DMC: Devil May Cry trailer out; Capcom promises more hack and slash!


If you are one of the gamers who love a good sword battle and all the paraphernalia that comes along, then Capcom has got the perfect package for you with its latest offering, ‘DMC: Devil May Cry’….

Dante is back again and in a more vengeful form. The lead character of the ‘Devil May Cry’ series comes back again in the latest outing by Capcom titled ‘DMC: Devil May Cry’. With a gap spanning over five years, the game’s last edition ‘Devil May Cry 4’ was released in 2008.

The trailer shows a lot of different and new features with the lead Dante sporting a new teenage look, which is understandable considering the game’s wide appeal among the younger generation. Dante’s sword Rebellion has been shortened to suit his more youthful look but the game retains its hack and slashes which is its USP. Swords are used alongside guns and with the new weapon which can hook on to the enemy and be drag it to pieces, the game play has got gorier. The game released by Capcom is being developed by Ninja Theory for the fifth installment and involves a collaboration between the two which ensures that one would have more visual effects with a style that has been perfected with the Resident Evil series. One cannot forget that Capcom has just released Resident Evil 6 and is putting upfront one of its lead bankable games which is prepping up for launch on January 15, 2013. The game offers its first glimpse to its fans, coming in after a good two years of its announcement. If you are a fan of the series, you would be well accepting of the fact that the game’s essence has been captured in the trailer through the visual effects which move on effortlessly without referring to the story. The game has evolved over the years and Capcom has ensured the gamer of some new innovations and modifications with each game. The new edition also brings in a round of expectations which are expected to be announced in the coming days. The latest edition would be available in Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC versions as well. One can avail pre-order benefits including weapons pack and character perks.

Mercy was not a quality associated with Dante and the trailer aptly reflects the hero’s killing streak and explosive abilities which truly render the game with its original symphony. The latest edition looks at Dante in a parallel universe, well apart from the series originals which showed a sequence or progression of the single story. The overall intent of the game remains the same with Dante avenging the death of his mother by slaying various demons that are pitted against him.

The hit series has been a record-breaking one recording sales of over 10 million with each of the editions registering a Platinum title. And with the looks of the new trailer, one can surely sum up that the game will achieve its fifth hit as well. The ‘Devil May Cry’ but the gamer may smile! Only time will tell!



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Capcom Bungles up on Resident Evil 6; Offers Free DLC On-disc!

Resident Evil 6 Game Close on the heels of the launch of Resident Evil 6, it has been brought to notice that the game’s disc has ‘free’ DLC, which was earlier unannounced and was not supposed to be part of it either…

If you are avidly playing the new Resident Evil edition and waiting for its latest content, then Capcom has revealed the first on-disk DLC, which would be part of the first update. The game, which was released on October 2, included on-disc DLC about which there was no information whether it would be free or require a payment. Now, Capcom has revealed that the DLC would be free and users can avail it on the first update.

The news spells good for the gamer who gets its hand on some more innovative content related to the game. But on the other hand, it is a disappointing affair for Capcom, which is yet not clear about which contents it plans to release for payment. Over the years, it has raked in much money through the release of its DLC but this time around even as the game is still gathering reviews, the DLC release was unexpected. The company spokesperson has clarified that it has ‘unannounced DLC for RE6 that will be revealed in the coming months’ and that ‘all such content will not be on the disc’. However, they added that ‘there will be one piece of content, that for technical reasons, requires the use of a combination of newly downloaded data and data that is included on the retail game disc.’

Now, the DLC offered includes the ‘No Hope’ difficulty mode, which makes the task of combat all the more difficult and the sequence is not for quitters. Relentless and arduous battle is a must in this mode. Also, players can take on a campaign with Ada Wong and a partner without having to tread through the other three campaigns. The game’s original format requires the players to beat the three campaigns to unlock Wong’s campaign. Also, players can gain new costumes for their mercenaries by simply registering on and earning points on it.

The company, in line with its tradition, has maintained most of the good stuff for paid DLC with none of the multiplayer modes revealed at this stage. Modes such as Predator, Siege and Survivors would be available as off-disc content and can support up to six players at one time.

Resident Evil 6 is yet to make a mark like the previous versions and is still reeling under the huge expectations from the franchise. While RE5 was termed disappointing, the current edition although high on the gore content, is simply being termed as too less in terms of performance. Capcom has already suffered the fall with the leak of the game a month prior to its official launch. The company’s latest bungling is also a disappointment of sorts, although, it was in a similar situation six months ago while releasing Street Fighter X Tekken game. One hopes that the upcoming DLC would be something to cheer about!… Read the rest

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Resident Evil 6 Multiplayer Details for Grabs; Three New Modes Unveiled!

Capcom has revealed a series of new multiplayer modes, which would be part of the hit Resident Evil series in RE 6. Know more details about the game and its blood curdling game play….

The date is approaching near and the time for combating the living dead is coming nearer. Capcom’s latest product Resident Evil 6 is scheduled for a release on October 2, 2012, and the company has released details related to its DLC. The gaming major is recognized for extracting the best price for its DLC which features the best highlights of the edition. Coming back to RE 6, the game is expected to feature some eye grabbing multiplayer modes. The modes would be part of the maps available with the Mercenaries mode, which makes a comeback after RE 4 and RE 5.

The first mode is the Survivor mode, where players appear in combating the zombies and once slain reappear as zombies fighting till the last ‘man’ is left standing. On the other hand, the ‘Predator’ mode sees the player donning the role of ‘Ustanak’, the gigantic monster who is out to kill other players. Other players in this mode combat the giant and have to survive till the session is completed. There is a rescue and protect mission which is also part of this game now. The third mode, ‘Siege’, which has gamers offering security for a single NPC while the players in the opposition (zombies) are given the same NPC as the target.

The multiplayer is designed to accommodate up to six players at one time and promises to be a thrilling ride in the franchise. The only sad part remains that the DLCs are designed only for Xbox 360 and there is no detail regarding its presence for PS3 and PC users. Confirmation is awaited whether gamers would have to shell out extra bucks for the DLC or whether it would be free for pre-order versions.

Meanwhile, if you are still living and spending days with zombies waiting for the actual trailer of the game, you can surely check out the new link, which is now being developed as a utilitarian extension to Capcoms games. Players would be invited to be part of various events on the site, using which they can gain special in-game items released by Capcom. For examples, gamers may have to make a certain number of kills in a particular time period and those who achieve the target may be provided with additions such as skins, or other items. Capcom seems to draw a certain fan base towards its games and plans to cash in on the same by building a group which is addicted to its games and devote certain duration of time to them. Well, if you are a still addicted to shooting zombies in your sleep, do check the site for a moment. Even though the features on the site are yet to be developed fully, it is expected that the site will be more active post the game release!… Read the rest

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After Polish Leak, Capcom Returns With Resident Evil 6 Demo!

A recent discovery of theft and controversies regarding the piracy of its latest Resident Evil edition, Capcom recovers to come up with a pre-release demo slated for release on September 18…


Capcom has recently faced a lot of troubles owing to its most popular game, the Resident Evil with reports surfacing that RE6 was being sold in a store inPoland. Now, the gaming company has done a sweet move of launching the demo version of its latest game across various gaming platforms. This move is a timely effort as the company is at the risk of losing some major moolah over the leak.

The news of the leak was reported by a website, which also posted the packages related to Capcom with the company being kept in the dark about this pre-date release. All the more, the effects of the leak were compounded when a buyer posted the game for sale on eBay and pirated copies of the game were available online. Now it is next to impossible for any agency to fight the threat of piracy and though localized approach can be made, a global initiative is still tough to imagine. The company’s decision to partake in a trial version really makes good sense for gamers to put their complete trust in the product. The game has seen its share of ups and downs but still has managed to remain afloat. Its last outing RE 5 was afflicted with a series of errors that resulted in its disappointing outcome. Now, its predecessors had maintained a sense of innovation and heightened vibrancy over the years.

Now, the sudden fall with RE 5 can be easily negated by the audience if the gamers are able to try out the latest version of the game on their consoles including Xbox 360 and PS3. The demo version would be launched on September 18, 2012 and is expected to feature all the three protagonists along with their partners in the three storylines, which form part of the full version. Gamers can download it from Xbox LIVE or the PlayStation store. As per the Capcom press release, the content of the demo ‘features completely different content’ as compared to the previous demo released alongside Xbox 360 version of Dragon’s Dogma.

The games can either be played solo or along with an online partner. Players can don the mantle of Leon S Kennedy and his partner Helena Harper or go in as Jake and Sherry as well. They can also don the role of Chris Redfield or his partner Piers Nivans and fight the battle in the ‘war-ravaged streets of Edonia’. The Zombie battle promises to be a menacing one and Capcom plans to cash in on the game’s fan base.

Although, the release date for the full version of the game are still scheduled for October 2, the demo is expected to generate quite a buzz in the gaming world and with reviews out early on the game, Capcom is surely hoping to convert into profits after the early debacle faced by it.… Read the rest

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Capcom Discovers Theft Behind Leaked Resident Evil 6 Versions!

Recently it was discovered that buyers in Poland could get their hands on the latest edition of Resident Evil franchise. Now, it has been revealed that the games were actually ‘stolen’ from Capcom…

Gaming is a very tough business especially with the number of pirated copies floating around. And the latest victim of this nasty crime is Capcom, which has discovered copies of its latest game ‘Resident Evil 6’ being sold in Poland. The company was completely oblivious to the fact and the matter came to light when it was reported by Polish website Neo Plus that it was able to get its hand on the game even before its release date.

Now, the information has startled the company, which did not release any copies before October 2. Meanwhile, Capcom COO Christian Svensson mentioned a couple of days back that they are ‘investigating’ the matter. NeoGo, the site on which the details were revealed used its access to advantage and posted information regarding the game’s initial sequence and also posted images of its manual along with the case in which it was sold. NeoGo admitted on its part that it did ‘not plan to spoil the entire game’ by revealing more.

Capcom is presently ‘undertaking a thorough investigation into reports that Resident Evil 6 is being sold ahead’ of its release date. They agreed that ‘this unfortunate incident is limited to a small quantity of stolen copies of the German USK Playstation 3 version of the game’. The sale was discovered after more than ‘ten’ copies of the game had already been sold. The retail has been suspended for now at the mentioned store in Poznan, Poland but the damage could be an irreversible one for Capcom.

A month prior to the official release date, the game is already being auctioned off at eBay by a buyer who is planning to sell it at a minimum price of $599. It has also been reported that the game has been leaked online on piracy sites. Svensson, on his part, has denied that these early sales will not be affecting the game’s success.

But any gaming agency would accept the damaging effects of pirated copies on their overall sales. And considering the fact that the actual release would be happening after a good time gap of 30 days, the game’s total sales may be affected considerably. That said, the company would be resting on the fact that RE 6 has recorded the ‘highest sales on record’ in its pre-order sales and is touted to be the most successful Resident Evil edition till date. But will it sustain its momentum is one big puzzle for many and Capcom would be equally baffled by its ‘pre-season’ launch of its new game. Well, considering the reach of the World Wide Web, the game would have entered new continents now and one can just pray that the efforts of people at Capcom don’t go in vain! Tech Thirsty requests you not to promote any piracy or related activities and report of any such leaks at the earliest so that it can be stopped in time!… Read the rest

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Resident Evil 6 Crossplay – Revelations in the Making!

One of the most anticipated zombie annihilation projects of 2012, Resident Evil 6 has garnered a wide amount of curiosity over a short period of time. With its latest crossplay details revealed, the game could head into a new direction…

When I first played the Resident Evil games, I couldn’t stop imagining the zombies getting at me from all sides even during the time when I was asleep. But over the years, I have put a number of zombies to ‘rest’ – pun intended but I am feeling restless myself. Now we see the arrival of another edition of the Resident Evil and this time around the hazards would be enhanced to whet the appetite of the modern gamer who has seen a lot of its older versions. So what does Capcom ensure for us now? How about crossplay for the uninitiated? Although, it has been present in modern gaming its full potential is yet to be explored and now Capcom expects to make it integral to the edition. Some of the details of the co-op play include – Two different players, despite their physical location have to be at the same point in the game to participate in a co-op play. In case, you wish to share the spoils with your own friend or group of friends, then one can opt for the choice prior to it. And the partnership can only prove fruitful if both of you choose the same chapter at the beginning and in case you have more than 1 PSN friend, then chances are that you may be playing with different friends if they choose to play the same chapter. The pairing can be opted by you but may differ upon the number of online friends at that time as well. There would be three pairs of players to choose from with each having their own storylines. For a chance to play next to your friend, one can choose the same pair and then end up in a confrontation with a common nemesis where you may encounter another pair in real time. These confrontations are planned in the storyline where the pairs come across each other and the stories overlap each other. One can say the only advantage of playing with a friend is that you know each other’s gaming styles and can tackle the opponent accordingly. As the players would begin with limited ammunition and attack options, it is always good to have a ‘friend’ at the side. But on the other hand, a random pairing does ensure a challenging duel for the players. Something which cannot be ‘designed’ beforehand.… Read the rest

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