More miles to go for Samsung Galaxy S4: Crosses Ten Million Mark Within Just One Month

Great news for Samsung as it has already sold 20 million units of Galaxy S4 within just sixty days of the release. The Korean company planned to launch Galaxy S4 in 155 countries with 327 carriers worldwide. The high popularity of the same made it possible for Samsung to cross … Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Is Taking The World By Storm, After Apple iPhone 5 Its Samsung Galaxy S3 In Danger Zone

With Samsung releasing its Galaxy S4 in mid-May in Canada, the Pebble blue 32GB version of Galaxy S3 is being discontinued by Rogers, the Canadian carrier– so that enough space remains for Galaxy S4.

This decision taken by Rogers, has left people planning to buy the Pebble Blue 32GB Galaxy … Read the rest

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Would Samsung Galaxy S4 Out Do Samsung Galaxy S3 In Sales, AT&T To Turn On The Pre-order Button On April 16th


Samsung Galaxy S4 is finally going for pre-orders. AT&T has finally announced that Samsung Galaxy S4 would go on sale on April 16th. Though the release date of shipment from AT&T is still unknown it is expected that phone will be in … Read the rest

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In The March Of Samsung Galaxy S4 We Are Head Over Heels For This Samsung Galaxy S3 Successor

With the official date for the pre-orders for the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S4 being fixed for March 28, smart phone lovers are now looking forward to get their hands on the power packed phone—as soon as possible.

UK high street retailer, Car phone Warehouse, has informed that they are … Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Becoming Irresistible Day By Day, Rumors Say Could Be More Energy Efficient Than Samsung Galaxy S3


Here is what we are hearing about Samsung Galaxy S4. This fierce offering of Samsung may have a full HD OLED panel which would be called Green PHOLED. If that be the case than efficiency of Samsung Galaxy S4 would go up by 25% … Read the rest

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Is T-Mobile Here To Challenge The Assumption That Samsung Galaxy S4 May Bring Grim To Galaxy S3?


In the wake of adding a zing to its LTE pipeline about to get launch in Las Vegas  and Kansas city, T-Mobile is all set to send a software update  to  Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Nokia Lumia 920. The update would let users … Read the rest

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