Toughbbook CF-54- Semi-Rugged Laptop by Panasonic Priced at Rs. 1,39,000

With the launch of CF-54, Panasonic has claimed it to be the thinnest and lightest of Toughbook model of all time. This semi rugged PC is meant for specialists who are on the move at all times. This PC can easily be used by service engineers catering to automotive diagnostic industry, several other business verticals and for field work considering the toughness it offers. This is best for indoor maintenance since the PC has retained its aesthetic appeal.

The CF-54 can be customized as well with 3G, integrated ports, dedicated GPS and otherToughbbook CF-54 things as per the requirements of the users. Since the PC weights only 1.99 kg and has a thickness of 29.8 mm, Panasonic said, “This makes it approximately 50% thinner and 25% lighter than the previous model CF-53.”

The latest Toughbook model from Panasonic is powered by 5th Generation Intel CoreTM i5-5300U vPro processor clocked at 2.3 GHz that can reach upto 2.9 GHz speed with Turbo Boost Technology by Intel, 3 MB cache memory and 4 GB RAM expandable upto 16 GB.

 “It has a good battery backup with 11hrs operational backup, it also has an option of hot swappable battery feature enabling you to change batteries without shutting down the computer, allowing you to work 24X7 if your work demands. It offers optional smart card reader, fingerprint reader and contactless smart card reader and various interfaces and options like Serial Port, VGA, PC Card, Rugged USB, 2nd LAN, etc,” Panasonic added to the statement.

 The CF-54 comes with a sunlight viewable screen so that everything can be easily viewed while outside. Moreover, it also has features like vibration, spill resistant keyboard, shock resistant and drop shock resistant upto 2.5 feet.

All these for a price of Rs. 1,39,000 and it is quite easy to integrate the Panasonic Toughbook CF-54 into existing IT infrastructures.… Read the rest

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Panasonic Toughbook C2: Get Ready for the Onslaught of Windows 8 Devices

Only last week, Microsoft officially launched Windows 8 for the masses, and we’re already getting reports about new devices being launched by the company’s hardware partners. One of the first announcements has come from Panasonic, about a semi-rugged convertible tablet PC called the Toughbook C2. What’s so cool about this device?

Powered by a third-generation Intel Core i5 processor, Panasonic has designed this device especially for healthcare, education, sales, and IT professionals. Featuring a magnesium alloy exterior, the Toughbook C2 weighs just about 1.8 kg and can last for up to 11 hours on the battery. A bridge battery lets you replace the main battery without switching off the device for continuous usage as well.

The Toughbook C2 has a 5-point capacitive multi-touch screen with an HD display and anti-reflective/anti-glare coating. The device comes with an electric pen that lets you take down notes and signatures easily. A unique triple hinge design provides additional support when the device is being used in the tablet mode. The Toughbook C2 comes with 2 cameras – a 3MP camera in the rear and an HD 720p webcam with a built-in mic.

The device has 2 USB 3.0 ports, a VGA port, an HDMI port, and NFC or SmartCard reader for authenticating users. And the OS? Well, it comes pre-loaded with the 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows 8 Pro, which users can choose to downgrade to Windows 7 professional, if required.… Read the rest

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