Killer For Pokémon X And Y Cheats- Poke Teleporter And Pokémon Bank To Check Cheats From 27 December

Pokemon-X-and-Y_USGameFreak, the creators for Pokémon X and Pokémon Y are finally happy about finding a solution to end cheats from interfering with the tournaments for the game online.

  • The software cheat applications for Instachek and Battle Analyze will become stand defunct after users download the update 1.2.
  • Add to this comes the perk of bug fixing and glitch erasing too. Pokémon will also find inability to lean fresh moves post Wonder Trade.
  • The cheat apps had made it possible for users to look into the opponent team during the game. From stats to characters, they could see it all. This led to interference with fair play and dismissed all planned strategies for the same.
  • The worst part here was that gamer could never possibly figure put that they were being looked into!

GameFreak and Nintendo have announced lately that Pokémon X and Pokémon Y are set to launch the much-awaited Poke Teleporter and Pokémon Bank by 27 December. Of course, in Nintendo 3DS store!… Read the rest

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Pokemon X and Y Cheats and News: Blue And Red Nintendo 2DS, Chart Of Gym Leaders,

Pokemon-X-and-Y_USPokemon continues to rule the sale of Nintendo, till the extent that Nintendo 2Ds Pokemon X and Y bundles which were supposed to land in Europe and South Korea will also be released in United States.

 The similar setting was created for South Korean and European market, The Pokemon X and Y will either come with Pokemon X’s red Nintendo 2DS or Pokemon Y’s blue Nintendo 2DS. Retailers will price the bundles at a sum of $149.99. This will allow the gamers to save $25, as the game is installed from before on the Nintendo 2DS gadgets. The games will be available from the 6th of December. This will be the right gift for the fans of Pokemon X and Y.

 Redditorshave become more inventive and targeted in what are offering such as infographics and informative maps for Pokemon X and Y. Now, TedditorJoescool has designed a chart talking about the gym leader’s greatest stage Pokemon per generation. Similar to the other guides and graphics, the Pokemon X and Y community will be useful and funny, both. You can check out the capabilities average with this chart of the gym leaders.

 For instance: Brock’s Onix comes in two separate stages in Gen 1. In Red and Blue it is at Number 12 while in Yellow, it comes at 14, So it is averaged at 13.

 A Quick Competitive EV Training Guide

 As the new moves have been predicted by the Pokemon X and Y cheats, this can work as spoilage for the game. However, the true gamers don’t need the cheats, as the game is about playing with a fair essence. There are two reasons why players should go for Pokemon EV train. The first reason is that it specifies damages done to the rival. Another reason whyEV training is crucial players face with a similar Pokemon, the one that is more bred, over the others

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Mega Evoutions Pokemon X and Y: The Cheaters and Hackers Revealed

Pokemon X and Y has become prey in game via a variety of hacked Pokemon that doesn’t hold any weaknesses and are far stronger than the contemporaries.Pokemon X and Y has become prey in game via a variety of hacked Pokemon that doesn’t hold any weaknesses and are far stronger than the contemporaries.

 However, the game developers have found a new idea to spot the cheaters.

Pokemon made it quite big at the online competitive communities with thousands of people making use of artificially improved Pokemon which were unmatchable to the normal lot in any way. The hackers made use of the online codes as well as cheats whilst upbringing Pokemon to design a number of exclusive and fake characters. This provided all the people playing the game a right manner to take the unfair advantage. For those purist players of Pokemon, these hackings are equal to the use of steroid in athletics.


The new game has brought an immense change in the technicalities of breeding work of Pokemon and changed the playing field of the game. It has also brought a cut back on the system’s beating. However, you cannot undo the hackers and they continue to exist and draft one way or the other.

The new site of Pokemon, Serebii recently updated how a gamer could locate a Pokemon hacker while playing in the game. This way the gamers can stay away from the hackers while searching for rivals or trading.

In the Pokemon status screen as per the trades and other info, you may have seen a blue pentagon beside your Pokemon. This is an authorization of getting accessed in-game. If the Pokemon of your game gas it, it signifies that you are legitimately playing the game. And if your Pokemon doesn’t have it, then these is an error and your Pokemon has been hacked probably from some another region, stated Kotaku… Read the rest

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Pokemon X and Y Biggest Features: Avenging “Grand Theft Auto 5” Features and Tricks

Pokemon game has always had a repute of glacially slow change, but with Pokemon X and Y, this is not the case. Ther are a large number of new Pokemon X and Y features  which have been introduced, at a small and large scale. The 20 biggest features of Pokemon X and Y are listed below

  1. The Fairy Type
  2. Mawile! Wakes up from your Grave
  3. New graphics
  4. Capability to view EVs
  5. Train EVs with Minigames
  6. Remove outdated EV bags via Reset Bags
  7. Trainer PR videos
  8. Wonder Trades
  9. Gigantic Online World
  10. Enhanced International Trading system
  11. Now, you can play 6v6 against any player
  12. Select the music
  13. Real Pokemon Interface through Pokemon Amie
  14. Hawlucha
  15. Friends Safari gives you the opportunity to find rare Pokemon
  16. Changes to the conventional type chart
  17. Features like weather , grasstype, rebalanced
  18. Effect of few capabilities
  19. Different clothing, different avatars
  20. Snorlax wakes up at last

The Pokemon X and Y tricks as well as Pokemon X and Y cheats have been exclusively designed to avenge GTA V failure and has affected GTA 5 popularity.

To take a look at the Pokemon X and Y tricks and cheats please click here: Pokémon X and Y: 7 Tips and Secrets To Win The Pokemon Game 

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