The Sinfully Delicious Trailer of Grand Theft Auto 5: Comes Yet Again To Bring You At The Edge of Your Seat

For those obsessing in the world of gaming, the Grand Theft Auto games have always been exciting and thrilling. Engaging players in their world of sandbox, Rockstar Games is all set to release the Grand Theft Auto V games, with as said by Chris Baker, “surprising narrative richness”.

With a thrill of crime and chase, the edition comes five years after its predecessor.

The gaming company has also taken out a five-minute trailer for the Grand Theft Auto, which shows the game to be bigger and involving.

With bright and clear graphics, the Grand Theft Auto V plunges players into the world of country side with intact wilderness, beaches and backwoods, the inspiring and the absurd.

Based around three protagonists, the game allows users to switch players at will. It includes Michael, the bank robber-cum-family man; Franklin, the street-smart hustler; and Trevor, who looks like a very angry person.

Players can plan, execute and staff the move in standard GTA style, while these three indulge in a series of heists.

Commit any crime and you won’t be arrested. Yes that can only be done in this thrilling game. Players can travel around the streets in luxury, trouble innocent citizens or cause any kind of chaos in Southern California.

Slated for a September 17th release, the Grant Theft Auto V will arrive on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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Rockstar Games Makes Comeback with GTA 5

After one of the longest waiting periods in gaming history, Rockstar Games has returned with a bang with the latest trailer of its prized edition, GTA 5. Following up on the recent trailer, Dan Houser has revealed more details about the game in an interview session with IGN including its multiple endings and options to switch between the playable characters from time to time. The game would be divided into various missions which may involve a single playable character whereas others may feature two or three figures. The options can be utilized by the gamer to switch between them and continue the thrilling game play. As Houser puts it, “The characters are all there and you join them for a bit and see what they do. Then you cut to someone else. That’s going to feel amazing…” One couldn’t agree more. With the latest trailer which features in-game footage has prove to be a marvel in itself. Rockstar has retained its reputation and bettered itself with the latest detail revelations.
More details revealed about the game include the detail that the multiplayer featured would be the ‘most comprehensive package’ prepared by Rockstar till date. Presently it is being developed only for PS3 and Xbox 360. Yes, PC users would have to wait for a while to get their hands on this version. The game’s length would be a big question troubling the gamers and learning from their fiasco in GTA 4, Rockstar has restricted the game’s length by a bit. The total game may last 25-30 hours equaling its other release ‘Red Dead Redemption’ but will offer the gamer a lot of explorations which may lead to a more holistic package.
If you are a fan of GTA series, you may get to see some familiar faces from GTA 4 edition, but Rockstar has deliberately missed out on the other versions. There is a lot of fast-paced action which is ensured with the wide variety of vehicles available through the length of the game. Rockstar’s experiments with the field of music would be taken forward with GTA 5 having its own unique musical score as well. The game’s expanse would be dealt with just like Los Angeles with contrasts between packed city streets and wide open countryside areas. As Houser puts it, ‘the map is going to be spectacular to people when they start exploring and playing around with it.’
And last but not the least, one of the essential elements that makes GTA 5 the star amongst games- the heist. The game would be featuring some really high-action bank robberies and unlike its previous predecessors which featured low scale crimes, this time Rockstar is not leaving anything small. As a fresh and remarkable feat, the game would be featuring a daring bank robbery for the gamers.
One couldn’t agree with Dan Houser when he states that this is ‘biggest world’ made by them. And with a range of new screenshots revealed alongside the trailer, Rockstar team has managed to steal the thunder from the releases of Fall 2012. Well, the engines are still vrooming as GTA 5 comes to consoles on Spring 2013.

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GTA 5 May Suffer Due to Delays, But Still May See Through the Day!

Is the delay in releasing a game of the caliber of GTA justified on the part of Rockstar Games? Also in the absence of any information from the company, the game may suffer a setback…

A lot of GTA fans have been really troubled by the number of delays being suffered by its latest edition, GTA 5, which is now being touted to miss its March 2013 release as well. The discovery by an analyst, Colin Sebastian relies heavily on the preparation time required for the marketing and promotion of any particular game. He suggests that since one has ‘not heard anything definitive from the company on release timing’, the delay is predictable. He also adds that ‘retailers typically want 4-6 months lead time to prepare for a launch’ and the launch proceedings should have begun by now considering the ‘March’ deadline.

Now, most of the GTA comments have comes from financial analysts and other agencies related to Rockstar and its operations. But there is hardly any information from the original source themselves. By the way, even the analyst admits that ‘Rockstar rightly prioritizes game quality over release date’ and this in turn, may result in delays. But what is unfathomable is the fact that Rockstar launched its trailer a good year ago and is now backing it up only with a set of screenshots without delving much into the content.

GTA has a rich tradition and an ever growing fan base. It has even caught the attention of actors and politicians alike with Hillary Clinton terming the game’s content as ‘hard to digest’. No other game has ruffled feathers like GTA and still sustained itself in the long run.

But having said that, one cannot negate the fact that the game owes its success to the gamers, who have played it for over a decade. Presently, they have just been left in the dark about the new version and a series of spin-offs from ‘Sleeping Dogs’ and Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs have taken centre stage in this segment. Although, the former has been labeled as aHong Kongversion of the game, the Ubisoft release may gather some considerable numbers and might dent the actual profits of GTA 5.

But the sun is still to set on the Los Santos beach as GTA 5 will still be a formidable release as and when it finds a date for launch. But for all the fire that is burning on different sites regarding the absence of any solid proof about GTA, it still holds fort as a viable discussion on many avenues. The money is on GTA 5 that it will still generate its usual mark but it may reach a new pinnacle if Rockstar actually puts across some valuable information regarding the game.

Yes, in case, you just want to savor the sweet taste of one of its previous versions, then you can always try GTA 3, which has now been recently launched in its PS3 avatar. For others, if there are any, the road is not over yet! Just keep waiting!… Read the rest

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Rockstar Games and GTA 5 Finally Reveals New Information; 3 New Screenshots Exposed!

Rockstar Games finally reveals more information about its hit franchise GTA 5. It reveals a series of screenshots showing possible vehicles in the game play…

After a long gap, Rockstar Games has finally revealed a set of three screenshots regarding their hit franchise, GTA series. The latest edition, GTA 5 is expected to have a series of some cool vehicles to support the ‘purposeful’ escape in the game. The largest and most detailed of it all is the Hydra jet which makes a comeback in GTA 5. You can pick up the jet and zoom away to glory and park it wherever you want. It has four jet outtakes, which can be directed using directional controls to land at a specific position as per the gamer’s preference. And if you are wondering about the firepower, the Hydra comes equipped with lock-on missiles and manual-aimed versions as well. It can also deploy flares against oncoming missile attacks as well. Its performance and agility are a big plus in any combat situation making it one of the most favored machines of GTA series.

Now one for the road is the super performance Cheetah sports car, which has been a regular partner to GTA explorations. Resembling a cross between Ferrari Testarossa and a Bill Thomas Cheetah, the car looks to dig up some dirt and vroom across the GTA 5 missions in super speed. Now, the screenshots also reveal a sports bicycle a la Lance Armstrong’s ‘weapon of choice’ as well. Now, it waits to be seen whether it would be really useful in the chase or it can just be used as an actual bashing tool to rough up some adversaries in the game. Maybe one could whip the cycle chain to strangle someone in a tussle. That’s just wishful thinking!

Meanwhile, Rockstar Games has kept up the hopes of gamers by promising them ‘More to come this week…’. Now, fans are super excited that the gaming major finally decided to reveal more about the most popular game on the anvil and are looking forward to its upcoming details.

After the grand success received by the Hong Kong-based ‘Sleeping Dogs’ one is very sure that Rockstar has noticed the popularity, which is due to its own creation. After all, many are directly pointing towards the ‘Dogs’ as a Oriental version of GTA series. Now even if people are stating about the controls in the game and getting a familiarity similar to the GTA series, they are not complaining about getting a ‘GTA feel’ in the game. They are impressed by it. Hopefully, GTA 5 will take more cue from this and reveal more info in the times to come.

Responding to a previous query received by Rockstar previously regarding its GTA 5, it had mentioned, “…we want to keep plenty back for the actual game release so there are still lots of surprises when you play it. The only thing we care about is that you enjoy the experience of actually playing the game and that we release accurate information.” Now, fans would be happy to know that this latest revelation is from Rockstar and is not ‘fake’ at all. And I hope that Rockstar understands that it needs to divulge the ‘right amount’ to generate and sustain more interest in its new edition.… Read the rest

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Battle of Games: Will GTA 5 Emerge as the Winner?

There are spates of new games, which have been introduced in recent times. Many of them bear resemblance to the ever popular GTA franchise. Will they succeed in upsetting the leader?

The competition between games is heating up and now more and more launches are crowding the dais of modern gaming. Of course, Rockstar Games’ GTA franchise has been able to rule the roost owing to its unique content and ever growing fan base. Besides an exploratory script penned by Dan Houser, the game’s open world offers new avenues to explore shades of a character, who can execute a variety of actions in a fantastical world, which bears resemblance to the gamers’ neighborhood.

Now the game’s unique USP is slowly turning into poison for itself. There have been a couple of games, which have been announced in recent times that take on this franchise in a big manner. The first to hit the deck is Sleeping Dogs, which releases on August 14, 2012. The game set in Hong Kong, has a storyline depicting the life of Wei Shen, who goes undercover to infiltrate the Triads. The game depicts the dilemma of the character that dwindles between shades of black and white while completing out missions one by one. Yes, the resemblance to GTA is apparent and easily the game could be labeled as a Hong Kong take but whether it can dent into the GTA 5 proceedings needs to be seen. The initial reviews of the game are very promising and comparisons are abound, marking that it may have topped off GTA 4 at least for now.

Another promising venture which seems to take off from where GTA has found itself stagnant is the Ubisoft heralded Watch Dogs, which explores the facets brought forth by technology that we see around ourselves. Now, GTA 5 will not be that far away but it has failed to materialize on its strong script to add more innovative options for gamers to try on. Ubisoft, on the other hand, have been reinventing their games and the introduction of ‘Watch Dogs’ at E3 reflected a big challenge to the industry leaders. It features many devices, which are utilized by us on a daily basis and offers unparalleled control over the city in an indirect way making the game play more interesting with each mission. Additionally, the ingenuity of the concept is yet to be explored by the modern gamer, which would be a reason for its sudden popularity.

Some of the facts which are not helping GTA is the lack of information regarding its actual product launch and whether it would deliver anything beyond the trailer, which was released in October 2011. Meanwhile, Sleeping Dogs is garnering positive responses from the gamers and Watch Dogs is expected to boost itself with more revelations in the coming times. But GTA 5 information is yet to be confirmed by any reliable sources with more and more speculations circling the air rather than actual facts. In times like these, disappointment is looming around the actual game, which may finally see the light of the day in 2013. Meanwhile, it is too early to write off the industry legend, which is aiming for sales of over 1.5 billion dollars. For now, it has two formidable opponents which are aiming at its share in the market. It is a ‘dog-eat-dog’ world and it waits to be seen whether GTA will retain its bite!… Read the rest

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