Now Create Some Outstanding Photos On Google+ With Snapseed

The rivalry in the tech race seems to be getting better with each firm hoping to outdo the other. The latest to join the league is Google who following the Facebook-Instagram acquisition has now bought Snapseed, which is a photo editing-and-sharing app.

Following their own line of thought, the merge … Read the rest

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The Updated Facebook App: So Much Easier to Stay Connected on the Move!

Yes, we’ve all been there, and done that – Facebook on our smartphones isn’t something new, some might say. And to be honest, I was with each of you skeptical folks on this one. As much as I love my smartphone and how easy it makes browsing and e-mailing on … Read the rest

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Facebook’s Social Privacy Protector: Working towards Better Online Safety

Facebook continues to face heat over privacy concerns for its users. From letting out personal information without users’ knowledge, to recently changing all e-mail addresses to IDs, FB has been facing a lot of flak. Add to this, the rumors about relaxing the age limit to13 years for its … Read the rest

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