After Polish Leak, Capcom Returns With Resident Evil 6 Demo!

A recent discovery of theft and controversies regarding the piracy of its latest Resident Evil edition, Capcom recovers to come up with a pre-release demo slated for release on September 18…


Capcom has recently faced a lot of troubles owing to its most popular game, the Resident Evil with reports surfacing that RE6 was being sold in a store inPoland. Now, the gaming company has done a sweet move of launching the demo version of its latest game across various gaming platforms. This move is a timely effort as the company is at the risk of losing some major moolah over the leak.

The news of the leak was reported by a website, which also posted the packages related to Capcom with the company being kept in the dark about this pre-date release. All the more, the effects of the leak were compounded when a buyer posted the game for sale on eBay and pirated copies of the game were available online. Now it is next to impossible for any agency to fight the threat of piracy and though localized approach can be made, a global initiative is still tough to imagine. The company’s decision to partake in a trial version really makes good sense for gamers to put their complete trust in the product. The game has seen its share of ups and downs but still has managed to remain afloat. Its last outing RE 5 was afflicted with a series of errors that resulted in its disappointing outcome. Now, its predecessors had maintained a sense of innovation and heightened vibrancy over the years.

Now, the sudden fall with RE 5 can be easily negated by the audience if the gamers are able to try out the latest version of the game on their consoles including Xbox 360 and PS3. The demo version would be launched on September 18, 2012 and is expected to feature all the three protagonists along with their partners in the three storylines, which form part of the full version. Gamers can download it from Xbox LIVE or the PlayStation store. As per the Capcom press release, the content of the demo ‘features completely different content’ as compared to the previous demo released alongside Xbox 360 version of Dragon’s Dogma.

The games can either be played solo or along with an online partner. Players can don the mantle of Leon S Kennedy and his partner Helena Harper or go in as Jake and Sherry as well. They can also don the role of Chris Redfield or his partner Piers Nivans and fight the battle in the ‘war-ravaged streets of Edonia’. The Zombie battle promises to be a menacing one and Capcom plans to cash in on the game’s fan base.

Although, the release date for the full version of the game are still scheduled for October 2, the demo is expected to generate quite a buzz in the gaming world and with reviews out early on the game, Capcom is surely hoping to convert into profits after the early debacle faced by it.… Read the rest

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Capcom Discovers Theft Behind Leaked Resident Evil 6 Versions!

Recently it was discovered that buyers in Poland could get their hands on the latest edition of Resident Evil franchise. Now, it has been revealed that the games were actually ‘stolen’ from Capcom…

Gaming is a very tough business especially with the number of pirated copies floating around. And the latest victim of this nasty crime is Capcom, which has discovered copies of its latest game ‘Resident Evil 6’ being sold in Poland. The company was completely oblivious to the fact and the matter came to light when it was reported by Polish website Neo Plus that it was able to get its hand on the game even before its release date.

Now, the information has startled the company, which did not release any copies before October 2. Meanwhile, Capcom COO Christian Svensson mentioned a couple of days back that they are ‘investigating’ the matter. NeoGo, the site on which the details were revealed used its access to advantage and posted information regarding the game’s initial sequence and also posted images of its manual along with the case in which it was sold. NeoGo admitted on its part that it did ‘not plan to spoil the entire game’ by revealing more.

Capcom is presently ‘undertaking a thorough investigation into reports that Resident Evil 6 is being sold ahead’ of its release date. They agreed that ‘this unfortunate incident is limited to a small quantity of stolen copies of the German USK Playstation 3 version of the game’. The sale was discovered after more than ‘ten’ copies of the game had already been sold. The retail has been suspended for now at the mentioned store in Poznan, Poland but the damage could be an irreversible one for Capcom.

A month prior to the official release date, the game is already being auctioned off at eBay by a buyer who is planning to sell it at a minimum price of $599. It has also been reported that the game has been leaked online on piracy sites. Svensson, on his part, has denied that these early sales will not be affecting the game’s success.

But any gaming agency would accept the damaging effects of pirated copies on their overall sales. And considering the fact that the actual release would be happening after a good time gap of 30 days, the game’s total sales may be affected considerably. That said, the company would be resting on the fact that RE 6 has recorded the ‘highest sales on record’ in its pre-order sales and is touted to be the most successful Resident Evil edition till date. But will it sustain its momentum is one big puzzle for many and Capcom would be equally baffled by its ‘pre-season’ launch of its new game. Well, considering the reach of the World Wide Web, the game would have entered new continents now and one can just pray that the efforts of people at Capcom don’t go in vain! Tech Thirsty requests you not to promote any piracy or related activities and report of any such leaks at the earliest so that it can be stopped in time!… Read the rest

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Google Plans to Take Piracy Down with Search

Google is getting all geared up against attacks on piracy by tweaking its search formula. The online search giant plans to offer great priority to legal content on the Internet and sink rankings for website that have pirate content.

The company said the websites, who violate copyright norms will be punished.

In a recent blog post, Amit Singhal, senior vice president of Google engineering stated that Google will begin taking a new signal, considering valid copyright removal notices in its ranking algorithm, so that users can be directed to legitimate content easily.

The company revealed receiving removal notices for more than 4.3 million URLs over the last 30 days. This sudden growing figure has surpassed all the notices the company received in all of 2009.

It is believed that search engines play a difficult role in the battle against piracy, as they index but get no part in hosting pirated content on sites across the Web. Google and other search engines were earlier accused of not doing much to keep pirated sites out of search results by many people who support strong action against copyright violators.

As filtering out legitimate and illegitimate information would take lot of time, it was difficult for search engines to tackle the problem.

However, this recent move from Google seems to be a step that can sink the pirate websites.

Still, this move drew rapid concern from Public Knowledge, which is the digital rights group. John Bergmayer, senior staff attorney revealed a statement in which he said that the system initiated by Google could be misused by those who want to sink competitors’ sites and may harm sites that host a lot of content. He added, “Google needs to make sure this change does not harm Internet users or the Internet ecosystem.”

However, the Motion Picture Association of America welcomed the decision and said hoped that Google’s actions will help guide consumers to many legal ways, with which they can access movies and TV shows online.… Read the rest

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