New Dating App Revealed: Promotes Prostitution And ill Treats Women


Carrot Dating app allows men to bribe “dates” amongst women. Well it is a general presumption that nerdy smile and good persona isn’t adequate to attract gorgeous women. And as per the Founder of Carrot Dating app, Brandon Wade “rejection was not just embarrassment but it was quite aching also”. Then, came the idea women like gifts just like dogs love delicacies.

MIT graduate

The app gives the users a mode to bribe their way and enter one another’s hearts and encourages the users to come back for more. Wade went to MIT and spoke to MIT graduate. He wanted to find out that most of the prominent man to date insipid women, the base of whose happiness majorly lies on materialism. The app left the women to nothing more than materialistic, gift loving, shrewd personality.

Promoting prostitution

Carrot dating app adds romance by motivating men to never leave for date alone. However, the app depicted women as prostitutes spending time with guy in exchange of money and gifts and promoted prostitution in a lethal manner. It stated women equal to dogs and insulted them in every way. Strong steps should be taken against such dating apps.… Read the rest

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