How Samsung Galaxy S4 Got Smarter, Bigger And Better In Comparison To Samsung Galaxy S3

So here we bring to you the 5 most amazing things about Samsung Galaxy S4:


1. In comparison to Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4 has a bigger scree . In some regions the phone has 1.9 GHz quad-core processor and in some it … Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Would Not Sweep You Of Your Feet, HTC One Is Enticing And Handsome, Says Ben Ho

HTC Chief Marketing Officer, Ben Ho is not gung-ho about Samsung Galaxy S4 and it has not come as a surprise that Ho is not taken aback by the features of Samsung Galaxy S4.

Mr. Ho did not have good things to say about Samsung … Read the rest

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With Samsung Galaxy S4 In Store The Individualistic Attitude Seems On Verge, Apple iPhone 5 Not A Fancy Anymore


According to analysts Haydn Shaughnessy and Jefferson Wang Samsung would break the Apple spell with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4. They have concluded that with Samsung galaxy S4 release  just a few days away, the company is taking last steps in Apple’s shadow.… Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Becoming Irresistible Day By Day, Rumors Say Could Be More Energy Efficient Than Samsung Galaxy S3


Here is what we are hearing about Samsung Galaxy S4. This fierce offering of Samsung may have a full HD OLED panel which would be called Green PHOLED. If that be the case than efficiency of Samsung Galaxy S4 would go up by 25% … Read the rest

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A Samsung Of Taste : Keep Your Plate Empty As Samsung Galaxy S4 Comes To Set High Standards For Apple iPhone 5S


Apple iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S4 would be locking horns this year on who would be the people’s choice. Samsung is all set to do the unveiling in the Big Apple and Samsung has enveloped the air of Times Square with its overpowering … Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy S IV Revolution: Has It Worked Smartly To Surprise Us With The Most Innovative Feature So Far?

Right from the time, I read up this rumor, I could not help but having spooky thoughts! Wondering why? Well, the buzz goes on lines that the Samsung Galaxy S IV could come with an eye tracker. While the world waits for the veil to lift off the Samsung darling, … Read the rest

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