Mock-up Pics of ‘iPad Mini’ Hit the Web

As Apple always stays tight-lipped about its new releases, the secretive nature makes it surface around a range of rumors.

Just a day prior to Apple’s big press event, alleged mock-up pictures of an iPad Mini hit the web via a Chinese website We checked with the Chinese site but they have taken down the pictures, which were later published by a French site,

This latest one in the Apple rumor mill depicts mocking pictures of a mini version of the firm’s famous iPad.

It still stays unclear whether these pics are of iPad Mini or are just another one in the league of rumors.

Another rumor, which has been going on for long is that iPad Mini is supposed to be released later this year in October.

Looking at the pics, the iPad Mini looks like a 7-inch model, which is same as the Galaxy, Google Nexus and the Kindle Fire.

With this mini version, Apple hopes to widen its base in the tablet market as its competitors offer tabs with almost similar features at a lower price.

Steve Jobs, Apple’s late co-founder once said in a statement that he had no plans of shrinking the iPad, but now it seems that the firm warmed up to the idea.… Read the rest

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Camera ZOOM FX: Think Beyond Instagram!

Yes, Instagram’s one of the most popular photo apps worldwide, but today, we’re going to explore the world of apps beyond Instagram and look at some other great apps that can put amazing effects on your photographs. One such app on the Google Play Store is Camera ZOOM FX – probably the most extensive app in terms of effects and features for editing photos on your smartphone.

This app has nearly 75 different effects that you can use on photos you click using your phone’s camera, including readymade preset options, color effects, frames, distort effects, mirror effects, and tilt-shifting. What’s better, this app even processes the images you click on full resolution, up to 8MP, so you no longer need to worry about losing clarity after applying effects. With Camera ZOOM FX, you pretty much have a mini Photoshop right in your palm as it provides overlay features for image processing, as well as create lovely collages without requiring you to download your photos onto a PC.

A fullscreen shutter lets you click anywhere on your screen to click a photo, allowing you to click self shots with absolute ease. The Camera ZOOM FX app even lets you geotag your photos with location and even EXIF data. And you can constantly build on top of what you already have, by downloading additional packs for your app that give you even more fun props, frames, shutter animations, and many more features.

No wonder this app has been named “the best camera app for Android” by LifeHacker. And here’s some great news – it’s available on the Play Store at a discount of 40%! So go make the best of the sale!… Read the rest

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