Samsung Galaxy S4 Goes Bonkers To Prove its Worth Over Upcoming Apple iPhone 6

The new ad from Iceland is quite frenzy and crazy when it says that Apple phones just don’t work but if you get a Samsung, you start performing a mating dance toward a mountain goat.

The ad for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the weirdest of all and indirectly points to Apple by taking an apple and typing on its skin. And then putting it to your ear and hoping that you will hear more than the echoes from the mountains.

The ad also shows the word ‘pig’ in a caption which can be instantly assumed as Apple phones to be stinky, smelly, and worthy only of slaughter. But the Google Translate defines it as “Get per phone that understands pig.”

We can take the “p” as a “b” and it’s something to do with bigness. And again the Google Translate describes it as “Should get a phone that understands big.” This could mean that Samsung’s phones are larger while the next caption means “Galaxy S4 understands Icelandic”. The clear allegation is that iPhones ( esp the upcoming iPhone 6) don’t work in the Icelandic mountains, while the Samsung Galaxy S4 turns you into a ninja.

The ad can be interpreted in any way but it clearly displays a scene of Galaxy-toting hero performing what can only be a mating dance in the direction of some kind of mountain goat.… Read the rest

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Apple iPhone 6: Things Which Would Make It Look Cheap in Front of Samsung Galaxy S4

In the air of speculations of Apple to release the next-gen smartphone, hailed the iPhone 6 in upcoming months, the launch date of the looming Apple smartphone is still wary. The rumor wheels cannot stop in the way of speculating about the forthcoming features of iPhone 6.
Here is the list of “not so required” top 5 features to be seen in imminent iPhone 6 by iFans.

1. No Cheap Plastic
Though Apple has raised the bar and has been tantamount with its classy designed products, rumors of a cheaper, plastic- flaunting iPhone 5S is in the air.

2. Touchless Controls
Estimations will be allocated over the amalgamation of this feature. Apple is probable to navigate clear of the touchless controls for the iPhone6 as equaled to Samsung Galaxy S4 that faced several issues.

3. Less Battery Life
Another vital feature is the short battery life in iPhone 6 which users presume to bump up the battery life so that it runs on long durations.

4. Troublesome Siri and Maps

In 2012, when Apple launched the iPhone 5, the company was sternly appraised for its Maps and Siri fiasco. For that reason, Patrons would not wish to see more distressed apps and features from Apple.
5. Slow Processor
If a next-gen smartphone is launched by Apple, consumers would await to see a new and faster processor as it would not diminish the zest of the iFan.… Read the rest

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Is Apple Brushing The iPhone 6 Right? Would Retina+ HD IGZO Screen Become A Looming Threat For Samsung Galaxy S4?

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is out, everyone’s waiting eagerly to see what archrival Apple will pull out in retaliation. And we’ve been hearing a lot of rumors around what Apple could possibly put in the iPhone 6. According to the most recent rumors, the company is apparently collaborating with Sharp to make an IGZO screen with its famous HD Retina Display technology.

Sharp’s IGZO screens are quite popular thanks to its power efficiency and high touch responsiveness qualities. And Apple’s own Retina Display technology is what has made Apple devices so wow in terms of viewing capabilities. Merging the two together in the iPhone 6 could give us a full HD screen that uses up very little power and responds to touch extremely well.

Given that Apple’s iPhone 5 drew a lot of flak for its tiny screen, we can expect Apple to put in a larger screen in its successor. But we’ve heard that Apple could possibly even offer varied screen sizes in the iPhone 6 so users can pick between a large screened and a small screened iPhone.

We could also possibly see a stylus equivalent device with the iPhone 6, thanks to some insight into recent patents filed by Apple for such technology. And of course, the biggest rumor surrounding the iPhone 6 is that it could have a wraparound display. With such futuristic features, is it any wonder why we’re all so keen to know what Apple has in store for us?… Read the rest

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Treasure Trove Of Samsung Galaxy S4 Features Has Not Caught Fantasy Of Steve Kodnik, Would Apple iPhone 6?

Steve Kondik, a software engineer with Samsung and acclaimed founder of the CyanogenMod project, has announced that he was ready to move on to other projects after a long stint with the company’s aftermarket firmware. Before leaving, he had mixed opinions about the upcoming Galaxy S4.

In his own words, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is all ready to “blow the competition out of the water.”Kondik, has praised the feature and specifications of the device and has also held the Korean Company in high regard for making the  Touch Wiz interface all the more consistent and noteworthy. However, he had his own concerns about the operating system of the S4.

Steve has opined in his post on Google+, that the mere mention of the OS of the Galaxy S4 takes him back to the times of the Froyo days. This fully tabbed UI fails to compete with the contemporary benchmarked and nice touch-friendly ViewPagers. Users will also have to bear with an endless onslaught of modal ‘Loading…’ dialogs and popup windows.

Kondik was split over the treasure trove of features offered by the Samsung Galaxy S4. Along with the new camera quirks and hover preview, he had good words for the multi-window feature as well. However, he failed to be sure of the hyped-up eye-tracking tech features, which is expected to be seen in the Smart Scroll feature of the phone.

 … Read the rest

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Apple Of The Eye- Samsung Galaxy S4 Has Just Arrived But Apple iPhone 6 Captivates Us Even Before Its Bags Are Packed

We seem to have put on an Apple fixation. With the Apple iPhone 6 buzzing loud across gossip mills, check out what it has to offer against Samsung Galaxy S4. With the Apple iPhone 5S coming up, we are also hoping that the giants launch the 6. Why just an upgrade, we want an overhaul!

Our research purports us to believe that the iPhone 6 would be pumped up with a next-gen Apple A7 processor. The Quad-core tag is still under question though. Meanwhile, we trust our source that says Apple is set to initiate work for the A7 chip of 20 nanometers by next year. For now we need to contend ourselves with the A6X chip on the iPhone 5S.

The American giant is in talks with Intel too. Probably, it could mean an all-new design for the iPhone 6. Who knows if the latter could get the brand new chipset from Intel. Add to this more rumors such as that iPhone 6 could come with 5G support, Bluetooth chip and Wi-Fi.

The Storage aspect is nothing novice. The same 16, 32 and 64 GB anticipation rules the rumor bed. However, 128 GB would mean a feat worth lauding on the iPhone 6. Only if!

As for the shutter, the Apple iPhone 6 might see essential polish in terms of capture, sensor array and aperture. A 13 MP rumor is in the air but this would mean too much. For now, 8 MP is a practical possibility.

As far as the looks are concerned, Apple might choose not to steer away from its classic design. While we also hear that the next iPhone installment would come in varied ranges designed for masses, classes and a whole lot of other users. Eyebrow raising, for me atleast. However, we might get hands on a larger baby with the Apple iPhone 6. A 4.6-inch screen is a possibility.

If so much speculation has not left you high and dry then read into the probability of the iPhone 6 coming in with a capacitative bar, candy colors and music streaming on lines of Xbox music!

We might have to wait until 2014 for getting hands on the iPhone 6. Some rumors pinpoint October this year. The price bit is sandy ground though. With budget iPhone rumors on the mills and the sophisticated usual models, we cannot exactly deem which rumor to trust.

Pricing rumors are very much tied to the varying ideas of premium and budget model iPhones. It might vary between £529 and £699.… Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Apple iPhone 5S: Galaxy S4 May Give Goosebumps To Apple On April 8th

Samsung Galaxy S4


Some interesting piece of news regarding Samsung Galaxy S4 is coming in from New Zealand.  Some hints have been thrown by a mobile retail store in New Zealand.  A couple of photos of an internal raffle doc suggest that Samsung Galaxy S4 may hit shelves on April 8.

The other source of rumor  s coming from a UK retailer which are pointing to April third week launch of Samsung Galaxy S4.

Speculation that Samsung Galaxy S4 would launch in a low key event at Apple’s home turf in the Silicon Valley. So is Apple geared up with Apple iPhone 5S and 6?… Read the rest

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