Apple To Bring Back The Charm In Apple iPad 5, Google Nexus 5 To Up The Ante

As with every next generation iPad, the iPad 5 is touted to not just be faster but also possibly lighter and thinner. But how do you think Apple’s going to achieve this feat? The iPad 5 could possibly feature a smaller LED backlight which could make its screen far more … Read the rest

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“There Will Be No Delay In The Production Of iPhone5 Due To Its Display” Sharp Executive


If the comments coming from Sharp Executive are to be believed then there will be no delay in iPhone5‘s production.

An anonymous Sharp executive told Reuters that it is now making “adequate volumes” of displays.

In August, it was heard that due to manufacturing … Read the rest

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Making of 13-Inch Retina MacBook Pro Displays Begins!

Supply partners of Apple Inc. have reportedly started the process of production of its Retina Display, which will be a 13.3-inch version of the MacBook Pro.

Apple plans to launch this smaller, lighter, and faster version this fall, which will offer users more portability at less cost as compared to … Read the rest

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