Creme de la Creme: Google Nexus4 Vs Sony Xperia Z Vs LG Optimus G Pro Vs Samsung Galaxy S4


  To ease out the purchase making decision for our readers, we have listed down top 20 best smartphones you can easily go out and grab. Read on to know our judgment on some of the best smartphones available in the market today. Starting in descending order, stay tuned for our verdict. 20. Huawei Ascend G330 With 4-inch display, the Ascend G330 boasts resolution of 400 x 800 pixels. 19. Samsung Ativ S With great build, innovative specification and sturdy storage, the Ativ S is a 4.8-inch Windows 8 Phone. 18. Motorola Razr HD With 4.7-inch 720 x 1280 display, the Motorola Razr HD sports dual-core 1.5GHz processor and 1GB of RAM. 17. Sony Xperia S This 4.3-inch device holds 12MP Exmor R camera, DLNA and Android Gingerbread 2.3. 16. Motorola Razr i At 4.3-inches, the Motorola Razr i sports a 540 x 960 pixel display (256ppi density) with Super AMOLED [+more]

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Hauwei Ascend P6 vs Apple iPhone 6: A Wild Thin Body And Big Screen Chase


Before the launch of iPhone 6, Apple has a challenger ready in the form of Ascend P6 smartphone recently unveiled by Huawei Technology Co Ltd of China. As per the claims made by the company’s chief executive officer Richard Yu Huawei, it was evident that their main competitors are the Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5, 5S and iPhone 6. The iPhone being the trademark products of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), catches everyone’s attention and only Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (LON: BC94) (KRX: 005930) so far has been succeeded in giving competition to the same. It is actually impossible to think of practically unheard of brand name, Huawei Technology Co Ltd (SHE: 002502) offering competition to Apple. Apple is planning to launch the iPhone 5S in September based on a variety of analyst commentary and supply chain leaks and the iPhone 5S will look like the iPhone 5 whereas, the Ascend P6 is the [+more]

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At Google Play for $649, The Google Edition of Samsung Galaxy S4 Is A High-End Device


Accessible at Google Play for $649, the Google Edition of Samsung Galaxy S4 is a high-end device that arrives with simple Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean IU. Sporting a quad-core processor, this 5-inch device holds 16GB of storage space and boasts of 4G LTE connectivity along with a 13-megapixel rear camera and 2-megapixel camera at the front. With its bootloader already unlocked, the S4 will receive all system updates just as any other Google device. Made with metallic edges, the stylish Google S4 is compatible with Samsung’s colorful Flip Covers. However, with Samsung’s customizable features missing in this version, users won’t be able to adjust the screen’s mode. Users can still turn the S4 into a remote with Watch On app as this variant also holds the IR blaster. A noticeable difference includes no ‘Galaxy S4’ inscribed on the battery door, which designates it to be the Google version. The device [+more]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Calm Withing To Strike A Storm: Production to Commence in August


Scheduled for a September 2013 release, Samsung is expected to commence the mass production of its upcoming Galaxy Note 3 this August. The Korean manufacturer recently unveiled its flagship Galaxy S4, which saw the sunshine with over 10 million handsets sold within 30 days only. The predecessor to the Note 3, the Galaxy Note 2 was launched in August last year in the Korean market, following other countries a month later. The success and fame of the Note 2 has raised users’ expectations, who now anticipate Samsung to roll out the Galaxy Note 3 with even better features and latest technology. Certain reports indicate that the Galaxy Note 3 might hit the shelves sporting Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or even the Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. Anticipated to appear at the IFA Event in Berlin in September, all eyes are set on Samsung to see what next the Korean manufacturer [+more]

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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Nokia 3310: The Question of S4 Durability And Strength


Sleek and fragile, Samsung has designed the Galaxy S4 with all innovative and smart features. But considering the durability and strength of the Nokia 3310, the latter surpasses the former in terms of toughness and battery charge. On being charged once, the humble Nokia 3310 can last for days, whereas the Galaxy S4 requires daily charging of few hours. Made of plastic panels, the Nokia 3310 is a simple device that’s easy to replace. Whereas replacing the panels of Galaxy S4 involves lots of skills and money. Considering the costing, the Galaxy S4 sits at a lavish $630 price tag with no carrier, whereas a second hand Nokia 3310 can be bought at a low price of $20 on sites such as eBay. Coming down to the displays, the AMOLED screen of the Galaxy S4 doesn’t really do well in the outdoors in the Sun, while the Nokia 3310’s monochrome [+more]

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Look What We Traced: Snapdragon 800 Chip in Galaxy Note 3 Prototype & Galaxy S4?

Samsung Galaxy S4 Android Update

The mystery surrounding Samsung’s latest devices always follows rumors and speculations. The latest to hit the rack is a disclosed image of the Galaxy Note 3 prototype and Galaxy S4 variant that’s shown using a Snapdragon 800 chip. Considering the leaked image, Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 3 will roll out with curved corners and a generous screen real estate. Expected to be unveiled at the IFA 2013 in Berlin, the tablet is speculated to sport a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip or an Exynos eight-core processor. Designed with a generous 5.99-inch Super AMOLED high definition screen, the device will pride in a 13-megapixel rear camera. With Samsung’s casing, the Galaxy Note 3 might run on Android Jelly Bean 4.3. Considering the other Galaxy S4, Samsung recently rolled out the device in variants such as the Google Edition, Active and Mini. However, the Korean manufacturer is now rumored to be in [+more]

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The Battle Just Got Fierce: HTC One Vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs. Sony Xperia Z


Latest smartphones in the market are all battling to grasp the top slot, giving consumers a plethora of choices in terms of specifications, features and styles. With so much out there for grabs, let us help you narrow down the choices as we list down technical specifications of three such contenders including HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Sony Xperia Z. HTC One Samsung Galaxy S4 Sony Xperia Z Screen Display 4.7-inch 5-inch AMOLED 5-inch Shell Material Aluminum Polycarbonate Waterproof plastic Operating System Android 4.1.2 Android 4.2.2 Android 4.1.2 Camera 4 megapixel 13 megapixel 13 megapixel Front Camera 2.1 megapixel 2 megapixel 2.2 megapixel Memory 2GB RAM 2GB RAM 2GB RAM Internal Storage 32GB, 64GB 16GB, Expansion slot 16GB, Expansion slot Pixel Dimensions 1080 x 1920 1080 x 1920 1080 x 1920 CPU 1.7 GHz Quad-core 1.6 GHz Octo-core 1.5 HGz Quad-core Battery 2300 mAh 2600 mAh 2330 mAh Weight [+more]

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Nokia Lumia 921: Microsoft Rolls Out An Attack on Samsung


In a bid to outdo its competitors and promote its products, Microsoft has rolled out an attack ad to inform consumers as to why they should opt for Microsoft devices instead of Apple, Samsung or Nokia. Interesting yet misleading, the ads are the firm’s latest approach to stay at the peak in the wars of mobile phones. Considering the latest, the ad’s main focus is to weigh up the entry-level Nokia Lumia 521 as the lead when compared with the top-most 64 GB Samsung Galaxy S4 off-contract. The ad has an actor, publicizing that the Nokia Lumia 521 was bought for $149 while the Samsung Galaxy S4 for $750, off-contract, which can help consumers save $600 by opting for the former. He then says that consumers could go shopping at the Microsoft store with that saved money. Let’s put side by side the specifications of both the devices to see [+more]

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HTC Officially announces the launch of HTC One Google Edition, What It Would be Like For Samsung Galaxy S4?


With Google announcing that it will soon be selling a Nexus-like Samsung Galaxy S4, people have started expecting the same experience with HTC One.  After initial declination the company officially announced that it will soon introduce an HTC One along with Nexus like user experience. Along with this HTC One news posted on the HTC blog, it was also mentioned that most reviewers like the HTC One for its software and hardware. The HTC One Smartphone with the Nexus experience will be the special edition Smartphone which will be sold by Google through its Play Store for $599–from 26th June. Coincidentally, on 26th June even Samsung will be releasing its Galaxy S4, which will have a Nexus user experience and will be sold for $649.The device will be sold in the unlocked version and will harness the support to run on T-Mobile and AT&T’s 4G LTE networks. The smart phone [+more]

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Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 : The Predecessor out at Amazon for a Low $0.01!


Samsung is apparently stepping ahead in the smartphone race as we hear that the Korean manufacturer is offering the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 at a very low price. Few months ago, Amazon offered the Galaxy S3 for $49.99. However, with the success of S4, the story is a bit different now. Popular and stylish, the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 is now up for grabs at Amazon at a small price of $0.01 with a new contract of 2 years. Certain reports indicate that Samsung is testing an Android 4.2.2 update for the S3, which will bring the device up to date with some of the best and popular features found on the Galaxy S4. Some of these features include the updated lock screen with new widgets and unlock effects with ripples and light animations. The device will also come loaded with updated S-Voice. Features like voice control will give users [+more]

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