Samsung: Apple Wants to Limit Consumer Choices With Plea for Ban

samsung vs apple vs HTC vs huwaei vs nokia

Adding a deep effect on the ongoing patent war between Samsung Electronics and Apple Inc., the latter recently sought a ban on the sale of latest Galaxy smartphones in the US market. However, the Korean manufacturer reacted on Saturday and accused the Cupertino, Calif.-based company of opting out for a legal way to put a ban on the former’s range of Galaxy smartphones, which it said would also limit consumer’s choices of buying smartphones in the US. The jury recently decided in favor of Apple, and asked Samsung to pay $1 billion, on being accused of infringing iPhone’s patents. Samsung, however, vowed to appeal the verdict. Apple recently asked a federal district court in San Jose, California, to add four more products to a list of Samsung goods that it says infringe its patents. The new list of 21 products would now include Samsung’s flagship smartphone Galaxy S III and [+more]

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Rivalry of Smartphones? First Apple, Now Nokia, Motorola to Launch New Smartphones


Apple Inc. has never been short of competitors. Earlier, the firm had an advantage of catching its rivals off guard by launching new devices all of a sudden. But now, with growing competition, Apple is never at loss for attracting news for the launch of its latest devices as speculations have been around for its next iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. Major tech giants are now always on a look out to stay ahead of Apple and come out with devices earlier than Apple’s launch. As rumors of Apple unveiling its iPhone 5 this Sept. 12th comes around, several other tech companies have also crammed up to unveil their latest offerings. First in the line are Nokia and Motorola Mobility, both of whom have slated a press release for Wednesday, where they are likely to unveil new smartphones. And the next day, Thursday is scheduled for Amazon, where it is expected to [+more]

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5 Must-Have Apps for the Ladies!


Yes, there’s more than enough places where you can find the best of the best apps that everybody should download onto their smartphones and tablets, but we’re doing something a little different here. We know that women use their tech devices differently from men, and so we’ve done some looking around (and saved you the trouble!) and found you ladies some really cool apps you have got to have on your phones, tablets, etc. Here’s a round-up of the best 5 we’ve come across so far: Evernote: OK, this one’s not exactly lady-specific, but it’s a real handy little app you ought to have. For all those infinite small little chores you need to do, but keep forgetting, Evernote is just the right little tool where you can jot them down and ensure that you never miss out on completing the tasks. The coolest thing about it – download it [+more]

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Will New Lumia Mark the Entry or Exit of Nokia in the Smartphone Market?

Nokia Lumia

Microsoft Corporation and Nokia are trying their best and perhaps a last shot at knocking the smartphone market, which is hugely dominated by Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android mobile operating system. Nokia is expected to release its first Windows 8 smartphone- Lumia later this week; success or failure of which would determine Nokia’s future in the mobile market. However, in case Lumia doesn’t really hit off with users, many analysts believe that Nokia, who was once the leading supplier of mobiles, might just have to sell off its stocks or even the entire firm. This move, analysts believe would be the best for its shareholders. So it seems that with new Lumia mobile phones, Nokia has a lot on stake. This latest offering by the firm is believed, would determine whether the firm would flourish or just disappear in the market of smartphones, which is on a rise. The Finnish handset maker suffered an [+more]

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In Yet Another Patent Case, Apple Aims at Other Samsung Devices


In an ongoing patent dispute between Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics, the former has now targeted Samsung Galaxy S III flagship smartphone and Galaxy Note tablet on Friday. Apple claimed to include four more Samsung devices that it believes infringed its patent rights. Apple vs. Samsung battle started last year, in April 2011. Recently, the jury ruled out in favor of Apple and lodged damages worth $1 billion against Samsung, which it said would appeal. This latest case focuses on eight different utility patents, which Apple claims Samsung to have violated. These eight utility patents are different from the previous case and do not involve design patents, utility patents, and trade dress infringement. With a trial date set for March 2014, this case would also be heard in the same San Jose federal court with the same District Judge Lucy Koh. Lucy Koh recently assigned Dec. 6th to be the hearing [+more]

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Samsung Hits Yet Again, Unveils Stylish ATIV S, World’s First Windows 8 Phone


Samsung made its another big announcement in Berlin at the IFA 2012 by unveiling the world’s very first Windows 8 phone device, following the pronouncement of Galaxy Note II. For those speculating about what the first dual-core Windows phone would look like, the wait has come to an end. The Korean manufacturer took a leap ahead of its competitors and took covers off the ATIV S, a smartphone running Windows 8 Phone. Sleek, smart, and stylish, the ATIV S, announced Samsung will sport a 4.8-inch screen and a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor. This super slim smartphone is just one-third of an inch in thickness. In addition, the device also boasts of NFC and Bluetooth support and 1GB of onboard RAM. It is also packed with an 8 MP camera at the back and 1.9 MP camera at the front that would let you capture great moments easily. There is also [+more]

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The Updated Facebook App: So Much Easier to Stay Connected on the Move!

Facebook for iOS

Yes, we’ve all been there, and done that – Facebook on our smartphones isn’t something new, some might say. And to be honest, I was with each of you skeptical folks on this one. As much as I love my smartphone and how easy it makes browsing and e-mailing on the move, I wasn’t quite satisfied with its Facebook app and used to prefer checking Facebook only when I was online through a PC. But I recently got a chance to check out the new and improved Facebook app for the iOS, and let me tell you, I was certainly not disappointed. The updated Facebook app for iPhones is specifically optimized to work on Apple’s devices and is far more responsive and works almost twice as fast as the older versions. At first look though, you may not be able to see much of the change, as the UI remains [+more]

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IFA 2012: Samsung Plays the Lead, Unveils Galaxy Note II


Samsung recently revealed its second generation of smartphones at IFA 2012, which is Europe’s biggest electronics trade show fair, undergoing in Berlin. Galaxy Note II by Samsung is an offbeat, oversized smartphone that took everyone by surprise. Sleek and smart in looks, Samsung Galaxy Note II boasts a slim and longer 5.5-inch screen. The latest technology device has a faster processor with custom-made software to support a built-in stylus. Now jotting down notes and drawing on a screen will become much easier and fun! The device is all screen, which makes it an apt choice for playing games and consuming content. Powered by the Android 4.1 technology, the Galaxy Note II has 1280 x 720-resolution, Super AMOLED panel along with quad-core processor, a 1.9-megapixel front-facing camera and an 8-megapixel camera at the back. Although, last few weeks have not been so good for Samsung, when the firm had to pay [+more]

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iPad Mini Set to Launch in October!


Has the launch of Apple’s iPad Mini finally been confirmed? We don’t know if it’s just another one in the league of rumors that have been circling around the launch of Apple’s devices. But as per a new report, Apple is in plans to release a smaller version of its iPad, called “iPad Mini”, which will offer direct competition to the Kindle Fire and Barns & Noble Nook. For those waiting can now get their hands onto the smaller iPad this October. A report from All Things Digital has suggested that iPad Mini will hit the shelves in Oct., followed by the launch of iPhone 5 in September. With a display of less than eight inches, confirmed news is that the device will be called the “iPad mini”. With both iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, Apple surely doesn’t want to throw two bombs at the same time and therefore the [+more]

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Will Microsoft, Nokia Be the Champ in Apple vs. Samsung Verdict?


Apple recently rejoiced its victory over Samsung, with a ruling that declared the latter to copy its iPhone design. Samsung, however, has promised to appeal and look into the verdict. Apple now seeks an immediate ban on the sales of Samsung smartphones in the US market. However, if this verdict also rules out against Samsung, the Korean manufacturer will come under some serious pressure. Amidst the legal battle between Apple and Samsung, there is one company that might be secretly smiling in the corner. And yes you guessed it correct. It’s indeed Nokia and Microsoft Corp., both of whom are hoping to increase the sales of their upcoming smartphones in the US market. The federal jury awarded Apple Inc. more than $1 billion, which Samsung has to pay for infringing six out of seven mobile devices patents as claimed by Apple. The request to ban Samsung smartphones in the US [+more]

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