Now Subscribe Microsoft Office 2013 At An Affordable Price Of $99.99 Per Year


Microsoft is yet to announce the release date of its Office 2013 software, but the firm did reveal its pricing. Microsoft Office 2013- the latest to come out from Microsoft’s arsenal contains Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, which are touch- and cloud-optimized versions of standbys. While the individual versions of the Office 2013 will still be available for use on a single computer, Microsoft has come up with a new subscription strategy for Office 2013 that will make it more affordable for home and business users. For single subscriptions, Office 365 Home Premium package will cost $99.99 a year. This plan will cover up to five users or devices, and would come with an extra 20 GB of SkyDrive cloud storage (on top of the free 7 GB of space), 60 minutes of Skype calls per month, and a premium license that will guarantee automatic software updates. Along with these, [+more]

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iPhone 5 Launched, A6 Chip, Bigger Screen, Lighter, Thinner


              Apple revealed the iPhone5 today at San Francisco, convention centre.  It rose up on a pedestal from beneath the stage and surprised the world with its sleek glass and aluminum looks.   Sporting a metal back as expected it is bigger and better than iPhone 4S.  Almost 18% thinner then it’s predecessor iPhone 5 weighs just 112 grams. With iPhone 5 Apple has bid farewell to the dock connector. The screen size is 4 inch  at1136 x 640 resolution as compared to 3.5 inch screen size of iPhone 4S. The front camera has also been improved for 720p video, which should give the user a better video call experience. Equipped with A6 chip and Ultra-fast wireless” — LTE and HSPA+ (“4G”) and more. Single chip, single radio, dynamic antenna makes iPhone 5 the hottest phone of the year.

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Boom Land Moves on From the Angry Birds Segment!


For those who have seen enough of the Angry Birds, here comes a game, which takes you to a familiar territory but with much more explosives to give you company. Just go ‘Boom Boom’ with this new app ‘Boom Land’… I am sure most of you would have had enough of the Angry Birds and their pigs and among the flying birds, you would have remembered the funny looking Black Bird (yeah, they are all funny, I admit) which would swell up and explode bringing down the house with its explosive power. Now, Mirage-lab has just introduced its latest app ‘Boom Land’, which really brings out the ‘explosive’ side of you. The game also gives you a smarter side of setting up and completing levels by placing your dynamite at strategic locations to bring down the structures. The smarter you play, the more you succeed. And besides the regular bowling [+more]

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HTC One X for Rs. 33990 to Give Tough Competition to Samsung Galaxy S3


It has been raining cats and dogs since morning. From my balcony I can see the green blades of pine trees enveloped in the tiny water droplets and clouds hung beautifully in the bosom of the cavernous valley. The sky has turned sapphire blue and an exotic group of birds is flocking in my little garden. It undoubtedly is beautiful and enigmatic sight which is worth capturing. Now it is not always that you carry your cameras around to click such picturesque views. It is at these times a phone with  a great camera comes handy and when I say’ phone with a great camera’ the name that immediately comes to my mind is ‘HTC One X’, the latest to come out of the HTC’s hive.  So, let’s take a look at this stunner of a phone whose 8 mega pixel camera is the talk of the town.         [+more]

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Buy Google Nexus 7 in India from online stores at Rs. 16,952


Now that Google Nexus 7 tablet has been launched in the US, it is becoming difficult for tech fans in India to hold their desire to grab this one. For those who can wait till Nexus 7 tablet is launched in India, their patience will be appreciated, but for those who cannot, have the option of buying the gadget online from a number of websites that offer Google’s flagship. Statutory Warning: you will have to pay extra bugs to price this possession. The device is available in US for $200 (approx. Rs.11,000), but if you wish to buy it in India from Online stores then you will have to pay anything from Rs 16,900 to 17, 700 (approx.). There are number of online stores that are offering Google Nexus 7 tablet. First one on our list is Indiatimes online shopping website. Here you can buy the 8GB version for Rs. [+more]

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