Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Pantech Vega Iron : The Iron Fisted To Lance Fight With The S4

A panther is on the prowl and is ready to pounce on the Samsung Galaxy S4 in three days from now. The divine number 3 indeed has taken on significance as the countdown to the Pantech Vega begins.


Pantech Vega Iron is set to rule the smartphone territory with an iron hand. Slated to be a sleek model that follows Samsung’s color scheme of the classic black and white picks, the Vega Iron might be laced with aluminum sheen. With a toned bezel, the rendition reminds me of Samsung’s older kids—the Galaxy Pop and the Galaxy Young.


With a 5-inch screen purported to breathe life into the display, the Pantech is anticipated to be tough competition for reigning king Samsung Galaxy range.  With a 1.7 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor clubbed with 2 GB RAM, Vega looks to turn the tide in favor of rising stars against the Galaxy.


A shutter that boasts being of13 MP on the rear could add to the beauty of the offering. For us, Samsung is having too much to face—Sony Xperia, LG Optimus and now Pantech Vega Iron!

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Samsung Galaxy Young Vs Sony Xperia E : Is Samsung A Harsh Reality For Sony Xperia?

If you thought smartphone makers were solely focused on bringing out high-end devices, and your tight purse strings prevent you from going phone-shopping, well, here’s some great news. Both Samsung and Sony have announced quite a few Android based smartphones for the price-conscious consumer too. Today, we’re looking at two such models – the Sony Xperia E Dual and the Samsung Galaxy Young, to see which of them could end up being the more popular.

Sony Xperia E Dual: This Android 4.0-based smartphone features a 3.5-inch display with a resolution of 320X480 pixels. A 1500 mAh battery promises a talktime of over 6 hours on 3G networks. The Xperia E Dual is powered by a 1 GHz single core ARM Cortex A5 processor and 512 MB RAM. The internal storage in the phone is 4 GB, of which 2.2 GB is available to the user. There’s also a microSD card slot so you can add more space. It’s got a 3.2 MP rear camera as well as a VGA camera in the front which you can use to make video calls. An Adreno 200 graphics processor lets you play games comfortably as well.

Samsung Galaxy Young: The best thing about the Galaxy Young is that it comes with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean – so it’s latest in terms of OS as well as affordable. However, it does have a slightly smaller 3.27-inch display with similar resolution. It’s powered by a 1 GHz single core processor, but has better RAM of 768 MB. Like the Xperia E Dual, it’s also got internal storage of 4 GB as well as a microSD card slot. The battery, however, is also smaller – just 1300 mAh, but given that the Android Jelly Bean version is more power efficient, these 2 phones could end up having similar talktimes too. The Galaxy Young is fitted with a 3MP rear camera and a VGA front-facing camera.… Read the rest

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Samsung Best Kept Young Secret Revealed: Samsung Galaxy Young Comes With A Thunder



Samsung Galaxy young comes to Galaxy line up with a thunder. With 3.3” inch screen and low a price tag this new Samsung offering is impressive. The phones has a dual-SIM variant and would come in white, deep blue, wine red and metallic silver.

It runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and transitions has been made breeze, thanks to the Project Butter. Powered by 1 GHz processor, the phone houses 768MB of RAM and 4GB internal storage with a option of expandable memory.

With 1300 mAh battery, the phone runs for more than a day.  Price and availability of phone are still to be revealed.… Read the rest

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