The Apple iPhone 6 Phablet Market Crush: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Releasing Soon, Apple iPhone 6 latest concept videos,

The Phablet market has so far been dominated by Samsung with its Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2. With the impending release of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 we also have more and more videos showing off concepts of the iPhone 6 with a 6 inch plus screen.

Apple has so far not indicated that it will be going in this direction and yet some of the concepts videos are really very smart. Ran Avni, celebrated concept developer has released one of the most popular of these videos. His concept video shows an iPhone 6 with a 6.2 inch screen – and that’s not all. The screen is a retina+ display and is protected by Gorilla Glass 3. Code named the iPhone 6.2, it is run by the latest iOS 7 and has an A8 Coretex processor paired to 2.5GB of RAM.

With the expected release date of the new iPhone 6 looming the number of concept videos have been steadily been increasing. Hopefully Apple has been looking at some of the videos, because the ideas are mostly very nice.… Read the rest

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Speedy Release Date, Google’s Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 Contemplating?

The Samsung Galaxy Not 3 is on its way – rumoured to be released sometime in September. This device hopes to build on the success Samsung has seen with its ancestors, the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2. What we know is that that last May a Samsung executive confirmed that the new device would have a 5.9 inch display and what we can expect is for the new device to run a quad-core chip similar to the Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Google nexus 5 vs Google Nexus 7

With the new Nexus 7.2 just being released and the Nexus 5 rumoured to be on its way, it is evident that the release of the Galaxy Note 3 will have an effect on the sales of these devices. Since there isn’t really much information about specs for the Galaxy Note 3 or the Nexus 5, the evident difference will be the operating system that the devices will use. While the Nexus 7.2 is shipped with the latest Android 4.3 and the Nexus 5 is speculated to be released with the same or possibly even 5.0 Lime Key Lite – the Galaxy Note is probably going to be release with the Android 4.2 version, though with all the usual Samsung special features.

With the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on the way, buying a tablet just got harder!

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 :Killer Features To Fuel Fire to Gulp Down Apple and HTC

Been in news for quite some time , Samsung’s next generation phablet, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has again been hit by another string of rumors. As per them, Galaxy Note 3 may come with a 5.7 inch screen , a 3GB RAM and Android 4.3


Been in news for quite  some time , Samsung’s next generation phablet, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has again been hit by another string of rumors. As per them, Galaxy Note 3 may come with a 5.7 inch screen , a 3GB RAM and Android 4.3.

It is also coming to our ears that instead of a 5.99-inch screen, Samsung is going for a 5.7 inch display. The phone would be powered by Snapdragon 800 chipset and would have twice the speed of Samsung Galaxy note 2.

In all the probability Samsung Galaxy Note 3 would come with a Super AMOLED panel and the device would have a full-HD display with the resolution of 1080X1920 pixels. The latest revelation has also brought to surface that the sequel to Samsung Galaxy Note 2 would be coming with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is likely to launch on September 4.… Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Vs Apple iPhone 5: Whose Sales Figures Has Been Tossed Up?



Samsung is making headlines after exceeding the sales figure of Apple’s iPhone 5 in the U.S. since its launch last September. The Samsung Galaxy S4 was the top drawer at T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon and the second best at AT&T preceded by the iPhone 5 in May.

The Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 at discounted prices with some free schemes and the strong sales of Galaxy S4 have attributed to achieve this target as referred by Canaccord Genuity analyst Michael Walkley of the U.S. The prices of the same are slashed heavily to make the way for the Galaxy Note 3 which is expected to be announced in September.

Walkley further adds that it is the Samsung’s marketing and advertising campaign of some $2.5 billion in the first quarter of 2013, which have tossed up the sales figure despite the recommendation of HTC by store representatives.

The report by Walkley also indicates that the investment in advertising campaign to inform consumers of its more advanced features than Apple’s iPhone has been paid off well. Now it has become a race between two giants, Apple and Samsung in the smartphone wars where the rivals would be placed at a very distant third place.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Leaks: On The Way Style Begets Style



As the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is all stung with gossips, suppositions and leaks, the next gen phablet from leading mobile device manufacturer was ostensibly darted in none other than a Samsung website over the weekend. The Galaxy Note 3 was precisely exhibited on the VIP section of Samsung Kazakhstan website, although it was removed later.

Providentially, Techtastic was able to fetch a screenshot of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N9000) from the page before it mystifyingly vanished.

Reportedly, On June 2 , there was another possible specs leak anent the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.These specs consist of  5.99 inch 1080p Super AMOLED Full HD (367ppi), 13MP camera, 8mm thickness, 182 grams, 3GB of RAM and LTE support to name a few.

While Note 3 will probably launch  at IFA Berlin this September, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 was pronounced on  June 3 .

In the interim, The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, perhaps will be announced on Thursday at an event in London alongside Samsung Galaxy S4 mini and Galaxy S4 Active.… Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Samsung Galaxy S5: Who Would Have The Cutting Edge Finger Print Scanner?

Samsung Galaxy S4 is barely out in the market and the tech circles are already abuzz with leaks and speculations linked to the much awaited Galaxy S5. With Apple planning to integrate the coveted features of a fingerprint scanner in its iPhone 5S, Samsung fans are expecting the addition of the same security features in the S5 and the Galaxy Note 3 too.

Speculations regarding these enhanced features are making their rounds for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy S5 alike. Likely to be released at the end of the third quarter of 2013, the security features will beef up the levels of security in phablets, tablets and phones. This will make the in-app authentication and device lock screen features reach new dimensions of functionality and add further value to the flagship products from Samsung.

The signs popping up in the Samsung Galaxy S3’s OS are creating the grounds for the availability of fingerprint scanner technology in the forthcoming devices. According to iOS news forum iOSDoc, the reports published on Tuesday, May 28 reveal that Samsung and Apple are trying to implement this security feature in the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 very soon.… Read the rest

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After Cheering The Dawn Of Samsung Galaxy S4, Its Time For Samsung Galaxy Note 3 September Rise

The IFA 2013 is all set to be the venue for the much awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 3. As per insider reports from Sam Mobile, the handset is all set to hog the limelight along with the Galaxy Tab 3. The IFA, an annual event, held in Berlin every year was the launching platform for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in 2012.

The Galaxy Note 2 will be equipped with a stylus and will be following in the footsteps of its predecessors—as far as the features are concerned.   It will also share he Galaxy flagship status of the acclaimed S4. According to telecom watchers, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will boast of the same processor as the Note 2 and have a similar visual design.

The Galaxy 4 , which will be shipping for the UK market for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 as its processor has company in the Galaxy Note 3—which is all set to use the same processor as well. The Galaxy Note 3 is also expected to clock a faster speed than 1.9 GHz, setting it way beyond the S4 series.

So get ready for a 2 GHz which is rumored to have a 5.9 inch panel. The other features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 include an Adreno 320 GPU, 2GB of RAM,a 13-megapixel camera, Android 4.2.2 platform, dual-capture mode, TouchWiz UI and multiscreen.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 To Come in April, Galaxy Note III To Hatch By The End Of 2013

According to Strategy Analyst Samsung would be a tough nut to crack in the year 2013. Samsung has dominated the Smartphone market being the top seller of low-end and high-end devices. After creating quite a stir in market with Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note2, the Korean Company is set to launch the Samsung Galaxy S IV in April and the Samsung GALAXY Note III sometime in 2013 and both the phones are going to put Samsung on a much higher pedestal as compared to Apple.

It is being predicted that Samsung is going to sell 290 million smartphones this year which is 35% more as compared to last year. Meanwhile Apple would be selling 180 million units of in 2013 i.e. 33% more phones as compared to 2012.

An Apple iPhone mini is also being predicted which would be sold in emerging markets like India and China. And as we reported to lure Apple is also planning to offer more colors options in iPhone 5  to customers.… Read the rest

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