Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Pantech Vega Iron : The Iron Fisted To Lance Fight With The S4

A panther is on the prowl and is ready to pounce on the Samsung Galaxy S4 in three days from now. The divine number 3 indeed has taken on significance as the countdown to the Pantech Vega begins.


Pantech Vega Iron is set to … Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy Young Vs Sony Xperia E : Is Samsung A Harsh Reality For Sony Xperia?

If you thought smartphone makers were solely focused on bringing out high-end devices, and your tight purse strings prevent you from going phone-shopping, well, here’s some great news. Both Samsung and Sony have announced quite a few Android based smartphones for the price-conscious consumer too. Today, we’re looking at two … Read the rest

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Samsung Best Kept Young Secret Revealed: Samsung Galaxy Young Comes With A Thunder



Samsung Galaxy young comes to Galaxy line up with a thunder. With 3.3” inch screen and low a price tag this new Samsung offering is impressive. The phones has a dual-SIM variant and would come in white, deep blue, wine red and metallic … Read the rest

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