Ahead of IFA 2012, Samsung Unrolls Galaxy Player 5.8


As everyone is getting geared up for IFA trade fair 2012, Samsung has already announced its latest and innovative devices. The Korean manufacturer has recently announced the launch of Galaxy Player 5.8, which is an innovative device with a big screen. This player joins the rank of huge devices available in the market, marking to be the biggest amongst all. Great for listening to music, watching videos, and playing Android games and apps, Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8 is the fifth in the series to be unveiled till now in the line-up of Galaxy Players, others being the Galaxy Player 3.6, 4.2, 4.0, and 5.0. Galaxy Player 5.8 is believed to eliminate users’ need to hold a mobile device along with a music player, as it carries both. Be it talking on Skype with friends and family or taking pictures anywhere or playing your favorite music- this device lets you do [+more]

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Samsung Lost $12B Market Value After Apple Wins Patent Battle


Stocks of Samsung Electronics tumbled more than 7 percent today in the first full day of trading as Apple Inc. won the legal battle of patents related to infringing firm’s iPhone technology. The lost did raise concerns about the Korean giant’s smartphones and tablet business. Samsung, which plans to contest the verdict, is asked to pay an amount of $1.05 billion to Apple. The decision was taken by a jury in San Jose, California. Apple had accused Samsung of copying its iPhone design, which took the firm five years to design. Following the lost, Samsung shares slumped $78.38 to $1,043.88. This decline was the biggest the Korean giant saw since October 2008. Samsung also announced a loss of $12 billion in the market value. Samsung, however, called the verdict “a loss for the American consumer” and promised to appeal. Apple reportedly is expected to file a case asking to ban [+more]

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Google: Samsung Patent Loss Not Related to Android


Apple Inc.’s victory over Samsung can be a big blow to Google, whose Android technology powers over Samsung smartphones and tablets, which are proved to infringe Apple patents. However, Google offered a hint indicating that it is unlikely to be affected by Samsung’s loss over patents related to the iPhone’s design. Following the verdict, where Samsung will have to pay $1.05 billion to Apple, former’s stock took a hit today. Google, however, states that the claims involved in the patent case are not related to the core software in any manner. But it is also true that in case Samsung is forced to put a ban on the sale its smartphones and tablets in the US, as requested by Apple, the number of Android shipments could also suffer. As per stated by Google, “The court of appeals will review both infringement and the validity of the patent claims. Most of [+more]

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It’s a Heyday for Apple; Gets Awarded $1B in the Case Against Samsung

Apple outside counsel Jason Bartlett speaks with reporters following a jury decision in the Apple-Samsung trial in San Jose

Ok. So it is decided. Apple triumph in the landmark patent dispute. The nine person jury agreed with Apple’s claims that Samsung has infringed Apple’s patent and copied the design of Apple products, wake to beat the popular iPad and iPhone. The jury decided against Samsung claims that Apple infringed Samsung’s patent. Apple was awarded $1.05 billion, half of $2.5 billion that Apple requested. If the Jury ruling survives the appeal than Samsung business all over the world are likely to get affected. Apple and Samsung both are key players in the Smartphone and the Tablet Market. Till now, the ruling has not affected the sales of the Samsung products but Apple has requested to ban the Samsung products, which have been copied from Apple. “While a billion [dollars] is significant, Samsung has the balance sheet to cover it,” said Demetrios Anaipakos, a patent lawyer. “What’s more substantial is an [+more]

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Samsung Ultrabooks in Russia Offer 250 GB Free Storage on Yandex.Disk!


Yandex.Disk is a file storage service that’s free and accessible from any device that’s internet-enabled. A service offered by Yandex, a leading internet search company in Russia, Yandex.Disk is making all moves to rise further. As per the latest announcement by the company, anyone buying Samsung Series 5 range of Ultrabooks will get Yandex.Disk preloaded. For now, this offer is just available for Ultrabooks that consumers buy only from retailers in Russia. The Ultrabooks are marked to go on sale this week in Russia. Not only this, Yandex also offers users free storage space of 250 GB on the Yandex.Disk service, which is quite exceptional as compared to free storage that the firm has ever offered to users since its launch in April. Yandex is also adding English-language support to the service, which seems to be a move by the company to go global. There is a speculation that Google [+more]

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Patent Trial of Apple, Samsung Set to Wrap Up

google vs apple vs samsung

The epic patent trial of multibillion dollar between world’s two biggest smartphone makers is all set to wrap up. Tuesday marks the day, when lawyers of both sides will offer their closing arguments to the jury. It was reported by the Wall Street Journal that on Tuesday, the panel of judges will settle on whether Samsung infringed on Apple patents, or Apple infringed on Samsung’s. Also the jury will decide as to what — if any, damages will have to be paid by the two companies. Apple vs. Samsung has been a long and controversial trial that has hit the news worldwide. This trial in the US marks to be the latest battle between the two giants, who are also fighting in courts in Australia, the United Kingdom and Germany. Apple accused Samsung of ripping off its iPhone and iPad technology. The Cupertino, Calif.-based company recently saw a rise in [+more]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Hits US Market for $499!


A market leader and winning producer of electronics, Samsung Electronics Co. announced the release of its much anticipated Galaxy Note 10.1 in the US market. A direct completion to Apple, Samsung has made this device with a digital pen and a faster processor. This tablet has added features and even more that the Apple offers with the same price tag! Galaxy Note 10.1 hits the shelves across the US at authorized retailers August 16, 2012. Currently, there will be only Wi-Fi version available with starting price offering of $499 for the basic model of 16GB and $549 for the 32GB model, expandable with an external memory card. Apple’s latest iPad is also offered at the same price. But it is noteworthy that the Note 10.1 is built with some features that the iPad doesn’t have! Designed to unleash new levels of inspiration, this device marks to be Samsung’s first Android [+more]

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Apple vs. Samsung: It is Now Time for Samsung’s Testimony


Dubbed as the patent trial of the century, the courtroom war between Apple and Samsung continues to remain just as nail-biting and exciting as it was when it first started out. As the trial now enters the third week, Apple has rested its case against Samsung, and it is now time for Samsung to present their side of the story to the jury, and to the rest of the world following the trial closely. Samsung’s testimony in court began with Benjamin Bederson, a computer scientist who is also a professor at the University of Maryland, taking the stand to illustrate how some of Apple’s claimed patented technology were already prior art, existing well before they were patented by Apple. Bederson brought forward “Launch Tile”, an app developed by Microsoft in 2004, which could be used to zoom in and out of screens, including apps and webpages. During cross-examination, however, Apple’s [+more]

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Samsung’s Best in the US: And the Winner is…


Even as the courtroom drama between Apple and Samsung rages on in the US, the latest statistics rolling in has been quite the big surprise. With every passing day, more and more details are coming into the public eye, the latest revealing just which phone of Samsung has been their bestseller in the US markets. Now Apple may be butting heads with Samsung to protest against how the Galaxy range of devices has been but a sheer copy of their successful iPhones and iPads, and how this has had a significant impact in Apple’s sales. But Samsung’s surprise winner has been the Galaxy Prevail, a mid-range smartphone being sold as a prepaid phone by Boost Mobile. With over 21 million phones sold by Samsung in the US between June 2010 and June 2012, more than 10% has been cornered by the Galaxy Prevail. Close on the heels of this phone [+more]

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