Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Vs Samsung Galaxy S4: The Camera all Set to Rock the Phablet Market

Samsung is preparing Galaxy Note 3, with features like 13-megapixel sensor, optical zoom and optical image stabilization which are expected to be launched in Berlin at the IFA in September 2013.

According to a Korean news website Samsung is working hard to ensure that the Galaxy Note 3 camera creates a buzz in the market as soon as it launches. Along with a 13 MP camera, OIS technology and improved video capabilities it will also have technologies to help get rid of shutter smear and a few other photographical annoyances.

OIS technology utilized by gadgets reduces the blur caused by moving during photography. OIS feature addresses the movement at the lens or the sensor while clicking a picture or shooting a video.

Rumors say that Galaxy Note 3 will have the latest version of Android i.e. 4.2.2 or 4.3, a 6-inch AMOLED display of 1080p and an Exynos 1.9GHz eight-core processor with a 2GB of RAM.

Tech circles are now looking forward to see whether the speculations regarding the features of the Galaxy Note 3’s camera are better than that of Galaxy S4. The much awaited device is on its way—look out!!

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Should We Hop On To Samsung Galaxy S4 Wagon —Or Rather Wait for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to Drive us Nuts?

Galaxy S4—the “next big thing” has already been out in the markets for a few weeks now. However, less-than-stellar reviews are now doing the rounds with users complaining of overheating and battery drain –making it a feeble successor to the earlier launched Galaxy S3. So will it make sense to hold on the Galaxy S4 and await the launch of the more enterprising Note 3?

The Galaxy S3 is definitely a terrific device—in spite of its battery drains. But then the Galaxy Note 2, with its slogan, “Be Creative, Be Different”, seems to be the blue eyed device for most Samsung lover and users alike. Ever since its release in late September 2012, it has received good reviews –apart from few cases of battery drainage. So why should we not wait for Galaxy Note 3 awaiting release in October and quit rushing into the much acclaimed feature and specs of the Galaxy S4.

Updated features and specs

The Galaxy Note 3 is expected to be released with some killer features including a 5.9-inch screen– larger than the S4’s screen and powered by Samsung’s 8-core Exynos Octa 5 CPU. It will be an upgrade on the S3 and is expected to be “something special”. This so called phablet, much like its sibling the Note 2, will also boast of a full redesign which would include a metal chassis among other features and specs.

The Galaxy Note 3 will also boast of an improved stylus pen and the screen panel of the Galaxy Note 3 will use updated technology for smart touch manipulation.



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Samsung Is Going All Out , First Samsung Galaxy S4, Now Its The August Dawn For Larger Screen Samsung Galaxy Note 3

With the features of Samsung Galaxy S4 already unveiled, it’s time for us to start speculating on the attributes of the much awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 3.Its indeed time for the Korean giant to go big—in more ways than one.

It seems that the Note 3 is all set to wow us with its size and features.

The display of the Galaxy Note 3 is expected to move up to a 5.9-inch display; from its current 5.5-inches. According to recent reports published in The Korea Times, the Galaxy Note 3 is all set for a spectacular launch in the United States, in August.

Along with a 5.9-inch PHOLED display, some other vital features of this Samsung offering are expected to enchant users and media watchers at the IFA. However, some rumors suggest that Samsung may plan a separate launch party for the “phablet”, a la the Galaxy S4.

Samsung has established its reputation for having started the “phablet” range of smart phones which boast of screen size larger than 5 inches. With millions of satisfied users enjoying the features of the Galaxy Note 2, the going looks good for its successor, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as well. Samsung is now displaying its wonder toy to carriers, executives and other vendors, who promise to make this new Samsung product the best in the series of smart phones and “phablets”.

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Oh! Wow Samsung Galaxy Note 3 And Samsung Galaxy S4 Promise A New Beginning With A Popping Up Of A Game Pod

With the popping up of the Samsung Game pod on the site of  Samsung Galaxy S4 are we waiting for the launch of “ta-bone?”—a much bigger “ph-ablet”!

Easy-to-use features that will surely wow game lovers Well if you are looking for an easy-to-use gaming controller that can be played on-the –go and is compatible with devices up to 6.3 inches – then this game pad is certainly for you. With One Touch Bluetooth Pairing features (which are via Samsung’s NFCTectile system) and fully optimized buttons; the Samsung Galaxy S4 is all set to change gaming experiences of the future. The gaming controller is programmed to run well with Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S2 as well.

Larger screen size and other features The Game pad is available in 4”~6.3” screen sizes and comes equipped with Shoulder Keys, Dual Analog stick, 4 Action Buttons and a powerful remote controlling function.—making your home gaming experiences all the more fun filled and enthralling on a big screen. However, the large size of the Game Pad screen (which goes up to 6.3 inches) gives some food for thought—Samsung’s largest screen size at the moment is 5.5 inches in its Note 2. So will the upcoming Note 3 be more of a tablet than a phone – or a “Ph-ablet”?… Read the rest

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