Google Is Central to Latest Apple-Samsung $2 bn Case, But How?

Apple has once again filed a suit against Samsung seeking $2 billion in damages. The iPhone maker has said Samsung has violated five of its mobile software patents. Yet again, a battle of the giants will be fought at a San Jose courtroom. However, Samsung has said that it has licensed 4 of such features as a part of the Android operating system of Google. This has dragged Google into the big fight.

google vs apple vs samsungApple and Samsung are leaders in the smartphone market and they have been in a tough fight in sales for the last couple of years. Together, both of them are accountable for maximum profit generated in the smartphone market. However, it’s important to consider here that a major part of the fight is due to their operating systems—Apple’s iOS versus Google’s Android OS. The world is divided between Google and Apple because their dominant operating systems provide them control over applications that smartphone users tend to spend their maximum time on.

What happened in 2012?: In Yet Another Patent Case, Apple Aims at Other Samsung Devices

Google is known to be working extremely hard on these technologies before Apple actually filed the patents. However, if Apple does win the case, Google would have to make significant changes to its operation system.

If Samsung loses the battle and the verdict goes in favor of Apple, it would be banned from selling of any kind of infringing products. This could actually force Google to make a few changes to Android Applications.

For the sake of assisting to defend Samsung, Google engineers will soon be expected to take a stand for contradicting arguments of Apple that it copied new ground with the latest iPhone.… Read the rest

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Apple iPhone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs Nokia Lumia 920: Apple Takes The Lead in Customer Satisfaction

The report of the American Customer Satisfaction Index report provided that Apple leads the race in the customer satisfaction report in front of Samsung, Motorola and Nokia. Though the difference is not much yet Apple has emerged as the leader.

With the huge sale of the Iphone 5 it was the Iphone 5 which has makes Apple the winner of the customer satisfaction index. Apple leads with 81% of the rating leaving Samsung and the others.

The reports also provide that the Korean Smartphone company Samsung was leading with its unlimited sale of the Samsung Galaxy S3. It customer satisfaction had jumped about 7% which led to its rating being 76. It is pretty much praise worthy to see such a leap. At the same time when Apple and Samsung were in the war the others HTC, LG etc saw a drop on their ability to impress the customers. Their falls make the competition easier.

The reports gives by ACSI of Apple leading in the tiff is fully valid as the rating have been taken from the poles conduct on Television, Computer and wireless phone services etc. The survey consisted of 70000 people in the US which proves that Apple reaches the Zenith.… Read the rest

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HTC One Set To Enchant Smartphone Lovers—Will Samsung Galaxy S4 Escape Its Magical Web Or Get Spellbound?

The smartphone party is getting hotter. With HTC looking to snap at any counterpart coming close to its territory, the scenario seems justified. Now here is more news that escalated the HTC flagship avatar—HTC One – to a height most brands crave to reach.

Ever heard of popularity even before real-time availability? The HTC One breathes life into such a tag. A number of friends have already received notification from Rogers about the One set to be shipped in five days. The pre-order book has only stacked on more pages till date. Adding fuel to such fiery heat of the rumors that US stores have received stocks of the HTC One and customers would just have to wait until the official release date. Reminds me of the excitement I had while waiting in queue for the Apple iPhone and iPad way back.

The Super LCD 3 capacitive touch screen is set to captivate us with its 4.7-inch face. The HD phone with 1.7 GHz quad core Qualcomm APQ8064T Snapdragon 600 processor is a sturdy make that can tolerate all we want it to!

HTC has raised a chill down the spines of Apple and Samsung since that time it bagged the honor of being the best newbie armored for foray into tab territory. With the Samsung Galaxy S4 set to fly into the phablet sky, HTC One might well be in a hurry to conquer the crown before it sees worthy opponent.

The flagship offering comes with 2-UltraPixel shutter at the rear and a delightful front lens of 2.1-megapixel. At 5.04 ounces, the HTC One is indeed as easy to lap up as much as it is to flaunt.

Come what may it is we –the consumers—are in for a jolly good ride with top tabs from HTC and Samsung this season.… Read the rest

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To Bring Out People From Apple iPhone Mania, Samsung Spent $402 Million On Advertising


Samsung Galaxy products had taken market by storm and there is a lot of advertising behind it. Samsung knew from very beginning that to go up against a product like Apple iPhone they would be required to invest heavily in the promotion of their products. It turns out that Samsung has invested $402 million in the advertising of Galaxy Smartphones whereas Apple has spent $333 million in advertising their products.

According to sources in the past year telecom sector has spent upto $8.66 billion in advertising, out of which the major share is of wireless phones.

Looking at the amount of money spent by Samsung on advertising , it won’t be a surprise if Samsung Galaxy s4 sells like a hot cake and reach the 10 million mark as predicted.… Read the rest

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LG Asks For Ban On Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, But Later Withdraws The Complaint


It seems two Korean giants; LG and Samsung cannot make up their mind that whether they should sue each other or not. The two smart phone makers have registered complaints against each other in regards to infringement of technology of OLED screens.  Samsung as well as LG has filed for a prelude injunction. LG has filed a plea in the court for the ban of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

But in a recent turn of events both LG and Samsung has decided to withdraw the complaint to patch up amicably. Is Apple listening?… Read the rest

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Samsung’s Handsome Devils: Samsung Galaxy S4 And Samsung Smartwatch To Suck Blood From Apple?

Samsung is clearly spending a lot of time and energy on innovation. While we’re still waiting for an official confirmation from the company about its upcoming flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone, we’ve been hearing some more interesting rumors. We first heard of the Galaxy S4 being codenamed as Project J and then Altius, which then got associated with the model name GT-I9500.

But a new leak of a list of accessories makes us wonder if Project J is not just about the one device, but about three different, new devices that Samsung is working on. This leaked list includes what we believe are Samsung Galaxy S4’s accessories, like covers, pouches, 2600 mAh battery, wireless charging kit, etc.

In addition, the Project J list mentions a J Mini Serrano, which could be a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. The list mentions three covers for this device. However, the most exciting mention in the list is the Project J Active Fortius, which we think could be a smartwatch. The accessories for this device include an arm band and a bike mount, which leads us to this speculation. Are you ready for a Samsung smartwatch?… Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs iPhone 5: Samsung Is An Extraordinarily Good Competitor , Says Sculley



Apple CEO John Sculley said that Apple should work out a profit model based on $100 phone. He further said that to bring down the cost of the phone Apple should make as much profit from its supply chain as it can . He praised Tim Cook and said that he is the right man for the job as he is a expert in squeezing profit from supply chain.

Sculley had joined Apple in 1983 after quitting Pepsi.  Sculley called Apple rival Samsung “an extraordinarily good competitor,” and added that “the differentiation between a Samsung Galaxy S3 and an iPhone 5 is not as great as we used to see.

These comments of Sculley have fueled the fire about the low priced entry level iPhone.

 … Read the rest

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Samsung Vs Nokia Vs Apple: Samsung Is A Conquering Hero In The Mobile Market



It seems Nokia has some catching up to do in the fast emerging mobile market. As per the data revealed by a research firm, the Korean technology giant Samsung has outdone Nokia and has emerged as a top mobile brand of 2012.

In the history of 14 years it is for tht first time that any mobile brand has dethroned Nokia as the top selling mobile brand, according to HIS iSuppli.

Samsung has a 29% share in the cellphone shipments in 2012. From last year’s 24 percent the share has plummeted by 5% where Nokia share has dropped to 24 % from 30 %, HIS reported.

Even Apple is lagging behind in the race of smatphone sales worldwide, Samsung has taken up 28 percent of the market, up from 20 percent in 2011, while Apple’s share will rise in 2012 to to 20 percent from 19 percent.

“The competitive reality of the cellphone market in 2012 was ‘live by the smartphone; die by the smartphone,'” said Wayne Lam, senior analyst at IHS.

Smartphones are selling like hot cakes in the market today and the cell phone segment technology is on upswing today. Samsung’s emergence as a winner and Nokia’s tussle in the cell phone market this year was determined entirely by the two companies’ divergent fortunes in the smartphone sector.”  Concluded Wayne Lam… Read the rest

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Japanese Court Rules Out Apple’s Claims on Samsung!

The most famous Apple vs. Samsung is one court case, which is being fought all over the world. In one of the latest ruling, a Japanese court recently rejected Apple’s patent infringement claim against Samsung, which Apple accused of violating its iPhone technology in its smartphones.

Waging a battle over intellectual property, this ruling comes as a blow to Apple, which recently won more than $1 billion in damages in the US.

The South Korean tech giant, however, got a jump, when the Tokyo district court ruled and said that Samsung did not infringe patents with its technology for synchronizing music and video between computers and smartphones or tablets.

Apple vs. Samsung battle is going on in at least nine countries and four continents over violating each other’s patents.

Samsung shares saw a rise Friday following this verdict, which came as a relief to the firm, which recently suffered a loss of around $12 billion because of the legal battle.

This patent suit was filed in the Tokyo court one year ago by Apple, which claimed Samsung of infringing its iPhone technology in its smartphones and tablets such as the Galaxy S, the Galaxy S2, and the Galaxy tab.

As per the International Data Group, a study revealed that Samsung and Apple together account for nearly half of the productive global smartphone market. Samsung holds 32.6 percent of the smartphone market, up from 17 percent a year ago, whereas Apple’s share is at 16.9 percent, down from 18.8 percent one year ago.

Samsung is fighting not only with Apple but also domestic companies such as Sharp, Fujitsu and Sony in Tokyo.

The Korean company’s firm fate will be determined on Dec. 6th as that is the date set for the hearing of Apple’s plea to pull down eight of Samsung’s smartphones in the US market.

In yet another ruling in Samsung vs. Apple case, a Seoul-based court recently ruled that the two tech makers did infringe on one another’s various patents. The patent-infringing devices from both the giants were banned in the South Korea market.… Read the rest

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