the Xperia Z. It will come in two color options – black and white. However, don’t break your bank just yet – Sony is yet to reveal the pricing details on these two devices.… Read the rest

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Sony Xperia Z Vs Blackberry Z10 : Xperia Z Is The New Sexy, Would BB10 Be Able To Come Any Closer?



CES 2013 had picked its fave, right in the starting of New Year. With Sony Xperia Z, Sony has come out of its safety vault to go all out with features that strike a note repeatedly! Starting with the spell bounding looks to awesome features, this solid device from Sony is here to stay…

In looks it’s the sharp edges that leave a professional impact and even adds that extra funk worth flaunting at parties. The chassis of 7 quad core Qualcomm mm coupled with a screen 1080p and 5-inchs, the Xperia Z is powered by the dependable quad core Qualcomm processor.

  • The screen wows you with its super sharp images that raises the bar when it comes to screen resolution on smartphones. It may be not light on your pocket but is sure light in your hands, thanks to its with its   feather light body that is dust-resistant and water resisting too!
  • Before, we forget, it comes with a handle-without –care tag—drop it and you don’t have to worry, for it will not crack. The only condition remains that you cover the ports on the sides of the Z-edition.
  • Interface as smooth as cakewalk, the Xperia Z impressed with Android Jelly Bean running on RAM of 2GB. An Android upgrade is on Sony’s cards too. The onboard storage comes only until 16 GB but an expandable memory compatibility makes media enthusiasts beam broad. The CES was not just going by the buzz when it picked the Sony Xperia as its pet.
  • And before you think this is all that the Xperia Z has up its sleeve—look into the Exmor R sensor—all upgraded and polished.  It enhances snap quality and powerful video views are the two pluses that the sensor adds to the Xperia’s experience.

For now we know, Sony has stepped a notch higher and joined the mean world of smartphones –only to set a future date with the “under-covers” Blackberry 10, which is all set to come to town with hunger to outdo the Sony. Could that translate into reality with the BB 10? Check out.

  • This month could see curtains go up over the much-awaited BB 10 that is purportedly going through the final touches. The DEV 5 is touted to be the handset that would come with a keyboard—in the physical form– running the BlackBerry 10. The interface is in for a complete fillip. Android and iOS could be inspiring for the BB interface users might expect. The interface could be the ground for widgets, application lists and the all-important inbox.
    • This time the BB would come with lock screen display that reveals all your notifications, calendar update and unread messages. RIM states, “Any application, even third party ones, will be able to appear as an ‘Active Frame’ on the BB10 home screen, which is excellent news for anyone left frustrated by the limited widget options on Android or live tiles on Windows Phone. For those of you who may be concerned that these ‘Active Frames’ could be both data and battery intensive, Research in Motion assures us that this is not the case, with the QNX core of BlackBerry 10 providing efficient power management, and the frames only downloading the minimum amount of data required for them to update.”
    • The usual BB Hub would be equipped to handle multiple accounts for any e-mail service, message apps among hordes of apps like Facebook or even LinkedIn. The clicks on the BB could come with a ‘Time Shift’ tag—that functions like a smile detector.
    • The browser of the BB has received a makeover and believes in taking minimalism seriously. Industry pundits have given the green signal for the browser having faster speeds in comparison to the iOS 6. Though only time could tell if this is true. For now, the interface looks like the best part of the BlackBerry. Also, do not forget the bold design and the flawless HTML 5 integration.

However, for us, it could take longer and a market launch to decide if the BB-10 could wipe out the Xperia Z from the top slot that CES 2013 has graced it with.… Read the rest

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Sony Xperia Z Alert: The Hottest Phone Of New Year Pops Up In Germany, May Be Priced $650



We have been keeping tabs on Sony Xperia headlines and what we are hearing is that Sony is busy preparing for February launch of Xperia Z in Germany. The hottest phone of the year has already popped up on O2’s website, one of the biggest smartphone carriers in Germany. The phone would be available on 4G LTE wireless network in black and white colors.

We had heard that Sony Xperia Z would hit the markets worldwide in March; perhaps in February O2 will start taking the pre-orders of phone and deliver them in March.  The cost of the phone is still not known but as far as we know it won’t cost less than $650,  that is exactly what retailers in UK are asking for.

 … Read the rest

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Sony Xperia Z: Time For Some Stunning, Beautiful Wallpapers

Sony Xperia Z has stolen the hearts of many at CES, thanks to its water and dust resistant body and chic design.  Xperia Z is surely a work of art, but it’s not only its body what has made us go bananas about it  it’s also smashingly beautiful 720 p wallpapers.

XDA forum have gone an extra mile to reveal some of the best wallpapers for your Sony Xperia Z. Take a look.

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Priced At $600 Breathtaking Sony Xperia Z To Stir Up The Smartphone Market On March 1 2013


Sony Xperia Z is one of its kinds being water and dust resistant. Almost everything about the phone has come to surface except its price. So we did some research to find the price of this most talked about phone of the year. According to a UK retailer Clove Xperia Z will cost 440 euros ($600) which including the VAT will zeroed down to 528 euros. The price of the phone is almost similar to that of a Galaxy Note 2 and phone would be released on March 1stso you would be able to buy black or white Xperia Z.

Here are the quick specs of the phone:

5” 1080 x 1920 full HD Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2

13 MP Exmor RS rear camera, 2.2 megapixel front camera

Dust and water resistant (IP55 & IP57) with a durable glass display

Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core 1.5GHz processor

16GB internal memory, expandable via microSD


4G LTE support… Read the rest

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Sony’s James Bond Phone Sony Xperia Z Makes Apple iPhone 5 Bite The Dust

Sony has launched an exciting range of smartphones at CES 2013, and we just can’t stop drooling at two of the hottest models from their lineup – the Xperia Z and Xperia ZL. We think the Xperia Z would be yet another Android device that Apple would have to worry about, and here’s why:

Display: To start with, the Xperia Z has a gorgeous 5-inch full HD display powered by Sony’s own Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2. We’ve always maintained that the biggest disappointment about the iPhone 5 was its limited 4-inch display, and with yet another big screen device like the Xperia Z, we wonder if Apple’s finally taken note of this point. Even in terms of resolution, the Xperia Z’s 443 ppi display makes for a visual treat when compared with the iPhone 5’s 326 ppi display.

Processing power: The Xperia Z is also a lot more powerful – with a 1.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor and 2 GB of RAM, here’s where multitasking really comes alive. On the other hand, the iPhone 5’s 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and 1 GB of RAM may be sufficient for iOS, but if it’s heavier apps you’re planning to run, you know where to look.

Camera: If you’re among those who are addicted to your phone’s camera, here’s one more reason to cheer. The Sony Xperia Z comes with a 13.3 MP rear camera and a 2.2 MP front-facing camera. With Sony’s Exmos RS technology, this would be almost as good as a professional digital camera. Suddenly, the iPhone 5’s 8 MP camera sounds almost disappointing, doesn’t it?

Storage: The Xperia Z comes with 16 GB of internal storage, but also has a microSD card slot for those wanting more space. On the other hand, the iPhone 5 comes in 3 options – 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB, but there’s no option for a microSD card slot if you ever need more space.

We especially love the fact that this is a smartphone that is water and dust resistant and is as rugged as you could want. Also announced during the CES 2013 event is the Xperia ZL, which is almost identical to the Xperia Z – but will be available only in some regions where the Xperia Z won’t be released. It has a slightly thicker body and doesn’t have the glass back panel. Also, the Xperia ZL will not have LTE capabilities and won’t be water and dust resistant.… Read the rest

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CES 2013 Mania: Sony Xperia Z Hands On, To Go For Gold With 5-inch Screen, 13 MP Camera

Sony has finally unveiled its most anticipated phone of 2013, Sony Xperia Z at CES 2013. The phone will join the likes of Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC Driod Razor and iPhone5. The device sports a 5-inch screen with 1080p resolution. The pixel resolution is 443 ppi which may affect the battery life of phone.

The mouthwatering feature of the phone is its 13 megapixel camera which lets you experience HDR video.  It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor coupled with LTE capabilities.

The phone would hit the stores this quarter.

Here are some of the specifications of the Xperia Z:

5-inch screen with a 1080p resolution


GPS with A-GPS support

Bluetooth 4.0

13 megapixel camera with HDR recording and 2 megapixel front-facing camera… Read the rest

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