Samsung Galaxy S5 Display To Have Top Notch Technology And A Super Big Screen

sage of time, not only the screen size of tablets and smartphones has gone bigger and bigger, but the screen resolution has multiplied too and now the news is Samsung is coming up with a top With the passage of time, not only the screen size of tablets and smartphones has gone bigger and bigger, but the screen resolution has multiplied too and now the news is Samsung is coming up with a top notch technology.

With 1080HD resolutions as well as Retina display, the next gigantic step is to take things a level up. SamMobile has reported that Samsung is prepped and all-set to commence porting enthusiastically sharp 2560 x 1440 resolution devices early this year, probably arriving in the yet to be released Galaxy S5. Though it is not 4000 yet, but that’s next for sure!

Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with 5 inch 1080p screen with 441ppi, imparting a dynamic visual experience and sharp text for all features of the phone. But in 2014, Samsung is looking forward to take the number a little higher by raising the number to 550ppi and even more. The phrase “Retina Display” may state the difference, but it gets very difficult for the eye balls to find the difference.

Previously this month, at the Samsung Analyst day, the company talked about its next generation displays, apart from the curved flexible displays, which we’ve been talking about off lately and the super HD panels could come in several models of Smartphones in the whole of 2014. Analyst report, Samsung Galaxy S5 may be the first device to sport it, it will need many more popular smartphone, and these high resolution smartphones may not get released till Galaxy Note 4.

Another great aspect is Samsung releasing its AMOLED display to its tablet series, which hasn’t been witnessed in many products off lately. Providing complete full HD Super AMOLED display on the yet to be launched Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 could be the top most on the list. However, we will all get to know about in the year 2014.… Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy 5 Release To Counter Apple iPhone 6 Release With 16 MP Isocell Sensor Camera

Samsung Galaxy S5 is the most anticipated phone of the year 2014 and as the rumors of its release gain steam we bring to you the most expected features of Samsung Galaxy S5:


Samsung Galaxy S5 is the most anticipated phone of the year 2014 and as the rumors of its release gain steam we bring to you the most expected features of Samsung Galaxy S5:

According to tech analyst, Samsung Galaxy S5 will feature a 16 MP Isocell sensor camera. qouted, “Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 4 – the company’s top two models – will get this high resolution camera at launch. This was revealed at Samsung’s recent Analyst Day conference, where the company also revealed the roadmap for other technologies like displays, processors and memory.”

The Isocell sensor will make for more natural photos as compared Samsung Galaxy S4 artificial looking photos.

Samsung Galaxy S5 will be loaded with Exynos 6 high performance processor. It is also rumored that S5 will come with faux leather design.

Other rumors regarding Samsung Galaxy S5 are its release date. According to most of the websites the expected release date of S5 is January which is before the Apple iPhone 6 launch.

Apparently, Samsung’s decision to  launch Samsung Galaxy S5 prior to Apple iPhone 6 has come in its wake to capture the larger market.

Samsung also plans to introduce the first foldable screen in phone by the year 2015.


 … Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy Note III: Here Are Five Reasons Why You Must Buy This Phablet

The latest Samsung Galaxy Note III phablet has managed to create a rage among Samsung fans. What impresses most people is the design and powerful performance of the device. Here are five top notch features of Note III that will make you want to get your hands on the device:


The latest Samsung Galaxy Note III phablet has managed to create a rage among Samsung fans. What impresses most people is the design and powerful performance of the device. Here are five top notch features of Note III that will make you want to get your hands on the device:

Design: The design is essentially similar to the previous generation Samsung Galaxy Note versions. The Note II was slightly curved in design; the third generation Note however resembles Samsung Galaxy Note. The body is made up of plastic, with the Korean tech giant giving it a finish of particular elements to make the phone look fit and promising. One good thing is, though the phone size is heavy, it does not feel heavy when carried and can fit the pocket easily. Single-handed operation obviously is a bit tedious, but soon Samsung will come up with a solution. 5.7 inch HD-AMOLED display is a definite eye-catcher for every user.

 Display: 5.7 inch screen, a 0.2 inch addition to the previous version phablet. Full-HD Super AMOLED display with resolution of 1080 X 1920 pixels and a pixel density of 386 ppi. Reading, watching movies, image displaying, web browsing appears more vibrant and brighter with one of the best displays of Samsung Galaxy Note III.

Camera: 13-MP rear camera promises better images in daylight and artificial light. Video recording up to 1080 pixels is possible, with options of slow motion, fast motion and smooth motion available. New camera tricks, same as those in Galaxy S4, are included: Panorama mode, Drama shot, Best shot, eraser mode, etc.

Performance: Inclusion Exynos 5 Octa 5420 processor and 3GB of RAM means the phablet is a powerhouse as far as performance is concerned. Expect no issues in playing high graphic games, scrolling web links, switching between applications.

Features: Android 4.3 Jellybean OS runs the phablet for the moment. TouchWiz interface brings in an array of features such as gesture controls, motion controls and finger hovering Air view that lets you check text inside mails and messenger pings. Multi-window bar on the screen is quite impressive.

Galaxy Note III is indeed the best screen phablet available in the market currently. It is priced at Rs 49,900 in India, with almost every feature that is available under the sky.… Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Release: Everything You Want to Know about Apple iPhone 6 Nemesis

A report published by a well-known South Korean news agency states that Samsung has plans to launch the Galaxy S5 in January 2014, much earlier than expected. Reportedly, the handset company will release the S5 either in January or February.

What will the Galaxy S5 pack in?

If rumors are to be believed, then the Galaxy S5 will feature Samsung’s advanced 64-bit eight core Exynos 5430 processor chipset. This processor chip is built with Heteregenous Multi-Processing (HMP) technology which enables all the eight cores of the chipset to simultaneously function. In the present eight-core chips used by Samsung in the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy S4, only four of the eight cores of the processer can operate at a single time.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 is also likely to boast a 16-megapixel snapper featuring optical image stabilization as  well as enhanced performance in poor light conditions. The newly launched Isocell sensor is also likely to be unveiled along with the new smartphone from Samsung stable. Initial rumors also hint that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will feature a dust-resistant and a waterproof body and will also see an unbreakable and a curved display screen. It remains to be seen if the Galaxy S5 dents the sales and the hype surrounding iPhone 6.… Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date in January to Stem Galaxy S4 Sales Slump?



It may look like a treat of 5 in the coming three months as Nexus 5 will be launched in the next week which will further be joined by Galaxy S5 probably in January. As per Naver, the Korean company will probably postpone the date of its flagship device for the simple reason that it will slump the sales of S4. The anticipated January launch of S5 will collide with CES 2014. However, as far as we know, Samsung prefers to create its own event for launching the new Galaxy flagship S series.

Never Back Down!

January is quite tipsy turvy for the launch of refreshed technology as companies advertise the previous gadgets during the holiday. However, Naver found out that Samsung desperately wants to upgrade its smartphone series to face off the iPhone 5S. The S5 is speculated to come with 64 bit chip popularly known as 8 cores in the countries right now.

It is also expected that it will bring an all-metal phone dumping the plastic case of the S4 and faux leather case of Note 3. S5 may run on Android and Tizen, Samsung first initiative to dominate the Android OS market.… Read the rest

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Top 5 Reasons Not to Wait for Apple iPhone 6 Release: Samsung Galaxy S4 Amazing Features And Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Release:

Well, in the tech savvy world every brand is coming up with something innovative and alluring. So, how Samsung does differentiates its products from the others. Since the launch of the first Note in 2011, contemporaries have created a rage of Tablets and Notebooks. However, none have been able to break the legacy of Samsung.

Features of Note 3 and S4

Note 3 feature the same design ethos like that of Galaxy S4, but Samsung has made some tremendous improvement in Note 3. It has replaced glossy plastic and given a textured finish to Note 3. Both the device sports a big screen in comparison to any of its contemporaries and render amazing functionality without lacking in any field.

The 1080p Super AMOLED Full HD screen along with high end Android OS, makes it a perfect option for teenagers and businessmen. The camera of S4 and Note 3 are also a masterpiece. The 13MP camera is surely the best in its segment and offers great shots in a number of conditions. Thus, it is one of the best cameras in the Android world.

If you are a Samsung fan, you will surely love to own of the devices from above.… Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Features And Galaxy Note 3 Features Same?

Samsung is reportedly beginning mass production of its flexible screens that will be incorporated into future Samsung devices (Galaxy S5). Comparisons yielded the screen to be as big as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s screen display.

Since the technology needs s tightening, the inclusion of flexible displays might be deferred. Curved batteries that match the flexible displays are yet to be manufactured.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 release would most likely be in March 2014 and shall be on shelves April onwards. Although, rumors claim the upcoming S5 will probably make their presence felt at the Mobile World Congress in Feb ‘14.

The s5 houses a 64-bit processor, limbering up against the iPhone 5S. This factoid was backed by Korean news Web site Daum and stated that the processor chip is already on its final stage of production.

CEO JK Shin, also confirmed the news during the iPhone 5S release date events. Mr Shin stated that Samsung will bring 64-bit processors to the market next year.

Besides housing a powerful processor, the Samsung Galaxy S5 may also include other features, according to sources. These features include the upcoming Android 4.4 KitKat, fingerprint sensor, Sharp’s new IGZO screen technology and a 4K screen resolution.

 … Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3: 5 Killer Features to Look Out For?

The rumoured specs have led to the confirmation of the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The device is all set to release on the 4th of September. Prior, its release analysts have started gossiping about its features. Perhaps the top amazing menu of Note 3 is said to include:

  1. Super Battery

A leaked image of Note 3 without a back cover reveals the massive battery of the device. This will be a new addition to Note 3 and it has been introduced to complement the energy efficiency of the new screen technology and Snapdragon processor.


  1. Almost Unlimited Internal Memory

Along with fast processor and larger screen with vibrant resolution, now the technology offers 8GB storage configuration. It is said that soon gadgets will comes with a storage capacity of 384GB and Note 3 is one of the devices to experience this rise.


  1. Flexible display with alert to prevent breaking

Company is developing a panel giving the display a capacity to bend the display. The bendable screen can be bent and folded with ease. There is a sensor attached that measures that strain when external forces are applied. When the strain reaches the tolerance level, the gadget produces a warning signal


  1. Improved camera with optical zoom

Galaxy is launching the S4 zoom with Note 3. Note 3 will feature the 3x optical zoom offering same quality image as delivered by a standalone digi camera.


  1. Wireless charging

Note 3 is likely to chug along for expanded hours in one charge. Samsung is giving Note 3 the same wireless charging capability as like the other releases. It sticks to the Qi standards, thus several charging equipment will suit well with gigantic second flagship release of the gadget.


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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Vs Samsung Galaxy 4: The Race for Variants In Plastic

Samsung being the market leader in the smartphone segment has always tried something new with each of its flagship device. When the company announced Galaxy S4, it came with only two models- one with Samsung’s octa-core Exynos processor and another with a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor but, released more variants like the S4 Mini, S4 Active, S4 Zoom, and S4 LTE-Advanced soon after.

Some reports online state that Samsung would follow the same strategy with upcoming Galaxy Note 3 phablet. Note 3 will be available in four different models ranging from flagship model down to a low-cost Galaxy Note 3 where the flagship model will be catered as a ‘limited-edition’ device build out of high-quality materials. It will also sport a shatterproof Super AMOLED display.

All other models of Galaxy Note 3 are likely to adorn plastic for their casing to fit into budget. Out of these three, the first best will use an AMOLED display and pack in a 13-megapixel rear camera whereas, the next variant will include a 13-megapixel camera and an LCD screen followed by an LCD display and but a lower 8-megapixel camera for the entry-level Note 3.

Keep watching as the rumors will keep coming till the phablet is launched in coming months.… Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to Sport a 5.7-inch Screen, Not Threatened by Sony Xperia Ultra

The Galaxy Note 3, the upcoming Samsung phablet is making headlines everywhere. The latest one speaks about the size and the release of the same. According to the leaks online, it is asserted that the 5.7-inch Note 3 would debut in September at the IFA 2013 event in Germany.

With a bigger Note 3, Samsung would be competing with Apple as the latter is also speculated to launch a bigger iPhone around the same time. Samsung is expected to be benefitted with the revolutionizing LTE-A technology that allows the users to search and download at up to 150 Mbps right in the palm of their hands and at the same time, it would encourage more companies to discover a variety of ways to commercialize larger handheld devices.

After the success of the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2 which sported 5.3-inch and 5.5-inch displays respectively, Note 3 with 5.7-inch will be more trendy for its ability to take notes with the S-Pen stylus. Samsung seems to be enjoying the success of the previous-gen models and is not at all threatened by the recent launch of colossal phablets (Sony Xperia Ultra and HTC One Phablet) in the 6-inch plus region this year.… Read the rest

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