Samsung Galaxy SIII Vs iPhone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Samsung Empire Strikes Back In UK, Apple Needs To Step Up

Mystery shopping seems to have thrown light on the smartphone story in the UK. Leading survey firm Informa Telecoms and Media had let out a bunch of shoppers to dig into which smartphone has taken the country by storm and the clock struck the Samsung mark.


Yes, you heard it right, despite Apple and Samsung being equally popular in terms of promotional recommendations, the crown rested on the Korean king when it came to sales.


We got an official confirmation from Informa on these lines, “(It is) ‘likely that sales assistants see the Samsung devices as a safe bet to earn greater commissions.’ ”


And coming to the players left in the doldrums, the honors were taken by Motorola and RIM!

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iPhone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Apple Outperforms Samsung In A Sales Test Done By Analyst


It seems analyst Tavis McCourt is not ready to bite the bullet on plummeting sales of Apple iPhone 5. Not agreeing with the repugnant talks surrounding Apple iPhone lately, Mccourt decided to pit the sales of Apple iPhone 5 against Galaxy S3 and Samsung GALAXY Note series. And what came as a surprise was the figures that showed Apple outperforming Samsung by selling 219 millions units of iPhone as compared to 131 million units of Samsung Galaxy and Note phones in last two years.

But if you believe Kevin Packingham, chief product officer for Samsung’s U.S. mobile division,then his sales story is singing different tunes. As per him Samsung Galaxy SII did pick up slowly but its successor Samsung Galaxy S3 did reach its pinnacle after the release of iPhone 5 and since then has been the bestseller at all the carriers.

McCourt further notes that Apple may have lost its steam but still iPhone 4S and iPhone5 have taken lead over Samsung Galaxy S and the Samsung GALAXY Note in last one year.

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