Apple Live Streaming Music Service Available At $9.99

Come June 30 and users will be able to access live streaming music from Apple Music via the iTunes library. This means access to countless tracks on a scale never imagined with Apple before. The service also comprises Beats 1, which is a round-the-clock radio station. Apple Music Connect also helps artists to upload their tracks online.

Apple Creates Ripples With Live Streaming Music Service At 9.99 DollarsAnother huge improvement to Apple Music is more personalized playlists since there are real people driving this stuff. So forget the tedious playlists that popped up thanks to algorithm searches from Pandora or Spotify.

As for no we only have this much beef available about Apple Music that will be chargeable at around $9.99 per month. This is applicable following a free run for three months. A new pack meant for family too will be available at $14.99 per month for use by maximum of six members. Better news is that Apple Music will have Android compatibility sometime soon this year.  

It is clear that with these leaps, Apple aims to make its latest offerings such that they are laced with an enhanced system intelligence.… Read the rest

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Is the Age of Streaming Music Finally Here?

First there was Pandora – a beautiful creation that let us discover brand new music through online streaming. And then, quite a few other websites followed suit, some of the bigger successes among these including Spotify, iHeartRadio and Songza. But with faster mobile browsing features, music streaming turned into apps, both free and paid. However, the world of music streaming just got a whole lot bigger with none other than Apple dropping hints that it could enter the arena too.

Even though confirmation is yet to come by, this news caused Pandora’s shares to take a hit of 16 percent. But just how big of a playing field is the music streaming business? Of course, Nokia tried to get in on the action through Nokia Music features on its smartphones, but its exclusivity limits its business potential. The latest version lets users stream music from over 150 Nokia-created playlists, create their own playlists, and even listen to music offline.

And then there was the recent announcement by prepaid carrier Cricket about including unlimited music from Muve as part of its plans for Android users. Starting from $50 and going up to $70, these plans even offer unlimited talktime and data connectivity options to users. The company states its move came after surveying its users on what they felt was the most vital experience they expected from their smartphones, to which the users indicated the need for music.

Although music streaming for web browsers and more recently, smartphones by way of apps, is ever increasing in popularity as of now, we wonder what will happen once Apple enters and changes the game, just like it has done to so many other aspects of our lives.… Read the rest

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