Minecraft Set To See Major Revamps By Early Next Year-Says Mojan

Minecraft is set to see major revamps by early next year given that Mojang, a Microsoft company, is striving to keep up its community. The developers from Mojang announced the news at Minecon 2015 in London.

Minecraft Set To See Major Revamps By Early Next YearWielding Using Shields

In a major update, Minecraft players can now enable virtual characters. From a pickaxe to a torch, players can now flaunt anything on their hands, according to IGN notes. Add to this shields or even customized banners, and we are already excited.

Fiercer Monsters On The Prowl

Mojang has plans to toughen the character, Ender Dragon. As a player, you will have to defeat the dragon before wrapping the game up. The new bit here is that you could now be capable of respwaning the dragon. Get ready for a new mob, the Shulker will come across as a projectile shooter.

Newer Arenas For The Game

Mojang announced changes for the gaming interface or location with introduction of a purple-yellow color scheme towards the wrap up point of the game. Levitation rights will be applicable on the players at this site.

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Guild Wars 2 Hopes to Evolve MMO Games Business!

Fans of multiplayer online hit Guild Wars have some good news. The developers have now upgraded the game to Guild Wars 2, which is made with several noteworthy changes to game play that makes the sequel handy to the average video gamer.

The massively multiplayer online (MMO) game has evolved, offering gamers a breath of fresh air.

The unique approach to the game includes the developers’ decision to keep Guild Wars free-to-play that means that gamers won’t have to pay any monthly subscription fees now, which sounds fun.

Users can simply buy Guild Wars 2 with a starting price of $59.99, which depends on the version they want. But, what’s good is that there will be no regular bill, just micro-transactions in the game that players can use to enhance their characters.

Free-to-play service grows as the subscriptions of a game go down. With this decision, the developers seek to aim new customers, who find monthly bills a barrier to enter gaming market.

However, there are also other creative changes made to this follow-up version.

Designers of the game appear to have worked to get back the magic of MMO, which seem to have got lost among players.

Designed to get together players from all over the world, this updated version of the game pulls people as one.

Chris Whiteside, Lead Producer, Guild Wars 2 said that the team behind the game really wanted all players from different parts of the world to get together and interact with each other rather than competing for the same objectives related to specific areas of the game.

“It’s designed to be dynamically accessible,” he said. “So if someone turns up, it doesn’t negatively affect the experience, like how the enemies will behave.”

Guild Wars 2 also hopes to offer players an opportunity to work together. It wants to persuade people to come together and experience the world.

In a move to encourage a community, designers made the Guild Wars 2 world a persistent one. The game continues to change even when players leave the game. And to add more fun, actions that players take can alter the in-game world for the entire community, which can change their in-game experience altogether.

For example, if a player’s characters release or detain a village from the opposition, it will influence the political situation for every other player who may walk through that area.

The team has also put special emphasis to its beta weekends. It even invited players to take a look at the game during a particular stage of development. They also read the message boards and other community input from fans. The first version of Guild Wars sold 7 million units, which was ahead of the alpha and beta tests of the game.

The team of Guild Wars 2 said that around 50 to 60 percent of players did understand the changes team made when they saw the first beta weekend, whereas 40 percent seemed completely lost.

So the team reached out to people directly, and based on feedback, made the changes before it came out with a successful second beta weekend.

The game is expected to be a hit among gamers.

Whitman said, “We can’t wait to see the players, enjoy the world with them and see the whole world come to life.”

Players who pre-register can play the game on Saturday ahead of the official release on Aug. 28!… Read the rest

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Fifa 13 to React to Players Swearing Via Xbox Kinect

Fifa 13 will undergo a new advancement wherein the players will be allowed to shout commands, change tactics or formations without halting the game. And, all this will take place with the help of Microsoft’s Kinect.

However, it is not only the commands of the players that the system will listen to, but also swears that players make at referee in frustration. To make it more intricate, the developers have listed that swearing at the referee will ultimately make an impact on the decision-making. Wow! Now this is something interesting and sure to attract lots of Fifa fans. And, this is not all! EA has also mentioned that the gamers who develop an abuse free reputation will themselves in storylines.

Fifa 13 is the 20th edition of EA series and will be launched on 28th September. As we all are aware that the previous edition of the game focused on its defensive system, this year the target is on attacking intelligence. This feature will give all players the benefit of playing smarter and getting creative in their attack. Some of the other features that this edition will offer are that all players can manage an international side in career, more physical battles between two players and mini-games based on skills such as shooting and crossing.

As far as the additional accessories are concerned, this edition will come with a camera and a microphone, which help gamers to interact with the Xbox console using gestures and voice commands. Fifa 13 is going to be a pure example of advancements of technology.… Read the rest

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