Samsung In Mood to Hit below The Belt to Protect The Galaxy S4 Against The HTC One?

We figured that the world leader in smartphones, Samsung, had reason to be worried about the gorgeous HTC One. But we didn’t expect the company to be so worried that it would resort to dirty tactics to score higher points by bringing the HTC One down. Ahead of the Galaxy S4’s launch in the U.S. markets, Samsung has reportedly paid Taiwanese student to post fake negative reviews about its competitor, the HTC One, online.

The HTC One is also expected to launch in the U.S. shortly, but in the meantime, investigations into this allegation are already on at the Taiwan Fair Trade Commission (FTC). The fake reviews show the HTC One in a bad light while raining praises on the Samsung Galaxy S4.

A Taiwanese website brought this practice to light when it published documents from a marketing firm that Samsung had purportedly hired for this purpose. The documents contained information about these negative reviews posted on various tech sites.

One of the posts remarked how the user experienced frequent crashing of the HTC One, while another one talked about how Samsung’s Galaxy Note was a better device in comparison with the HTC Sensation XL. There was also a post that described how the Galaxy S3 fared better in benchmark tests against the HTC One.

Samsung, on its part, has already issued an apology and has stated that it will put an end to such marketing tactics. However, it might be slapped with a fine of up to NT$25 million if the Taiwan FTC finds any truth in these allegations.

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The Spotlight Is On HTC One, What Would Be The Challenges Faced By Samsung Galaxy S4?

HTC didn’t exactly have a great year in 2012, and it wasn’t just because of the massive success of Samsung’s smartphone lineup. To make matters worse, it went ahead and launched more than one flagship smartphone, letting down many of its fans and confusing other customers. But looks like the company has finally got things in order and is all set to rise up from its position with a well-planned, well-designed flagship, the HTC One.

The HTC One sure is a good looking phone and boasts of even better features. But can it spell doom for the current world leader Samsung’s brand new flagship, the Galaxy S4? In terms of press coverage, we have to say, the Galaxy S4 did get its fair share of attention, and even more, well ahead of its launch. But is that enough to make it a runaway success like its predecessor?

When it comes to first impressions, we were blown away by the classy, sharp and sleek looking HTC One with its all aluminum body. Sadly, the Galaxy S4 failed to make such a show-stopping impression on us due to its cheap looking plastic body. However, the Samsung Galaxy S4 does have a bigger 5-inch screen in comparison with the HTC One’s 4.7-inch display. Both of them are full HD, but the latter does have a far better resolution with a ppi count of 468.

In terms of camera, Samsung has put in a pretty good 13 MP rear camera and a ton of camera functions for the photo lovers. But HTC scores more for its unique Ultrapixels camera with sharper detailing and better color reproduction.

Another similarity is the OS – both these flagships run on Android 4.1.2. The only difference is that HTC’s comes with an improved Sense 5.0 overlay, while the Galaxy S4 features TouchWiz Nature UX overlay. Which of these is better, we better leave it to your personal preference as they are both quite good in making the Android experience a lot smoother and better.

In terms of power, however, the HTC one takes a slight backseat. It is powered by a 1.7 GHz quad-core processor with 2 GB of RAM, while the Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with either a quad-core 1.9 GHz processor or an 8-core Exynos 5 processor and 2 GB of RAM. So if you’re looking for more power to multitask, you know you’ll choose the latter.… Read the rest

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Tossed In Tempting Features And Extensive Marketing Would Bestselling Samsung Galaxy S4 Take Over HTC One?

Samsung hits a sixer every time it arrives on pitch. Going by the previous highs in terms of Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy S3 sales, this time the Samsung Galaxy S4 could be in for a record. Turning the pages in the Samsung sales book back, we see that the S3 touched the 10 million mark in two months while its elder bro Galaxy S2 notched 10 million units in five months.

With the rapidly swelling sale wave, the Samsung Galaxy S3 could count 10 million and more in just a month from its lid being lifted. Digitimes said,” the Galaxy S4 has better features than the Galaxy S3, hence sales of the product are expected to exceed its predecessor.”

With 50 countries to welcome the Samsung Galaxy S4 at once, this is no Utopian theory but based on calculations and backed by facts. The makers are way ahead of HTC who are already grappled by supply issues for the HTC One. This could be a far cry for Samsung since it moulds all bones that go into the body of its smartphones—sensors, processors et al. However, we just hope that the giants don’t hit the over-demand counter as Apple often does with iPhone or iPad models.… Read the rest

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Does Samsung Galaxy Mega Remind Us Of The Galaxy S4 Or Does It Give A Sneak Peek Into The Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Samsung Note series got us back to taking notes but just before you settled cozily with the Note 2 while dreaming of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note 3, here is another bet that Samsung has thrown in the path of gadget addicts. The makers have crossed all limits with the Galaxy Mega at 6.3-iches. Not knowing what to call it—a smartphone, a phablet or a tab, is my first hiccup while penning this review.

Nevertheless, the Galaxy Mega could be a breezy buy that packs in punches too many. First with its 1.7GHz dual core processor and 1.5 GB RAM, the Mega is big on performance. However, I believe that it is just on the borderline of beating Samsung Galaxy S4.

Minus any AMOLED tag or full HD coating, the screen still comes across as sharp with HD PLS LCD. A fair bet for those who are looking to start experimenting with Samsung only now. One huge plus of the Mega is that its messaging spec if a cool bet. Atleast against the Samsung Galaxy S3, it holds its own.

With 16 GB inbuilt storage and an expandable MicroSD slot, the Mega Grand brings a smile to my face. The  3200mAh battery is sturdy and lends fair life to this “tab-phab-phone whatever!”

With AirView and glove finger support, the Mega often transports me back to my fantasy of the Samsung Galaxy S4. I am yet to understand if this Mega is worth all its glam—the huge size and the buzzy popularity. One thing it did to me is—salivate over the taste Samsung Galaxy Note 3 could cook up.… Read the rest

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Nokia Lumia 928 Vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Apple iPhone 6—Let The Lens Take Charge Of The Camera Brigade

The Nokia Lumia 928 has shot down all of us with its jaw dropping specs. With a curvy aluminum body and a sleek feel to it, the Lumia 928 best amazes with the lens sheltered within. The Xenon Flash is one good reason why the Nokia 928 shutter could be a good bet for camera enthusiasts. Carl Zeiss optics clubbed with image stabilization, makes it an ideal pick for those with shaky hands while the PureView Camera adds spice to the Pure Motion HD+ display.


The face of begins with the Samsung Galaxy S4 camera wowing even those who claimed to be die-hard Nokia slaves. The Samsung Galaxy S4 came amid much cheer and fan fare. With its 13-MP lens platter the S4 has only got smarter than the erstwhile Samsung Galaxy models—the Samsung Galaxy S3 included. However, the icing on the lens cake is the camera software on the S4—called the Dual Shot, perhaps this could give the Lumia 928 a beating to dust.


The Apple iPhone 6 is one trump card the Apple is hiding under its cuff. With its additional wowing specs on the lens front, this imagined phablet could beat both the Samsung S4 and the Nokia 928 too. The lens chips comes pumped with high dynamic range (HDR) capabilities and sensor of 12-MP.


With iPhone 6 looming close to smartphone ground, we  believe that the iPhone 6 can bleed even its predecessors that “boasted a large f/2.4 aperture and a backside illuminated sensor, and offered performance improvements over previous models when taking pictures in dark environments.”… Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Pantech Vega Iron : The Iron Fisted To Lance Fight With The S4

A panther is on the prowl and is ready to pounce on the Samsung Galaxy S4 in three days from now. The divine number 3 indeed has taken on significance as the countdown to the Pantech Vega begins.


Pantech Vega Iron is set to rule the smartphone territory with an iron hand. Slated to be a sleek model that follows Samsung’s color scheme of the classic black and white picks, the Vega Iron might be laced with aluminum sheen. With a toned bezel, the rendition reminds me of Samsung’s older kids—the Galaxy Pop and the Galaxy Young.


With a 5-inch screen purported to breathe life into the display, the Pantech is anticipated to be tough competition for reigning king Samsung Galaxy range.  With a 1.7 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor clubbed with 2 GB RAM, Vega looks to turn the tide in favor of rising stars against the Galaxy.


A shutter that boasts being of13 MP on the rear could add to the beauty of the offering. For us, Samsung is having too much to face—Sony Xperia, LG Optimus and now Pantech Vega Iron!

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HTC One Set To Enchant Smartphone Lovers—Will Samsung Galaxy S4 Escape Its Magical Web Or Get Spellbound?

The smartphone party is getting hotter. With HTC looking to snap at any counterpart coming close to its territory, the scenario seems justified. Now here is more news that escalated the HTC flagship avatar—HTC One – to a height most brands crave to reach.

Ever heard of popularity even before real-time availability? The HTC One breathes life into such a tag. A number of friends have already received notification from Rogers about the One set to be shipped in five days. The pre-order book has only stacked on more pages till date. Adding fuel to such fiery heat of the rumors that US stores have received stocks of the HTC One and customers would just have to wait until the official release date. Reminds me of the excitement I had while waiting in queue for the Apple iPhone and iPad way back.

The Super LCD 3 capacitive touch screen is set to captivate us with its 4.7-inch face. The HD phone with 1.7 GHz quad core Qualcomm APQ8064T Snapdragon 600 processor is a sturdy make that can tolerate all we want it to!

HTC has raised a chill down the spines of Apple and Samsung since that time it bagged the honor of being the best newbie armored for foray into tab territory. With the Samsung Galaxy S4 set to fly into the phablet sky, HTC One might well be in a hurry to conquer the crown before it sees worthy opponent.

The flagship offering comes with 2-UltraPixel shutter at the rear and a delightful front lens of 2.1-megapixel. At 5.04 ounces, the HTC One is indeed as easy to lap up as much as it is to flaunt.

Come what may it is we –the consumers—are in for a jolly good ride with top tabs from HTC and Samsung this season.… Read the rest

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Get Closer To The Samsung Galaxy S4 With Rogers And Fido- Fire Start The Galaxy Race Before Others Join

It was only a few days ago when we heard that various Canadian carriers had begun taking pre-registration for the Samsung Galaxy S4, but now Rogers and Fido have also joined the list and are taking pre-orders for those consumers who want the Galaxy S4 on the day it launches.

Nearly all Canadian carriers will be offering the Samsung Galaxy S4, which is expected to release by the end of this month – the exact date, however, remains unknown. You can pre-book the 16 GB Galaxy S4 model with just $40. As of now, the phone is available in two color options – Black Mist and White Frost.

Samsung will offer the Galaxy S4 in two versions – the 3G and the 4G-LTE version. One of them will be powered by the 8-core Exynos 5 processor while the other will come with a quad-core Snapdragon 600 chipset. While the exact pricing is yet not know, we’re expecting it to cost anywhere between $199 and $299 for a 3-year contract.… Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Compares To A Damsel With Gall- Makes You Let Go LG

We are already having butterflies over the Samsung Galaxy S4 that laces its pre-landing buzz with space and spunk enough to steal my sleep away. Here is a no-holds-bar peek into the damsel all decked to arrive with sheen and in style.

The promotion for the Galaxy S4 has outclassed it sleek looks, by our opinion.

The makers are promising lightning fast upgrades on the Android OS for the Galaxy S4. As far as the pricing tale and the timeline for availability is concerned, we failed to get much insight.

However, knowing that this could be the first smarty with IR blaster added to the breezy Air View spec, a winner is surely sharpening swords to push Samsung way above all others—once again. The Multi Window capability harking back to the Note 10.1 and Note 2 also cozies up in the Galaxy S4.

Backed with sturdy quad core Snapdragon processor or perhaps the 1.6 GHz Exynos octacore processor, the Galaxy S4 stands for sexy four times over. At the outset, get seduced with the S4’s Black Mist and the White Frost avatars.… Read the rest

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Will Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Breathe Fire Onto Apple iPhone 5S This June?

Having come across the saying “too many cooks spoil the broth”, throughout my childhood, a recent snippet about Samsung’s new launch made me recall the adage. Strange thoughts aside, I am slightly overwhelmed with so many Samsung smarties infiltrating the market.  With the Samsung Galaxy S4 just hot off the mill, the market is now buzzing with talk of its kiddy avatar—the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

While an April release was on cards, our sources have dug out another piece pointing to the Galaxy S4 Mini launch only in June this year. Probably, Samsung wants an open combat with Apple iPhone 5S or perhaps the iPhone 6. We do know that Samsung believes in fighting competitors royally not behind curtains.

Instead of musing over a titanic battle, let us look to the how Samsung will christen all variants Samsung might offer on its Galaxy S4 Mini palette-

  • Standard Galaxy S4 Mini- GT-I9190
  • GT-I9192 Dual Sim laced Galaxy S4 Mini- GT-I9192
  • LTE-laced Galaxy S4 Mini- GT-I9195
  • Galaxy S4 Mini for China- GT-I9198

The only missing piece in this rumored puzzle for the Samsung S4 Mini launch is that the makers are yet to confirm such a product. However, rumors often translate into reality in the world of smartphones. Tired? Keep counting the stars in the Galaxy until then.… Read the rest

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