Standout Phone Of This Year, Sony Xperia Z Shows Up On Indian Market For The Price Of Rs 38,990


The year of 2013 is bringing out a whole new dossier of trendy smart phones to India and the most awaited was Sony Xperia Z, Sony’s new flagship. The phone has finally hit the Indian shores for Rs 38,990.

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Sony Xperia Z Vs Nokia Lumia 920 : Is It The Water Resistant Wisdom Which Would Steal Lumia’s Mojo?

So Nokia Lumia 920 hits the Indian market today for Rs 38,889, and it’s sure to become Nokia’s recent bestseller. But, if you’re still undecided on whether you want to jump in and pick one up for yourself, or wait for Sony’s Xperia Z to arrive, this is a must-read … Read the rest

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