Apple To Bring Back The Charm In Apple iPad 5, Google Nexus 5 To Up The Ante

As with every next generation iPad, the iPad 5 is touted to not just be faster but also possibly lighter and thinner. But how do you think Apple’s going to achieve this feat? The iPad 5 could possibly feature a smaller LED backlight which could make its screen far more energy efficient and of course, thinner and lighter.

While Apple’s Retina Display technology gave the iPads amazing resolution, it did end up making them quite bulky. But for the iPad 5, Apple could possibly use Sharp’s IGZO screen which could not only give it a great resolution and better clarity, but the overall package sleeker.

Analysts are also expecting Apple to feature a film-based touch sensor to improve the overall user experience on the iPad 5. No wonder why Apple’s managed to stay on top of the tablet list even in the face of so much competition.… Read the rest

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“There Will Be No Delay In The Production Of iPhone5 Due To Its Display” Sharp Executive


If the comments coming from Sharp Executive are to be believed then there will be no delay in iPhone5‘s production.

An anonymous Sharp executive told Reuters that it is now making “adequate volumes” of displays.

In August, it was heard that due to manufacturing difficulties, Sharp may delay the production of iPhone 5 displays but as reported by PC Mag, Reuters today questioned whether Apple might have “sweeten[ed] financial incentives” for Sharp in order to get the iPhone 5 out on time.

Japan Display and Korea’s LG Display are other two companies which supply Apple with Touch screens.

With iPhone 5, Apple had decided to go for thinner and lighter touch screen which can aid in keeping the backlog. An iPhone 5 user can keep a backlog of three to four weeks.… Read the rest

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Making of 13-Inch Retina MacBook Pro Displays Begins!

Supply partners of Apple Inc. have reportedly started the process of production of its Retina Display, which will be a 13.3-inch version of the MacBook Pro.

Apple plans to launch this smaller, lighter, and faster version this fall, which will offer users more portability at less cost as compared to the current 15-inch model. The 13.3-inch Retina MacBook Pro is expected to be priced less than $2,199, which is the starting price for the 15.4-inch model.

As per reports, construction of a 2,560-by-1,600 pixel density display has begun that is aimed to land on a 13.3-inch MacBook Pro.

According to CNET, Richard Shim of NPD DisplaySearch has revealed that Samsung, LGD, and Sharp will work on the latest model’s displays.

Shim also revealed that the production volume of 13.3-inch model will be relatively higher as compared to the production of the current 15.4-inch Retina MacBook Pro. He also said the quantity depends on production yield rates, which means Apple will take out millions of models if the yield rates are really good.

Apple first took out its Retina displays two years ago with its iPhone 4. Retina is also available on the iPhone 4S and the latest iPad. The 15.4-inch MacBook Pro Retina currently has an IPS display of 2,880-by-1,880 pixel density, which is the best that any PC maker offers.… Read the rest

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The Countdown for iPhone 5 Begins…

The preparations of the iPhone 5 have begin. Sharp has already started shipping smartphone  screens to Apple and it is touted that these screens will become a part of iPhone 5.

Takashi Okuda, President, Sharp said simply, “Shipments will start in August,” during a press briefing following the company’s earnings release Thursday.

Sharp is in bad shape financially. Okadu was in no mood to talk about the awful earnings of the company i.e. operating loss of around $1.76 billion and the announcement of 5,000 job cuts by next March.

Sharp was a part of LCD price fixing scandal, which was concerned with a $114 million antitrust settlement, as well as an additional settlement to Dell and two other companies for around $200 million.

It came as no surprise when Sharp did not reveal much about its arrangements with Apple. It is expected that iPhone 5 will be 4-inch tall (Reuters sources concur) and in-cell panel technology has been used by the engineers at Apple to achieve a thinner display. iPhone 5 will be thinner as compared to its predecessor and may have a glass back.

The buzz is that Apple will announce the iPhone 5 along with a smaller iPad September 12 and the phone will hit the market September 21.… Read the rest

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