Steam Machine vs PS4 Vs Xbox One: The Better Gaming Console Post CES 2014

806cf45d-de8e-4af1-9610-d40be9df9276Steam Machine gaming console has indeed taken the gaming world by storm. It now boasts of 65 million active users. The Steam Machine gamine console features open-source tools, for instance the SteamOS which can be used  by the player on any gaming rig and also one designed by the gamer himself.

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2014, Valve once an indie developer has transformed into a leading digital entertainment conglomerate. It started its well-planned shake –up of the gaming industry by launching the Steam Machine gaming console. It is also known for myriad renowned partners. Its announcements at the CES clearly suggest their efforts of bringing PC gaming to the wide, mainstream users.

The Sony PS4 still retains its leading position in the gaming industry. The Sony PS4 is known for exceptional gaming performance, proves to be value for money and also features an enhanced PlayStation Plus apart from DualShock 4 controller. The Sony PS4 is a big leap in the graphical department from the Sony PS3. The Sony PS4 also supports PS VITA Remote Play over the traditional WiFi.

The Microsoft Xbox One effortlessly integrates live TV in an interesting and innovative way and is also engineered for controlling your satellite or cable box, receiver as well the TC. Most of the games available come with distinctly enhanced graphics as those seen on the Xbox 360. The Microsoft Xbox One has a faintly better roster of some exclusively available launch games as compared to Sony’s PS4s.

The Xbox One does not restrict itself to gaming alone. With its ambitious and futuristic live TV integration, it has certainly created a stir in the gaming industry. However, it does not seem to be beating its arch rival Sony PS4 owing to an higher price tag as well as unbalanced voice control.

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PS4 Vs Xbox One Users : Who Are Using Console for Porn Website Sugar DVD?

Xbox-xbox-24059151-640-640Millions of Xbox ones and play stations have been sold; but a love for the game is not the only reason why gamers are flocking to buy the consoles. It seems that the console can also access a pornographic website called Sugar DVD.

The website has claimed that they have an increased number of registered users how own play stations 4 over those who own the Xbox.  This seems to be a mystery as the Xbox One has optimizable browser settings with additional options to control motions and voice. 

Jax Smith, CEO of Sugar DVD said that while the PS4 may look fancy, the xbox one enables seamless integration and paves the way for the porn of the future.

Nicole Setter, a spoke person for the company said that the xbox one is more of a family oriented consol so naturally it will be used by fewer people.   

This seems to be the only reasons why the pS 4 seem to be the choice console, even though the xbox offers a more interactive experience. Sugar DVD has in November released a web application that enables the Xbox one and the play station 4 to access the adult library store of the company.  … Read the rest

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The PS4 VS Xbox One-What Will You Buy On New Year?



There have been many complaints about the recent batch of Xbox One having been manufactured with broken disk Drives. The drives apparently can’t seem to recognize things like DVD’s, Blu-Rays and even game discs. This concern came around Christmas time when many buyers had opened their Xbox One only to discover that all the discs were either broken or faulty. 

This problem has become a concern for many buyers as the complaints have started after a long time and Microsoft has devised a solution in which they will replace all broken discs. It seems that this solution may not be the best one as a certain clause holds a certain surprise.

This clause states that customers, who are looking to replace their console, will get one that is completely refurbished. This is because this clause enables the repairs to be done using refurbished parts or a completely refurbished unit.

According to a case related to these broken Xbox One incident as brought forward by WCCF, a customer had returned his Xbox One to the store after he complained that it was faulty and had received a replacement with scratches on it. When he had contacted customer care, he was told that all Xbox Ones with broken discs were being returned to the manufacturers.      … Read the rest

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PS4 Vs Xbox One Vs iPhone 5S Vs Samsung Galaxy S4: The Best Holiday Gadget This Year

50578713-bcca-45d2-a557-15cf83631779With plethora of gadgets available for holidays this year, there are several options available in the market. However, the choice depends on the number of priorities of people. Making selection is very important while acknowledging the factor of your priority and preference.

Samsung Galaxy S4 and Apple iPhone 5s

The great handset features an ergonomic design with Touch Wiz UI with a plastic chassis. On the other hand iPhone 5s is an effective gadget featuring a huge update in comparison to the previous iPhone version. It features 120fps slow motion spec and the availability of iOS 7 along with Touch ID fingerprint sensor. The screen size of Apple is smaller than S4. Thus, if you are looking for a smartphone which is bigger and more customised. However to experience better iOS 7 iPhone 5s is the right option for you.

PS4 v/s Xbox One

Both the gaming consoles come with box like design. While Xbox really looks like a black rectangular box with Blu-ray disc drive, HDMI input for real-time TV, Sony PS4 looks like E3. However, PS 4 is sleeker and smaller in comparison to Xbox One. While Xbox One features similar controller with slight modification, Sony comes with bigger Dual Shock 4 with unique front and middle touchpad. However, Sony Dual Shock is much better than PS Dual Shock Controller. Xbox has been priced $100 higher than the Sony PS4.

Thus, with 2 most famous gaming consoles and two most popular smartphones fighting in the race, the competition gets stiffer. It is the preference that the users have to make to select that gadget of their choice. Whatever the need and priority of users is, you can go as per the requirement.… Read the rest

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PS4 Vs XBOX One: The Real Game Deal This Season?

Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One are out in the market. The gaming consoles have broken the much vaunted next gen console gaming. However, the question remains the same: which one of the two are you planning to buy this season?

Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One are out in the market. The gaming consoles have broken the much vaunted next gen console gaming. However, the question remains the same: which one of the two are you planning to buy this season?

PS4 is a slick small console, but it is not releasing enough outstanding software to justify the launch. You have four games that can’t be played anywhere else. And out of the 4, only worth is playing. Even a modest appraisal doesn’t allow you to spell $400+ value of gaming exhilaration.

Xbox One has more enhanced and enjoyable bench of software, but you’ll get exhausted by it pretty quickly. Another thing is that the rules of entertainment world function displays some great promises but doesn’t perform them. On top of that, there are some hardware issues, screwy HDMI ports, ill-functioning disc drives for Xbox One.

The most important thing to remember is that both the gaming consoles have nowhere to go but ahead. Right now, both the companies are avoiding the release of their top-flight exclusives. Thus, the hard-core gamers want to grab them whether they could possibly do anything innovative with the consoles or not.

However, the responses for Xbox are a little more positive with favourable comment on the Dual Shock 4 controller and rhetoric of Sony’s pro-gamer. Though the exclusives of both the games disappoint, yet gamers wish to own both of these. Both PS4 and Xbox One have sold more than 1 million units already and there are more PS4s to release internationally all through the December. It is up to you to decide how ardent Sony or Microsoft fan you are! Though there are no propelling reasons to brave the shortage of hardware, so pick one up now as per your preference.… Read the rest

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PS4 Vs Xbox- The Positive War or Is It a Scandal?

As new gaming consoles from Sony along with Microsoft is about to enter the market in the session holidays and before this loads of scandals have come up for them same. Recently, there was poll on twitter to known about the popularity of PS4 and Xbox and the results that were stated were shocking as Xbox One was showing a popularity level of 90 percent in US. The industry experts who were monitoring the contest clearly specified that the poll has been tampered and some Xbox lover has done the scandal to show different results.

In addition to this, the experts from the gaming industry have stated that, as PS4 is gaining popularity because of new games and features, it s hitting Xbox lovers because of which such scandal has occurred. Before closing down the popularity scale, it was found that more than seven hundred dislikes were there for PS4. The people who were involved in making of the poll mentioned that these polls are for fun and not for any other purpose, but the people who love games take these things very seriously especially when it is about gaming consoles like Xbox one and PS4. As of now, the fire of scandal has been diminished, but soon it will erupt again before the official release.… Read the rest

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